1. Pepe1984

    XPR Low power XPR6350

    I'll preface this by saying I have been repairing XPR 6 and 7 series radios for the past year as an amateur repair tech. Mostly swapping parts like channel and volume pots. I've been getting low power readings (sub 3w) on my service monitor on a large batch of radios. Since I'm new to this type...
  2. airsquad9

    Looking for someone to repair my Sony Air-8

    Looking for anyone that's able to work on my Sony Air-8. I just purchased it off eBay and the sound is non-existent. If I turn up the volume all the way, I can almost hear something if I put my ear to the speaker. Found lots of YouTube videos on the fix but I don't know how to solder. I'll pay...
  3. R

    pro 106 repair

    im looking for someone that can check my pro 106 radio. it will scan,search and has squelch but will not stop and transmit on any of these no traffic at all any ideas thanks for advise
  4. M

    Cobra 29ltd classic blown protection diode

    Hey everyone, new to cb radios, just found this radio at the local Arc thrift store for cheap. Looks un-used or at least very lightly used, got it home and hooked it up to my car battery with some Jumper wire (no fuse, I know now) and it turned on and seemed to work fine, then it started smoking...
  5. M

    Motorola XPR 7550e speaker ticking noise on RX.

    Hello all: I was very happy with my first XPR 7550, so I ordered the XPR 7550e. When I began receiving a radio call, I noticed a ticking noise coming from the XPR 7550e. Since I had both, older and current 7550 models, I was able to hear the differences. They both had a ticking noise, when the...
  6. S

    TRX-1: When do i get my trx-1 back from repair dept?

    Hi whistler wendy i sent my trx-1 unit in to the whistler repair group to get screen repaired. According to the USPS website it was received around 10:50 am on 06/08/17. I was wondering about how long do you think it will take before its fixed and on its way back to me? And how will i know that...
  7. U

    Yaesu: Yeasu FT-60R Repair

    Hi All, I've attempted to find a similar problem through various Google searches but am always open to links if someone thinks this is already answered... I believe I discovered a similar problem in one other discussion but not sure it was ever answered. I have an FT-60R that has functioned...
  8. D

    Radio repaired- Uniden did not return micro sd card

    Radio repaired I sent my radio in t.
  9. gmclam

    How do I remove the "glue"?

    I am repairing a PSR-500 where I need to remove the RF shield near the BNC antenna connector. I have all the desoldering tools, so that is no problem. However, they've now added some sort of brown "glue" on top of several of the solder joints. Has anyone run into this before? What is the...
  10. G

    Alinco: Alinco DJ 580T portable repair

    I've searched the web and this site and have not been able to find out if anyone still repairs Alinco portables. Does anyone have information on this? 73, Gregg, N2UUP
  11. O

    PRO-2005 leaky caps? ...and other questions

    Hi there, Love my 2005! I have shielded it, opened up 800MHz, added diode for speed, replaced the back light, and added 2 USB fans to keep the innards cool. In conjunction with my ST2 antenna on the roof this is a great setup. I noticed there is some residue under some electrolytic caps and...
  12. N

    ICOM IC 2-GXAT help needed

    Hi! I have a question about my ICOM IC 2-GXAT. I've had it 20+ years and it's traveled all around the country with me in planes, trains and automobiles and it worked flawlessly. It's old and it's single-band, but it does the job. The only thing I've ever had to do is replace a battery pack...
  13. B

    How to replace glass on Yaesu VX7R

    Hi, I bought a replacement glass for my broken display glass window on a Yaesu VX7R, including the double sided tape. When trying to remove the old glass with the crack, I found it is very tightly stuck with the old tape. (Of course I removed the plastic cover with the screws first). I can...
  14. G

    HT 200 repairs

    Does anyone know of someone who repairs Motorola HT 200 portables? I also trying to find a table showing model nos. so I can find out what frequency, options, etc. this radio has. 73, Gregg, N2UUP
  15. S

    Kenwood TR-2500 Power Units

    I was recently given a TR-2500 with three power adapters. One is a disposable battery adapter and the other two are for ac and dc plug in connections. The radio works just fine off of batteries but not off of the ac or dc connection packs. I need to repair these so I can use them. I found the...
  16. F

    ICF-SW7600GR Repairs

    I have the Sony SW7600 shortwave receiver and an external antenna that I would like to connect. However, when I connect the antenna to the jack, the radio cuts out and very little sound is played. I can have a station on the internal and telescoping antenna, and when I plug in the external...
  17. R

    Uniden 996T

    My scanner suddenly went dead, nothing being picked up whatsoever. I decided to take the covers off and found this lead from the center conductor on the antenna jack broken off. Fixing it won't be a problem, but I've noticed it is connected through an electrical component. I've attached a...
  18. G

    ICOM IC-211 Repair

    I just bought an ICOM IC-211 VHF (2 meter) All-mode base rig on E-Bay. Power turns on, but neither VFO lights. Does anyone have any ideas or can you recommend an ICOM repair shop that is affordable? 73, Gregg, N2UUP
  19. A

    HT1250..side pin replacement?

    The accessory pins on the side of my radio are corroded and wore off...not allowing me to program it. Does anyone know the part number for just the pin area? Do I need a whole new board? Thanks!
  20. B

    Orbacom Service

    Good evening, I am attempting to locate a vendor in the Northern New Jersey area (preferably within 1 hour of NYC, if one exists) that still supports, and repairs Orbacom console systems. I currently have a TDM-150 series Orbacom system with two consoles in service, yet in need of repair. We...