1. T

    DSDPlus Request help optimizing P25 voice decoding

    Kindly request expert advice to optimize my decoding of local P25 voice comms. There was a brief moment where I had it perfectly intelligible, and something changed.... I have driven myself nuts tweaking DSD+ settings, VB cable settings, Windows sound settings, and SDRSharp settings (not to...
  2. bhall7

    SDR# and Airspy Stuttering Audio

    Hello all, Recently, I noticed that my Airspy R2 and SDR# are stuttering when playing back audio. I tried a brand new vanilla install of SDR#, build 1771 (and 1777), but I'm still getting stuttering audio. Here's a capture of the symptoms: I have never experienced this issue prior to about...
  3. K

    Can DSD+ pass through analog voice audio from SDR#?

    I'm currently using SDR# and DSD+ to monitor a non-trunked P25 system. It's working GREAT. However, I'd like to be able to tune a frequency in SDR# and have DSD+ (or perhaps some other software) adjust the audio output depending on the signal detected (or designated by me via the frequency...
  4. L

    problems linking multiPSK through a virtual serial port to google earth.

    i got APRS decoding set up in multipsk with a virtual audio cable from sdr#, and when i select google earth in the APRS menu it opens google earth (its called google earth pro now) and shows waypoints of the stations and paths of the mobile stations, and this works great, but i saw the GPS...
  5. 8

    Second Airspy failure

    I am going to write this post with the hopes that the other users of failed Airspys who come across this post through google search results can be able to breath a sign of relief knowing that they are not the only ones who wasted their money. A few years ago I made the mistake of purchasing my...
  6. Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Selling Airspy HF+ , has been indoors since purchased, I am the original owner. For detailed information on its capabilities visit Airspy HF+ (Dual Port) SDR – Airspy.US . This is an inexpensive but superbly performing SDR that works wonders on the HF bands. It works with its "native" software...
  7. O

    SDR# + USRP?

    Can I use the SDR# software package to control an Ettus USRP? I am interested in receiving. I am not interested in transmitting. Which flavor of USRP works best with SDR#? Can you point me to review articles on this topic? (Please)
  8. O

    Uniden SDS 200 + SDR#?

    Is it possible to control the Uniden SDS 200 with the SDR# software (freeware).
  9. E

    Spyserver Win/SDR# Setup: "Server Busy"

    Hi I had this running once but it now absolutely refuses. I have and HF+ and an R2, regardless - at any logon attempt I get "Server Busy" in SDR# and "Device was sleeping. Wake up! Could not acquire the device." in the command window. Now I see other messages on this topic particularly with...
  10. P

    SDR# [Solved] paDeviceUnavailable for some audio outputs, other SDR software OK.

    Hello, I've got an RTL-SDR and I have it working on Window8, Win10, and Ubuntu. On the Win8.1 machine, I can listen to it with HDSDR, SDRConsole, CubicSDR and SDRSharp. However, SDR# cannot output to my "default" audio device (Dell USB Audio); It only plays through the tiny laptop speaker...
  11. CopperWhopper67

    Good MDC Decoder Software?

    Does anyone know of a good MDC1200 decoder that I could used with either SDR# or on its own? I can't seem to find one. There seems to have been a mobile app for it, but any DL links have since disappeared or rotted away.
  12. O

    SDR#, Drone Camera Reciever?

    I have SDR# installed on a Windows 10 laptop hooked up to an Elonics E4000 Tuner (frequency range 55 – 2300 megahertz). I have this SDR# television plug-in installed: Обновлен TV плагин. Could my setup be used to share the view through drone cameras? If yes, would you (someone)...
  13. A

    SDR# and ACARSD

    Hi Guys Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Just got started with SDR's and have the RTL-SDR dongle loaded with SDR#, this works fine and I ca hear transmissions fine. I then tried decoding ACARS with the Acarsd program and I can't see...
  14. O

    Aor ar 3000a + sdr#?

    I own two AOR AR 3000A scanners. I own a laptop running Windows 10 Pro. What do I have to do to control my scanners with the SDR# package installed on my laptop?
  15. B

    DSD+ audio issues

    Hello, I setup dsd+ with a nooelec HESDR Mini I think its called, and I am trying to decode my local police station in Tracy, CA San Joaquin County ( and all I see is a lot of errors and invalids and all of that, and it is making the sound skip...
  16. M

    How to transfer SDR# Frequency Manager data to new version?

    I recently got a new computer and installed .1664 on it. I want to transfer all the frequencies I have stored in the frequency manager plugin to the new version. I copied the SDRSharp.FrequencyEdit.dll and SDRSharp.FrequencyManager.dll files to the new folder as suggested in another thread...
  17. M

    Easy Voice Comms Listening - 450 MHz

    For background voice listening with my SDR dongle, I often use the 450-454 MHz band to find business radio comms. Particularly active are courier services in major metro areas, delivering stuff here and there. The interactions between drivers and their dispatchers, shop folks, etc. are...
  18. M

    NooElec NESDR SMArt Bundle Review

    This is the USB unit I bought for my first venture into SDR radio. Unlike some others, it's packaged in a metal housing, which is slim enough to allow two dongles to fit in adjacent USB sockets. It comes with three antennas, including two fixed-length and one telescopic which screw onto a...
  19. ladn

    Help ID This Signal

    I've been learning to use my RTL SDR and have come across a signal I can't identify: FREQ: 418.0250 - 418.035 MHz (the frequency jumps around from day to day MODE: DSB MY QTH: San Fernando Valley,Los Angeles, CA TIME: Different times throughout the day. My times are pdt. Link to a video...
  20. A

    Trunk Tracking with HackRF

    Hi there, TLDR; I have a HackRF and want to decode P25 and trunk track like a hardware scanner - what are my setup options vis a vis OS X , Windows or Linux New to the forum here so please be gentle : ) So I got a HackRF One at Christmas as I've loved fooling about with SDR dongles for ADSB...