1. S

    Funny NYPD radio run

    Slow night for the NYPD in Brooklyn
  2. R

    Public Safety Home Monitoring Hobby

    Im guessing i cant be the only one who's hobby is monitoring the traffic cam, CAD and radio, for fun. My girlfriend thinks its a weird hobby, but hey, at least its not expensive. Well, i take that back. Who else has this hobby and gets those funny looks from your wife? Heres my public safety...
  3. S

    NYPD 10-13 Audio 2/17/18

    If anyone is interested in listening "This is a 10-13. Whoever is telling you to slow it down, tell them to stay off the air"
  4. firechaser97

    Okwin p25 tulsa cc change?

    I've been a freelance photographer all around Tulsa county. My handheld scanner the pro 668 been working fine on the P25 system for 2 years now. all of a sudden the last couple days. my radios gone cold. I don't hear Tulsa police nomore. or any of the talkgroups on the Tulsa site. the primary...
  5. K

    Equipment for streaming NOAA Weather Radio

    Now that weather radio is permitted on Broadcastify I've volunteered to provide the stream for my local area. I would prefer to use a regular weather band radio for this instead of keeping a scanner tied up for such a simple task. The issue I've found is that all the weather radios I've found...
  6. M

    Standalone Device with Capabilities of SDR

    Pretty straightforward question: Is there a standalone device that can receive such a large spectrum as an RTL-SDR dongle? I'm new to radio usage in general, so I'm open to any suggestions that could make this post and future posts better.
  7. Danny37

    Fdny ems & nypd

    Does anyone know what police precincts are covered by FDNY EMS channels? Since 4 of the boroughs are split into 2 or 3 frequencies, can anyone list what police boundaries are covered by each EMS frequencies. For example, EMS Brooklyn North to my knowledge covers the 94, 90, 84, 88, 83, 81, 79...
  8. S

    TTC Radio Data With SDR Receiver

    Does anyone have any information or insight they can share with regard to using a SDR dongle to receive data being transmitted on TTC frequencies (particularly the CIS data channel 423.7375?). Myself and a friend are looking into this using a SDR software but he thinks that the radio data output...
  9. Danny37

    How to disable Transmit capabilities on TYT radios

    I have a TYT UVF8D radio and I want to disable Transmit on certain channels but the programming software doesn't seem to allow me to do so, does anyone know how to? Thanks.
  10. Danny37

    NYSP Large Presence In NYC

    Anyone know why there seems to be a larger presence of state police in NYC, most notably in upper Manhattan and the Bronx? Talked to a cop friend of mines and he said they don't get along with the NYPD. Also do they use their own state Troop talk group or do they have access to the NYPD system?
  11. S

    Best Desktop Computer for Broadcasting

    With all the hardware and software in mind when starting out a station, what is your experience the best performing laptop? We're looking for 2 computers for 2 different functions with these specs: Transmission: -Core I3 processor -4GB RAM -500GB disc drive Production: -Core I5 -8 GB RAM...
  12. K

    Oregon Radio Project - Yamhill heard in Central OR

    It may just be more testing, but McMinnville and Yamhill agencies are now being heard on the Oregon Radio Project P25 system in Central Oregon from the Powell Butte location (site 24). Control channel is 769.45625 Interesting while it lasts anyway. The links have been up for a couple of days...
  13. U

    PL660 - PL680 - PL880 for airband

    I live near MEM airport and like to listen to the pilots and controllers. Most reviews of these radios don't say much about airband performance yet this is very important to me. The C Crane Skywave has a squelch which may be nice but overall I don't think the sound is as good as any of these. I...
  14. R

    New to this radio world [PUERTO RICO]

    Saludos, soy nuevo y tengo un radio UV-5R el cual lo he usado para escuchar la policia estatal de isabela, aguadilla, moca y para jugar Gotcha y Airsoft. A medida que pasó el tiempo encontre esta página en la cual adquirí más frecuencias pero la base de datos al parecer esta desactualizada...
  15. W

    Programming Repeater Names

    New to HAM radio and I was wanting opinions on how most HAMs name the local repeaters into their mobiles. What works for you what did'nt work. I'm limited to 10 characters in my radio. Do you... A: program the RX frequency, ie: "147.000" B: program a custom name, ie: "your county/club...
  16. WX9RLT

    Police Encryption Information: Transparency, Crime Rates Soar, Lies, etc....

    Thought I would share this, in reference to police encryption ~ EDITORIAL: Police Radio Encryption & Public’s Trust In The Police At An All Time Low With Crime Skyrocketing. | Rockford Scanner
  17. WX9RLT

    Police Radio Encryption Info

    Thought I would share this about the police radio encryption ~ *URL Deleted* EDITORIAL: Police Radio Encryption & Public’s Trust In The Police At An All Time Low With Crime Skyrocketing. | Rockford Scanner
  18. H

    Baofeng not Transmitting?

    I've been using my Baofeng BFF8-HP for a while now, and I recently received my technician's license. I called CQ several times and got no response. I became frustrated and tried to talk on a frequency I knew was used by a local crowd in Connecticut (I live on Long Island, near the north shore)...
  19. B

    Bermuda Scanning

    Hello! I am looking into scanning the radio waves in Bermuda. I am an amateur and was wondering if anyone is willing or able to assist me getting started. I am a complete novice so any assistance would be helpful.
  20. Astrogoth13

    P25 digital on the cheap?

    Part of my local stuff is digital P25 Phase 1. Can a low cost handheld radio decode that and if so what model? I don't want to get back into programing another ASTRO. Thanks folks.