1. A

    My SDR or SDRSharp is "broken"

    when i try to hear a radio or a frequency like 93.5 or any other and i go to shortwave for example the 93.5 radio is in shortwave (see picture) and the frequency changes when i go "up" in the frequency, and when i go above 200mhz appear like in the screenshot at 416mhz, the antenna can be near...
  2. M

    Strange signals on SDR#

    I just got my sdr a few days ago and while scrolling through the spectrum i found some strange signals. It's a continuous transmission and it's not digital or at least not something dsd can decode. Does anyone know what this is?
  3. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  4. A

    SDR# Issues...

    Can anyone help me out ? everytime i try to open SDR# appear this message i already installed everything, Zadig, .NET and it keeps like this.
  5. R

    SDR# SDR# w/CommRadio Cr1a?

    Has anyone used SDR# with the CommRadio CR1a (USB I/Q) via direct, not recorded audio file, connect? Thanks, Bo3b
  6. Z

    SDR# Picking up AM radio in SDRSharp in direct sampling Q Mode?

    Hi Guys! I'm poking around with some sdr stuff, and following the RTL-SDR v3 Quickstart guide thing, i set it to Direct Sampling Q Branch so i could try and pick up other signals I'm picking up a local station in Tampa (1250AM WHNZ) on 27.550548MHz according to SDRSharp Is this normal, some...
  7. A

    SDR# DSD decoder receiving data but no output

    I have been playing around with this for a while, checking forums and watching videos. I finally have to make my own post. It looks like DSD is doing something as CMD has data coming through it, but the event log doesn't show anything. I am not able to hear anything unless I check "Enable aux...
  8. M

    DSD+ not decoding.

    Hi everyone, First post here and I don't know a ton about radios, especially in regards to SDR and digital radio. Long story short, I have an SDR dongle. I am using DSD+ and SDRSharp. I can receive and hear FM stations with it, and I can hear the 'static' of non-decoded radio frequencies, but...
  9. Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Selling Airspy HF+ , has been indoors since purchased, I am the original owner. For detailed information on its capabilities visit Airspy HF+ (Dual Port) SDR – Airspy.US . This is an inexpensive but superbly performing SDR that works wonders on the HF bands. It works with its "native" software...
  10. P

    Hillsborough County EDACS info

    Hello, new here and trying to learn. I was looking to use the control channel for the HCSO and the HCFD but when I got to the page for the info on them ... ...... the System Frequencies have NO .......... Red (c) are primary control...
  11. P

    SDR# [Solved] paDeviceUnavailable for some audio outputs, other SDR software OK.

    Hello, I've got an RTL-SDR and I have it working on Window8, Win10, and Ubuntu. On the Win8.1 machine, I can listen to it with HDSDR, SDRConsole, CubicSDR and SDRSharp. However, SDR# cannot output to my "default" audio device (Dell USB Audio); It only plays through the tiny laptop speaker...
  12. E

    HackRF One & unitrunker

    Has anyone been able to get unitrunker to use a HackRF? I just got a hackRF one in today and I'm having a dog of a time trying to get it to work. I've only tried under windows so far. Unitrunker doesn't recognize it at all and sdr# so far has spit out nothing but static. I'm starting to...
  13. rfjon

    Unitrunker P25 P1 No Audio

    Hi, So here is a new user question about Unitrunker. Configuration: Unitrunker v1.0.32.7 DSD+ v1.101 SDRSharp v1.0.0.1581 VB Cable v1.0.3.5 DSDTune v0.1.3 RS Pro-106 NooElec SMArt System: P25 Phase 1 Pro-106 set on Primary Control Frequency NooElec SMArt set with one VCO on voice; Tuner gain...
  14. R

    Short 14 millisecond TETRA pulses not consistently detected in SDR Sharp

    Hi everyone, I am using SDRSharp with an Airspy Mini running at 10 MSPS and I am using 64x decimation. I am tuned to 384.250 mHz and am expecting to receive a pulse from a portofone (transceiver) every 4 seconds. I am using an appropriate dipole TETRA antenna (for the frequency of 380.25 mHz)...
  15. H

    RTL2832U Aircraft Track-Map Software??

    I'm new to the sdr world and need some advise. I recently purchased the RTL2832U R820T DVB-T setup with antenna and remote with a disc. abt $11.00 I downloaded the SDRSHARP and have been playing around with the system, pretty neat but now I would like to do more, learn more. I tried to open...
  16. Y

    [DSD+][Unitrunker]Issues with hearing decoded audio from DSD+

    Hello all! I currently have a setup of SDR# running with Unitrunker being fed the audio which is controlling SDRSharp. I used this for reference: So every little thing has been working just as I believe it should...except for the fact that I...
  17. T

    Decoding Nexa 433.92MHz Signals

    Hello. I finally managed to record some WAV files from 433.92 remote controls by using HackRF, SDR# and Audacity. X10 signals look like highs and lows and I think it will be possible to decode them. However Nexa signal looks different, more like usual sound waves. Does anyone know how to decode...
  18. R

    cannont open sdrsharp program

    I installed the sdrsharp program following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide from However, when I click on the sdrsharp.exe to open the program I get the following message: Windows cannot open file. To open file windows needs to know what program you want to use to open...
  19. M

    100% signal, No frequencies? (Unitrunker)

    I am attempting to run Unitrunker on this system Atlantic County Trunking System, Mays Landing, New Jersey - Scanner Frequencies. I am getting 100% health, but no frequencies are displaying? Not exactly sure what I am doing wrong! If you guys wouldn't mind looking at my set up? Maybe I have...
  20. FLANO

    SEARM Meeting - 17 January 2015

    Tonight is the monthly SEARM (South East Arizona Radio Monitoring group) meeting. It’s always the third Saturday of the month. We meet at the Village Inn Restaurant, at 4245 E. Speedway Blvd., in Tucson. We start at 6pm and usually are there until 8pm. It is informal and we usually get...