1. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Let's See Your Boot Opening Screens + (Tutorial)

    There's an awesome topic on color schemes. So I figured I would create one for boot opening screens. To Change Opening Graphic Boot Screen For The SDSX00 Scanners Can be a any color image but changed to... * SDS100 the Image must be 240 x 320 Must be a 24 bit bitmap * SDS200 the Image must...
  2. UPMan

    BCDx36HP: BCDx36HP Firmware Update 1.26.00

    Release Notes: 1. Change to disable housekeeping when scanning only one site. 2. Support for displaying EA EDACS system ID. 3. Fixed reboot issue with many sessions in user recording mode. 4. Fixed squelch backlight issues. 5. Speed up record file search. 6. Improved the clarity of digital...
  3. UPMan

    SDS100/SDS200 Tax Day Update (1.10.00)

    Happy Tax Day! Apply the update using Sentinel, as usual (for public releases). 1.10.00 Main (4/15/2019) This firmware applies the following enhancements and bug fixes: Fixed the issue of false TGID displaying during site hold. Modified the valid condition of EDACS system ID. Improved DMR OFT...
  4. UPMan

    SDS100: SDS100 / SDS200 Enhancement Update 1.09.02

    Apply using Sentinel. This is a public (not beta) release. Modified crackle noise for analog voice on SDS100 Fixed the issue of stopping scan during priority scan on SDS200 Fixed the issue the open squelch backlight does not turn off till hold time expires Changed housekeeping off while...
  5. UPMan

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2 Update 1.08.01

    Version 1.08.01 Release 3/30/19 Before applying this update, you should use software to back up all settings. Color Code, RAN, and Area Code will probably be changed to Search. This update corrects an issue where these settings were not correctly registered in trunking mode. This primarily...
  6. UPMan

    SDS100/SDS200 Open Beta 1.09.01 for Crackling Noise

    This update is specifically for the lingering crackling noise w/CTCSS issue, but anyone is welcome to check it out. Very possible that I'll roll this into a public release next week, if things look good this weekend. That is the only issue addressed. To apply, download and unzip...
  7. UPMan

    NXDN Comes to BCD325P2 and BCD996P2

    And a bunch of other fixes and enhancements, too. Version 1.08.00 for both the BCD325P2 and BCD996P2 was just released. This update adds the following major features and enhancements: Support for NXDN systems through a paid upgrade Support P25 patch ID Support EA EDACS patch ID Improved the...
  8. UPMan

    SDS100/SDS200 v1.09.00 Open Beta

    Working on a few issues that came primarily from you guys (post-beta), so making this a public beta. For this thread, please exercise restraint and avoid off-topic posts. It really makes diagnosis and analysis difficult when extraneous unrelated topics are added (no waffles!). Test items: 1...
  9. UPMan

    SDS100/SDS200/BCDx36HP Sentinel Updates

    Just posted firmware for the SDS100 and SDS200, plus a new version of Sentinel that includes the functions added by the update. As usual for public releases, these updates are applied using Sentinel. 1.02.01 Sub / 1.08.05 Main (3/7/2019) Be sure to also update Sentinel when applying this...
  10. UPMan

    SDS200: SDS200 Hum Reports

    We are aware of the reports of hum in the SDS200 and are working on a solution. At this time, we expect the solution to involve both hardware and software...but the hardware portion looks to be something anyone can do themselves. I don't have complete details, today, but hope to have a video...
  11. UPMan

    SDS100: Firmware Release 1.07.00-1.07.04 Main / 1.02.00 Sub

    Details at: SDS100FirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki Apply using Sentinel.
  12. A

    SDS200: SDS200 Archived Thread

    Count me in right away.
  13. freqhopping

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2019

    Just getting this started. No noteworthy action right now. But I see the airshow is returning to Andrews this year with both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. I'll be going Friday for sure. Joint Base Andrews > Home > Air Show
  14. KE4ZNR

    VIPER Statewide Radio System Discussion

    New Year, New thread for VIPER Statewide Radio System Discussion. Link to VIPER in the RR database: Marshall KE4ZNR
  15. AK9R

    Hoosier SAFE-T thread 2019-

    Let's start a new thread for reports of SAFE-T system changes and updates. The old thread is closed, but will remain stickied for reference.
  16. T

    2019 - Kansas City Metro Area MARRS P25 Trunked Radio System

    Post conversations for 2019 here.
  17. T

    2019 MOSWIN Sites/Talkgroups

    Post conversations for 2019 here.
  18. Thunderbolt

    MPSCS Sites/Talkgroups 2019

    This will be the discussion thread for all things relating to the MPSCS TRS in 2019: MPSCS Wiki: Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) - The RadioReference Wiki Database: Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) Michigan's Public Safety Communications System...
  19. UnidenSupport

    Uniden Tech/Customer support

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to start a specific thread to consolidate people's questions and save me some leg work in patrolling the forums here to give people help. I would love to see things like warranty questions, possible defective units, finding the right product and...
  20. UPMan

    SDS100: Firmware 1.06.00M Public Beta

    Release Notes: 1. Fixed freezing issue over 1000 sessions (sub folders) in user recording mode. This might also affect the reboot issue. 2. Support decoding for Late Entry code of CapMax. 3. Modified operations of LCN Finder for CapMax. 4. Modified DMR TGID validation method...