1. I

    Vx800 error

    Good morning everyone I have a vertex vx800 and when I recently turn the radio on the channels blink and when I hit PTT the screen says error. I have had this radio for about 7 years and never had an issue. Could anyone help me with why this is happening and what I could do to fix it?
  2. T

    Zello PTT USB Keyer

    I am looking for some help to find what is needed to modify a CM108 usb audio card to serve as a PTT for a radio and pc. I have also attempted to find what is needed to make a usb/ttl and rs232/ttl devices work all with no luck. All of the posts I am finding is for using these devices with...
  3. SpectralContent

    Radio Sound Effect Files

    Looking to see if anyone has any .wav or .mp3 files for the MOTOTRBO sound effects (ie. Startup, accessory attached, accessory detached, busy, transmit, incoming call/message, etc.) for a project I am working on. I've found the startup sound but it always appears to be on very questionable...
  4. KI4LIV

    Best audio bluetooth speaker/mic for streaming audio from phone for zello/scanner?

    I really hope this is in the right area - please feel free to relocate the post if I put it in the wrong spot. I stream audio from my phone a lot - mostly scanner feeds either via Zello or via Scanner Radio Pro. I'd like to use a bluetooth speaker/mic for this purpose so I don't have to have...
  5. Motoballa


    A while ago I remember a thread that asked about either NTTA or TxDOT frequencies, can't remember but I do know for sure about NTTA. They're now using FirstNet's PTT service with the Sonim XP8 phones. They have been for a while however they used to have a courtesy patrol frequency on VHF, to...
  6. Samg381

    Thales Liberty - Heavy Duty Headset

    I own several (discontinued) Thales Liberty radios. I am looking for an over-the-ear PTT headset. I have contacted Thales, who confirmed that their remaining stock of accessories is gone. Pictured above is the listing for the Thales model. I know for certain all Thales audio accessories were...
  7. E

    Motorola XTL5000 Mic Keyup Tone

    Hey all, Was wondering does anyone know how to activate the Long Beep PTT Mic Keyup Tone for a Motorola XTL5000? Software I'm using is Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software. Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. stantorres

    FirstNet AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT)

    Just saw this press release mentioning FirstNet Enhanced Push-to-Talk. First I've heard of this implementation on LTE PTT. Motorola Solutions’ FirstNet Ready™ LTE Device Enables Secure Real-Time Data Sharing | Motorola Solutions
  9. K2NEC

    XTS2500 PTT

    How does one go about replacing the XTS2500 PTT? I have a BN 2500 with a PTT that cracked right in the middle and I want to replace it. The issue isn't finding the replacement part, it's how to get it in. From what I can tell it has 4 'fins' in each corner that hold it in place. How you you...
  10. R

    RoIP - Consumer Use

    Hey there, Does anyone know of a commercial solution for PTT radio that utilizes Radio over Internet Protocol? I am thinking this would be a great 'low tech' solution that could allow my kids to be able to talk to their friends in a different city, without the need for a smart phone. Hopefully...
  11. A

    XTL P25 PTT Sidetone

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if it is possible to have some type of sidetone on an XTL when talking on a P25 Conventional channel. On the conventional channels, we use the MDC pre sidetone. Is there anything like this for a P25 conventional channel? I know you can use the "clear beep" in the...
  12. S

    PTT/Devices/Carrier - Digital 2-way

    Hello Apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am in need for some information. I have been looking for a dependable 'life safety" communications solution in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Over the last year I have been testing out PTT, conventional and digital radios I looked at Motorola...
  13. C

    VX-231, VX-351 How to Dismantle

    Hi all, Could anyone provide me with some help on our to dismantle a 231 or 351. I have one of each that needs the PTT button replacing. The black cover plus the silicone cover underneath. Regards
  14. K

    Regency HR 25

    I need help wiring the microphone phonoplug for a Regency HR 25 FM 2 meter transceiver. This is a Tip, Ring, Sleeve plug. I assume one of the contacts is for the PTT button.
  15. M

    need help with Motorola GP68

    hi people I have just brought a Motorola GP of eBay, now i have never had a radio like this before, only one like a cheap standard 8 channel pre programmed frequencies radio, i have followed a couple of guides to set up the unit but im having a problem where i constantly get a noise when turned...
  16. I

    Surplus Bowman Headset to PTT to Motorola single pin (TLKR / Talkabout) connector?

    Hi people-more-learned-than-me, what I want to do is rewire a British Army surplus Bowman Headset like this: Uploaded with a large PTT button like this: ...and the correct connector for Motorola TLKR T series handsets like this: end up with something like this: ...
  17. bReed11091

    Motorola Radios with PTT Sidetone

    I brought up this question before but I didn't really know how to word it. From my research (Batboard • View topic - HT1000 Talk Permit Tone on Conventional, IT CAN BE DONE!) I've found that the HT1000 can be programmed to have a PTT Sidetone, or a Talk Permit Tone (TPT). What other...