1. Q

    Does resetting Forums PW also reset BCFY PW and Wiki PW?

    Good morning, Does resetting the Forums PW also automatically reset the Wiki PW and the Broadcastify PW? If so, how long does it take to propagate the PW-change across the sites? If not, how do you reset the Wiki PW and the BCFY PW? I missed seeing a link to reset the Wiki PW, and the link...
  2. wa2chj

    VX-180 Lock Up

    I just received a "New Old Stock" Vertex VX-180 that is in mint condition - as in never put in service. I have three other VX-180s (they are all VHF), several VX-354s and several VX-459s that I manage, so I am proficient at programming using the CE software. I programmed the "new" 180 with the...
  3. dbsar

    BCD396XT P25 decode reset ?

    Scanner-Uniden BCD396XT Monitoring Ohio MARCS Greene County Simulcast from the southwest part of my county. Ok, so Im new to listening to MARCS IP and I don’t know the lingo yet so bear with me. My question is.. IF I mess with the P25 audio decode level adjustments and screw things up, is there...
  4. W

    TK-2312 Master Reset?

    Hi guys, this is my first post, so please bear with me and I'll give a little background. I have been searching like crazy trying to learn as much as possible and decided I should finally join as this site comes up a lot when I'm searching google. I am an offroad racer and we use TK-790H units...
  5. D

    AOR 3000A Keyboard locked after Reset

    I've got an used AOR 3000A scanner. After first powerd on the display showed garbeld digits. But i could make entries over the keyboard, also the main tuning knob worked. The cmos battery was empty. After a replace and reset the displays showed all entries clear and comming back with 80.000...
  6. W

    Help! My Pro-18 screen frozen How to reset?

    I have a Pro-18 and ws doing an update until it froze. Even if I take out the batteries all night, it is still frozen and cannot get it to turn off. There seem to be no reset button. I have searched for hours to find a way to do a hard reset to no avail. If anyone can advise me, it would be...
  7. S

    How Do You Reset The Pro 404 Scanner?

    Im new to this scanner and need help? Thanks a lot!
  8. T

    How do I reset my VX-351

    Okay I feel a little embarrassed after posting on how to program one of these babies, but I have a VX-351 and the programming software CE86. I programmed the radio myself, 2 tones and all, and it working just fine, when I had to update frequencies because our county EMS went to it's own channel...
  9. N

    BCD996XT Reset

    I know how to do a full hard reset but I wonder if there is a soft reset that will not destroy existing programming. My 996XT locked up hard in Bandscope mode and I could not exit from it. Obviously I tried SCAN (which has always worked before) as well as various MENU options.... Neil Bell
  10. B

    AR3000A reset problem

    I have an AR3000A Scanner. If it has been disconnected from all power for a fair while upon turning on it will not start in an ordered fashion. All the display characters are on and the scanner is 'hung'. I replaced the 3V batt which was dead but to no avail. My understanding is that before...
  11. B

    Dead after failed Firmware - bc796d

    Tried to do the firmware update on my 796d. After an error about no communication and no update, im stuck with a semi-dead scanner. Any HELP??? I can press the l/o - 6 - scan combo and power on and get back into update mode, but doesnt do me any good because i cant the update to communicate. If...
  12. C

    Resetting BCT15

    I just got a bct15 and tried programming some in it but would like to start all over. How do I do a hard reset?
  13. S

    Completely resetting the Pro-528???

    Is there a way to totally reset the Pro-528 so all the channels are blank?