1. Disk4mat

    ProScan: Proscan Recording Folder names dont match System

    I love PS and its features are more than useful. You can tell allot of work and love goes into it. I am rather new so I might be overlooking a setting. Here is my problem in short. Recordings. Folder names for conventional systems get named properly as the System name. Digital, trunked, DMR etc...
  2. AK4FD

    BCD536HP: Sentinel Software question

    If this has been requested/brought up before then please accept my apologies ahead of time, I couldn't find any topics when I did a search for it. If I may suggest, to add a feature in the Sentinel software, similar to Whistler's EZ-Scan with the TRX models, in regards to recordings maybe add...
  3. S

    Requesting a recent recording from Miami Dade

    Hi my subscription with RR JUST expired and I can't currently renew it but if anyone could please help by getting this piece of audio... It's from Tuesday Jan 17th in Miami. 3pm - 4pm I'm looking for the audio from the arrest of Dominic Puopolo who was arrested for threatening to assassinate...
  4. S

    Milcom/Milair Audio Recordings

    Hi all! I'm a long-time lurker on this forum. I'm working on a video project for my Youtube channel that will include amateur radio recordings of recent military exercises taking place in the U.S. This includes, but is not limited to, operations like Jade Helm and Robin Sage. If you have any...
  5. J

    Searching for JCPD recording from 2013

    Hello I am searching for a recordings of JCPD transmissions from last summer. If you have recordings or know where I can find them please post or contact me. Thanks in advance!
  6. theaton

    BCDx36HP: WAV File Manager

    Here is a free Excel spreadsheet that will list, rename, and sort WAV files generated by the BCD436/536HP scanners. It will reorganize the files from the folders of 100 sequential recordings into folders based on System and Department (or Site), and it will add the TG and UID (or Frequency and...
  7. M

    PSR 800- No recordings found, yet audio files on card

    Hey there, New user of the PSR800, love the scanner so far- one issue I've had is that when I connect the scanner to my pc to import the audio I've recorded I have had it kick back a message "no recordings found", even though the memory card has hundreds or thousands of .au files in the rec...
  8. B

    Radio Reference is it real or is it Memorex?

    Ahh, sorry to burst anyones bubble here but you might want to hear this. Here I am like most nights doing my online community college classes, while listening to radio frequencies out of PHX, AZ and if this did not happen twice I may not if gave it much thought but, well, Last night I heard...