1. wenzeslaus

    how to do an alignment on Grundig FR-200?

    I have a Grundig FR-200. like every other radio, the tuner doesn't exactly match the random numbers sprinkled across the dial. I think it would be useles to try to align the radio to make the tuner match the dial better. I don't think it will match everything. anyways the numbers are too big...
  2. P

    Non-licensed comms band for HF?

    Should we have a special band for non-licensed communications other than CB, If the FCC allowed it?
  3. Xiegu G1M QRP 5W SSB CW 0.5-30MHz HF Transceiver Shortwave Receiver

    Xiegu G1M QRP 5W SSB CW 0.5-30MHz HF Transceiver Shortwave Receiver

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  4. E

    Looking to upgrade to a new sw radio, would like some help.

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this! I've had a Tecsun PL-380 for about over a year now and have enjoyed the time I've had with it. I'm still a novice when it comes to shortwave but I would like to get more serious and upgrade from my Tecsun. I'll spend up to $500cad and I don't...
  5. L

    Broadcast schedules

    Hello all, as a newbie I came across several sites with Boradcast Stations Schedules. Can someone shed some light what the different schedules mean: A14, B16, B20 and so on. Thank You in advance. Grettings from Belgium Lambert
  6. johnnyelectron

    Bearcat Uniden DX-1000 Schematic help

    Okay, I've tried endless Google searches, no legit ELECTICAL SCHEMATIC (not just the owner's manual) for the Uniden DX1000 communications receiver that am trying to restore he audio in. 1983 Bearcat / Uniden DX-1000 general coverage receiver covers LW, MW, SW - when it works. Thanks in advance.
  7. WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    In Excellent Condition, G313e High Sensitivity DX receiver, HF/MW/LW receiver. USB 2 runs on Win10, 32 & 64 as well as older OS's. This model was typically used by Government and professional organizations around the world. CD with current SW USB Cable 12v Power Supply Asking $825 Shipped...
  8. AOR AR8200 MKII - Nice condition

    AOR AR8200 MKII - Nice condition

    I’m selling my AOR AR8200 MKII, euro model with full coverage. Also included is the AOR leather cover for it (a $60 AOR accessory). The metal whip is also a newly replaced stock AOR metal whip as the original had a slight bend and I’m picky. Those are expensive as well. If you’re looking at...
  9. S

    New to SW

    Hello all I am new to short wave listening and am looking for pointers. I have picked up a Realistic DX-380 and have made some attempts to listen but haven’t been successful yet. I would like to make an external antenna to improve reception but am unsure what to use to connect to the plug in...
  10. w2xq

    32nd Winter SWL Fest Feb 28-Mar 2, near Philadelphia

    "The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much...
  11. M

    Shortwave Antenna for ICOM IC-R8600

    I recently purchased an ICOM IC-R8600 radio. I would like to have information concerning which is the most suitable antenna for use in this radio to be able to receive and hear well the transmissions of shortwave stations from other countries. I have already the following antenna: ICOM AH-8000...
  12. millrad

    The Squelch Tale - radio blog

    Read about CY9C and other radio topics through the eyes of a seasoned hobby veteran, (This is a personal blog and is not commercial in any way, so it should comply with the TOS for RadioReference,com) The Squelch Tale - Radio for Hams and Hobbyists
  13. J

    Modifying tecsun R-9012

    So, I'm thinking of getting this little shortwave. And putting it in a small antique cathedral style wooden housing. I would also like to increase it's strength. I'm not sure if this is the right forum area to ask about moving the variable capacitors and potentiometers of the circuit board and...
  14. kingpin

    Ham It Up Converter Assistance?

    Good morning gang, I got my Ham It UP! converter working yesterday... kinda and while I was EXTREMELY impressed with the reception performance, I was really let down on the frequency offset / calibration business. (And I thought my wife was complicated!) So here's how I did it. Using SDR#, I...
  15. S

    6080 khz Buzzing

    Hi, The best way to describe this is by video. I recorded it on my android then uploaded to youtube. This buzzing has me curious. View it all the way then please pass the word. I cant find anything about it on Google, Yahoo, and Ask search engines. I didnt know how to categorize it because no...
  16. WX9RLT

    HF & Shortwave Frequencies

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the most common and active frequencies the military uses in the shortwave bands? Thank you
  17. M

    Tecsun Pl-600 Antenna problem?

    Hi, well for awhile now I have been using a 45ft insulated copper wire antenna that clips to my telescopic antenna. I run it up one of those old cable antennas which is grounded and goes up about 60 feet. But tonight I took the 23ft spool antenna that came with my radio(plugs into jack on side)...
  18. R

    NORAD Santa tracking

    Is it possible to tune in on a scanner or on a HF radio and listen in? Official NORAD Santa Tracker North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) NORAD is ready to track Santa
  19. M

    What exactly does it mean to ground a Antenna?

    The title says it all. What exactly does grounding a antenna mean? And how do you ground a antenna? I'm a amateur when it comes to antennas so I'd appreciate if someone could explain all this to me. I'm a shortwave listener and am looking to move on to a bigger antenna so these are my questions...
  20. T

    Unknown signal on 19 meters

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but thought it was a good place to get some feedback on a strange shortwave signal I came across today on 15480kHz. Maybe 'over the horizon radar'? The bandwidth of this signal was pretty wide at 10kHz so it sounded about the same up on 15485kHz. I was tuning in via...