1. X

    Is an NXDN Scanner needed for NS (Norfolk Southern) NW Indiana?

    Hello all! Do any of you guys and gals know if any NS Frequencies require an NXDN scanner for NW Indiana from Lake to Elkhart counties? I just bough a Uniden BCD436HP and I'm deciding weather or not to purchase the NXDN key. Thanks in advance hope some of y'all can help me out!
  2. KE8HBL

    Newbie here with a newbie question

    Hey all, I was trying to find local railroad frequencies for Findlay, but RR doesn't seem to list any. I proceeded to check Digital Radio Search, but after typing them into one of my scanners, I couldn't even anything, digital or otherwise. Am I just being dumb here? Or is there truly nothing in...
  3. kudzu_kid

    SDS200: Probably Not Understanding A Basic Thing?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new with my SDS200, I bought last month. I've had very little time to read up on DMA tech or much detailed op of the scanner. My previous scanner was a yellow portable Uniden of some sort with a fixed # of "channels" with a ducky*. I bought that thing maybe 20 years...
  4. WX9RLT

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening What are the frequencies the local railroads use for the Rockford area? I thought they were listed in the RR database, but I can't seem to locate it now.
  5. C

    Need Help Finding Freq: CSX | Bellevue, Nashville, TN

    Hello, Thought I'd run this question to see what I people may know. I can not seem to find the correct frequency for the CSX railroad that is near my house. Here are the details: Crossing: 7491 Old Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37221 Crossing ID: 348036X Railroad: CSX Milepost: 0012.360 There...
  6. SpectralContent

    Trying to Monitor 160mHz railroad band - Issues with constant static/ no reception

    Just started to really get into SDR over the past couple of weeks and wanted to try to monitor local railroads to see how SDR compared to my traditional setup of a Kenwood TK-780 with a 160mhz tuned 3db gain antenna. I attached an identical antenna up to an RTL-SDR stick with the intent of using...
  7. Jonathan7

    Railroad Base Antenna Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I'm not seeing a ton of options out there for base antennas that are tuned for the railroad band. So far I've seen only the "TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna" and the "RRBASE - Firestik RailRoad Base Station Antenna Kit". I'm looking for some feedback on these antennas...
  8. M

    TRX-1: Best Way to store NXDN Railroad freqs/and digital settings for them

    Hello everybody, I will be taking a railfanning trip later this week to a familiar area (first time railfanning with the TRX-1)..now I would consider myself an intermediate guru, owner of the trx1 for 7 months, this is my 4th digital trunking scanner of multiple brands, I know my way around...
  9. SpectralContent

    Windowsill, Non-Penetrating Antenna Mount Solutions?

    Hi all!, I am looking for a mount/a way to mount, a base antenna (DPD Productions TrainTenna Base Antenna) on my windowsill. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, I am not allowed to drill into the side of the house (it is brick anyways.) I was wondering if anyone had any tips, techniques...
  10. G

    Nevada State Railroad Museum (Carson City)

    Does anyone know of a frequency(s) for this facility? Thanks, Gregg (N2UUP)
  11. N

    Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum MOTOTRBO?

    I was watching a youtube video earlier and heard the unmistakable sounds of a MOTOTRBO radio being keyed up in the background. Can anyone confirm? Frequency is a 160.425 with a license showing of KNCS622
  12. N

    Rocky Mount, NC CSX Yard Repeater Machine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLwxR-X_o9A When no trains are running, why not listen to cars get switched around? Yes, this is a true repeater machine operation for switching, the input channel the conductor and engineers transmit into is 160.290 and once it goes through the machine it spits...
  13. Mojaveflyer

    New Union Pacific RR Freq In Denver

    I found a new listing in the Database section for the UP in Denver at 36th Street of 160.395 MHz, AAR Chnnel 19. According to my sources it is used at the 40th Street TOFC Ramp to spot the intermodal trains for loading and unloading...
  14. B

    bcd325p2 computer interference on railroad

    I just recently purchased a bcd325p2 and I have been trying different bands and systems with it. Most work just fine. But for railroad, which I really want to listen to, the whole band goes silent when I turn on my home build desktop computer which I built a couple of years and has a top of the...
  15. wpox401

    spectra railroad radio wiring for power 12 volts

    hello rail fans im trying to hook up my spectra rail radio up on my bench i had the wiring diagram but miss placed it any help out there let me know thanks shawn
  16. S

    VIA detectors around Ottawa?

    I've noticed when traveling between Toronto and Ottawa that you only hear detectors on the CN road frequency from Toronto up until somewhere between Kingston and Brockville (Kingston 137 is the last one). Looking at the signs on the signal boxes past this point it looks like the track may be...
  17. H

    Automatic Scanning 159.810 - 161.565

    Hey railfans, hate to sound like such a greenhorn, but I'm having trouble understand scanner basics. I'll keep my question simple and direct: Q: I want my radio (Baofeng Uv-5r) to scan the entire range of 159.810 - 161.565. So do I have to enter and save every single frequency in between that...
  18. O

    deciding between two scanner antennas

    I am deciding between two antennas. Which one would be a better choice to receive railroad frequencies, the Diamond Original RH789 with telescoping feature or the Diamond (Original) RH77CA?
  19. O

    Railroad scanner antenna question

    I am considering an antenna for my Uniden bc72xlt scanner. The rubber ducky works well at the moment for picking up activity. Any opinions on the Diamond RH77CA dualband high gain antenna pairing with the uniden scanner. I am interested in picking up chatter 10-20 miles away and a defect...
  20. R

    Niagara Railways

    What kind of setup does this use? The standard conv type? Railway Frequencies - www.NiagaraRails.com As for GO, yes I know that is Project 25 Phase II. ;)