1. M

    XTS3000 CPS software

    Hey all, I was in contact with Motorola about obtaining CPS astro p25 software to program xts 2500/3000 portables and Motorola didnt tell me after I bought a copy on backorder that they refunded me due to them while waiting for the disc discontinued it. If at all does anyone know where I can...
  2. D

    Does anyone recognize this software?

    Like the title says, what software, if anyone know?
  3. kilocharlie8

    New IC-R8600 software, need some testers

    Hi All, My friends and I have been working on some software to control recent Icom transceivers. The software is called "wfview". We have noticed that the IC-R8600 seems to have a similar network (ethernet) protocol to the IC-9700, IC-7850, and IC-705, but to date we have yet to actually test...
  4. Fsnafu

    ProScan - Wine/Linux wiki is dated - unable to connect to any COM

    Been running Linux for the last ten years. Holds my network together... Excited to find out that there is a ProScan installation under wine but the problem is it will cough up and ask for a 32bit prefix and never run or it will run like clockwork and refuse to release COM's - 'the COM port is...
  5. HWG

    PRO-650 programming

    Is ARC404 the only software that will work with the PRO-650 desktop scanner? Is the 20-546 the correct cable I will need? I have a feeling this might be a challenge to find.
  6. A

    NXDN Console

    I'm trying to develop a console to interact with ICOM equipament through NXDN protocol. I connected in a repeater through IP network and were able to capture packages sent by the repeater with Wireshark, and now i'm actually trying to decipher those packages and understand what is what. Been...
  7. R

    I created an application to link to my GRN live streams - Looking for beta testers

    Features: Minimises to tray Compatible with Windows 8 and up 2 streams in one with explanation and coverage information Still in beta so more features to come. I am looking for feedback and folks who dont mind installing this and test it out. This app does not alter the registry or system...
  8. M

    XTS2500 Software

    So i have several XTS 2500 radios that i would like to program. Is it still possible to download the software somewhere, and if so where? I've googled all i can and so far all i could find is something called Astro25 Portable R20.01.00 I am some what of a newbie, but i have worked on...
  9. K

    Best Linux streaming software to use with Broadcastify?

    Hello! I just got my feed application approved and I am trying to find a good application to use that is Linux compatible with Broadcastify. It would also be great if it has a GUI, because I don't like using the command line. I was able to install darksnow, but I don't know how it will work. I...
  10. G

    Most Current Software and Firmware for Kenwood TK-5820?

    Later today I have to program 2 Kenwood TK-5820's. What is the most current software/firmware? I have KPG-112D v2.01 and KPG-112DN v2.33 Should either of these work? I am unsure about firmware on radios but they are fairly new. I deal with Motorola much more often and rarely do I program...
  11. L

    Uniden BC125AT program software question.

    When programming my BC125AT with the software uniden offers I need to fill in every window separately. Here’s what I would like to do if possible. Highlight all 8 lines of information from radio reference, copy and paste them all in one shot? Is this possible with any of the other scanner...
  12. JustLou

    Alinco Alinco DJ-X10 Programming Software?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know where I might be able to find programming software for an Alinco DJ-X10? TIA
  13. K7MFC

    Why doesn't Uniden provide programming software for some scanners?

    Just curious as to why Uniden does not provide software for programming their DMA scanners, but does provide software for the Home Patrol, 435/536, and SDS scanners.
  14. G

    Kenwood Nx-5300 programming???

    Does anyone have the KPG-D1N software for the Kenwood NX-5000 series that can program a NX-5300 for me? Being used for a personal radio in Fire Department.
  15. R

    Programing software

    Hello all, I purchased my first scanner. (the Uniden BCD436HP) I was introduced to the scanner world by my uncle and he told me to get a programing software (specifically Sentinal) however I only own Apple computers and it does not seem like Sentinal will run on Mac. Does anyone know of any...
  16. F5HPE

    Better frequency accuracy with FW 1807A for DV10

    For few day, AOR had launch a new DV10 firmware with detail below 1807A 2018/07/13 Feature improvements: - Better frequency accuracy through additional automatic temperature compensation by FPGA/CPU - Better P25 and DMR decoding - Better SSB audio quality - Better SD card compatibility for...
  17. B

    GE MASTR III Software

    I have a Mastr III that has the DSP module and would like to run it in mixed mode, is there any place I can get the software for this repeater? Thanks!
  18. K

    Entering out of band receive frequencies in RT Systems programming software

    In the past I've been able to program my IC-5100 with Receive Frequencies that are outside the amateur band, so long as they are divisible by 5000. I recently re-installed the WCS-5100 software from RT Systems, and I find that it will not accept a RECEIVE frequency out of the amateur band. Is...
  19. iceman382

    BCD996T: Official Uniden Software for the BCD996T

    Subject: Official Uniden software for the BCD996T Version: Anyone have a copy of the BCD996T Uniden Advanced Scanner Director software? BCD996T_UASD_v1.0.12.0.exe The Uniden official link is dead... PM me. Thanks.
  20. I

    UBX125XLT help

    Hi, Apologies up front but I am new to scanning and based on recommendations I have just purchased this scanner from Radio World here in the UK. I opted to have the following added to the scanner: 264 Pre-programmed Airband (UK) Channels and also 190 Pre-programmed Military Airband (UK)...