1. E

    Issue with Quantar wireline compatibility

    Hi folks, I recently had to replace the SCM on one of my quantar satellite receivers and after doing so I noticed that the wireline is not quite functioning right. Once the unit boots up, it will be solid for about 30 seconds and then the aux light will start slowly blinking and the WL light...
  2. W

    Quantar Multiple DPL tones?

    Hey all Quantar experts, I've searched for DAAAAAYS now and unable to find answers to this question. Long story short, I have a 300' tall GMRS repeater located in Naperville, IL. Currently it is set up with several tones (All are DPL tones) and it's been working great for my needs with my...
  3. E

    Difference between an ATAC 3000 and 9600 comparator

    Hi all, Does anyone know the functional difference between these two comparators? I've looked at their spec sheets and they both seem to be almost identical, aside from the 9600 being a few years newer and having a slightly lower delay. I also noticed that the 3000 is programmed with RSS...
  4. E

    Quantar voting system setup

    Hi guys, I have had my quantar up and running for some time now doing P25, and I'd like to expand its range by adding some receivers and a comparator to do voting. Of course, I don't intend to get leased lines between everything so I've been doing some reading and I want to make sure I have...
  5. E

    Quantar programming question

    Hi guys, I'm looking at a UHF quantar repeater here (model T5365A), and I'm wondering what programming software is used and if it's possible to purchase a copy of it from somewhere. To be clear, this is not a "I want a free/cracked cps" request. Anybody have any ideas? Should I maybe just stay...
  6. K

    Motorola Quantar Question

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a Motorola Quantar Repeater and I found a possible candidate, but I need to make sure it is the correct band and power output I am looking for. Here are the pictures of it: Picture 1 - Back of repeater label Picture 2 - Front of the repeater Picture 3 -...
  7. hkmeehan

    Can’t connect to Quantar

    I purchased a Motorola Quantar 800mhz repeater, installed the rss, created the modem, put in the address and when I try to connect I get “ unable to make physical connection” I have tried on 2 different computers, 2 different cables and am ready to throw the thing in the dump. I have...
  8. K

    trunking help

    I am working on gathering used equipment to put together my own trunking repeater. What I need to know are the specifics on what is actually needed. I have 3 Motorola quantar repeaters and a Motorola trunking controller. This is going to be a single site system. What else am I missing? Any...
  9. P

    Intermittent Quantar Functions

    I've found something rather odd in our Quantars that I think some of you'd like to know about. For the last five or so years our 16 sets of dual Back-to-back Quantars have been randomly plagued by weird, variable and very intermittent problems. One might not want to key up its mate and/or...
  10. C

    Quantar 800MHZ repeater MODEL: T5365a

    Hello, We are currently using a trunked Motorola Smartnet II radio system. Many of the system's users have went with other technology but we are currently cash strapped. Is it possible to take the five Quantar 800MHZ repeaters (model # T5365a) and make it into a five site conventional system...
  11. T

    Quantar questions

    I have a couple questions. I am new to the world of trunking and am having some trouble getting started. My company has about 100 users spread over 12sq miles. We are currently using xts 2500's and we have two quantar t5365a's running as "dumb" repeaters. Is there anyway to trunk these two...
  12. K

    Motorola Quantar T5365A Ham Mod Request

    I have a Quantar VHF system that has a power amplifier of 125 watts. The spec on the amp says that it is operational from 150 to 174 MHZ Does anyone know of a mod to put this system in the Ham band? Lots of these are in ham band use, but I didn't find any data on modifying one that is so...
  13. J

    Quantar repeater : PA low

    I'm getting a PA low beep on my vhf quantar. When I went to check it out, it displays the PA low when keyed. The service manual says if the unit isn't recieving enough DC voltage that this will happen. I checked that batteries and the charger was showing around 28.5 volts. Which is above the...
  14. RandyG

    Quantar LTR Interface

    Hi Guys I have 3 Quantars (Ver 16) that I am trying to add Zetron model 452 external LTR controllers to and most of it is working but the transmit data look and works like crap. Zetron supplies a written document that show the connect of the LTR data to the 50 Pin Telco connector on the rear of...
  15. J

    P25 Questions

    Not sure if I should have posted this here or over on the /\/\ thread. Please move if needed. I have a few questions regarding P25 conventional systems, any comments / advise welcomed. 1. Is a XTS2500 operating with ASTRO signaling "C4FM" on a /\/\ Quantar repeater in ASTRO CAI mode...
  16. S

    P25 Ham Repeater - Big Island

    Open repeaters handling both analog and digital P25 146.880 -600khz Offset PL:100.0 NAC:BAD 444.725 +5Mhz Offset PL:123.0 NAC:BAD Both repeaters are Motorola Quantars.