1. letarotor

    Texas 154.025 P25 and Analog

    It looks like we are having a little bit of propagation this morning that I'm guessing may be a sign of tropospheric ducting due to the cool front making its way into northern Texas today and tomorrow. I am definitely receiving Milam County SO which uses a NAC of 403. I'm in Fort Worth and it's...
  2. J

    436HP Not hearing P25 Phase 2 in Wichita Falls, TX

    Just moved to Wichita Falls Tx and it is a p25 phase 2 for PD. I bought a BCD-436HP so I could listen to them the other day. Problem is that I hear everything but Wichita Falls P25 system. The radio lights up dispatch like someone is talking but there is no sound or just a static sound for a...
  3. D

    Texas Military Activity and Frequencies

    With all of the military bases in Texas There should be a lot of activity. I thought I will try to restart the Texas Military Activity and Frequencies thread. Here is some new frequencies for Randolph AFB. 139.575 Randolph Hangover SOF or TEXAN Ops 149.250 Randolph T-1 T-38 Moc PTD 149.875...
  4. rvacs

    Most Popular Upgrades for Texas - NXDN/DMR/ProVoice

    Just wondering as I travel in Texas a bunch. What are the most important upgrades to get in Texas? Ex: SanAntonio uses ProVoice .. .... ..... When driving with GPS want to purchase upgrade(s) that are used the most for Public Safety (aka Police) Dallas/Ft. Worth area I know has a...
  5. rvacs

    Problems getting Galveston Phase II to work G4

    Hello All, I have a new G4 that came with Phase II I am scanning in Galveston: TX WARN System: 1 (1) 054 (36) Galveston County Simulcast Galveston 769.44375 770.18125 770.78125 770.94375 771.89375 772.68125 773.18125 773.34375 773.94375c** 774.28125 774.55625 774.80625a** Setting the...
  6. 1

    Jeff Davis County, frequencies needed due to death.

    Ok guys and girls, the title is real. I spent a little time last week researching as much as i could about Jeff Davis County Texas and what frequencies i could find to plug into my radio for our upcoming Boy Scout trip in a few weeks. We are headed to BTSR in Jeff Davis county. I always plug in...
  7. R

    Permian Basin Regional Interoperability Network Abandoned?

    New Radio System Will Allow Better Communication For Odessa' Saw this story. Anyone have any info on it? Are they going solo like Midland did, or is the, what seems to be, un-utilized, Wide Area Network being abandoned? Or is the network going to convert to Phase II? The impression is...
  8. A

    Pro-668 and Harris County, TX P25 reception ends

    I am new to this forum and radio coms in general, so please bear with me. I have had this RadioShack PRO-668 for a couple of months, and when I purchased this thing right out of the box I gave it my zip code and was receiving all of the trunking frequencies under the sun. I am also using the...
  9. A

    Baytown, TX TxWARN & BCD536HP

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Uniden BCD536HP and have enjoyed getting back into scanning. I have been out of the game during all of the rebanding and P25 conversion, so hopefully I am just overlooking something. As some of you probably know, the 536 has the Home Patrol database that...
  10. K9ROD

    Kendall County Boerne Texas Help

    Anyone out there in this area? I just purchased a Uniden BCD436HP. I've created a favorites list for this area. So far I don't think I've heard any Boerne PD traffic. Is it dispatched on the same channel as the county? If so, does anyone know the break down of the unit numbers, ie. 8509 or...
  11. D

    Boy Scouts of America, CSR Radio Frequencies

    As a Staff Member at Clements Scout Ranch and a Communications Officer I'd like to release the radio frequencies just in case anyone would like to listen. Camp Operations - 151.820 (Main Frequency) Side Events - 151.880 (Used for events such as Climbing Tower, Brotherhood, etc.) Emergency -...
  12. emtbucky1

    Fort Bliss White Sands Talk Groups

    Newly scanning this area and MOST of the talk groups in RR are incorrect. This area covers fort bliss and white sands and I am still looking for the Fort Bliss Fire Dept channels. I have been listening for days now and NOTHING! No EMS or WBAMC channels either. MPs, shuttles, and range ops seem...
  13. J

    Pasadena,Tx Police

    I am no longer hearing Pasadena PD (Texas) on my scanner on the analog system. I have added the digital talkgroups to my scanner (BCD436HP). These were the same talkgroups listed on this website. Does anyone know what site Pasadena uses or had any luck using different TGID's? Any help would be...
  14. M

    Evacuation tone

    Does anyone know where i can download this evacuation tone? Im trying to make a ringtone of this but cant find a cleaned up version of it as this one has static in it. Link to evac tone below. Thanks in advanced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4rnxPxiRxI
  15. R

    Midland County Texas Sheriff

    They seemed to have gone quiet. Have not heard anything on their Primary. Am not noticing anything on the Permian Basin linked system. Anyone know if they just encrypted or migrated over to the Permian Basin Linked System as of yet. Thanks in advance.
  16. N

    Simulcast for Webb County / Laredo TX Fire?

    Does anyone know if there is a simulcast for the encrypted fire frequencies in Laredo?
  17. K

    Balcones Heights Changes

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Balcones Heights PD/FD are both fully transitioned to SA/BC's EDACS ProVoice and cannot be monitored. There was some talk of using the old VHF repeaters for a VHF simulcast but that seems to have fallen through as the dispatchers were having trouble...
  18. A

    San Antonio, TX? Help me program my HT1250

    I recently picked up a few HT1250s and want to clear-out the existing programming. Unfortunately, I've learned that I have to pay a crazy amount to Motorola or pay a local dealer another crazy amount to have them re-programed. I would interested in the purchase the $300 CPS software, but its...
  19. K

    Bell County EDACS Talkgroups

    Does anyone have the DEC & AFS for LE1 and LE2?? I can not seem to remember. Please help...
  20. J

    Petition for Cedar Park Fire

    Hey guys! New to the forums but glad to be here. As a resident of Cedar Park, it bums me out big time that everything is encrypted :( Living just down the street from a fire station and always seeing them go by wondering what's up and where they're going when a mile down the road Austinites...