1. Z

    Warble Tone Generator?

    Any one know a way to generate these tones? - Or a place that has a plethora of similar sounding? 1. 2.
  2. Z

    What tone "type" is this?

    Dispatch tone. I've heard it in a couple of different places. Is there a classification of this tone? Place to find the raw/recreation? (Taken from Springfield, MA FD)
  3. idaviss45

    Setting up CTCSS Tones on a PR400

    I recently purchased a Motorola PR400 (to use as a scanner for a local fire department) and I programmed frequencies as a conventional personalities. I'm able to hear them, but I would like to set up tones as the frequencies have them listed. Any guides to do so? Ps. I know its kinda confusing...
  4. J

    SDS100/SDS200: CTCSS Searching with the Uniden SDS100?

    Hi all, I just dropped $ 700 on a Uniden SDS100 and specifically bought it to be able to use Close Call function and also display the CTCSS. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this come up in the display. I've tried to watch YouTube videos, but to no avail. Can someone...
  5. K


    Does anyone have the tone out frequencies for the different districts in Cowlitz County? Specifically for using a BCD996p2 Fire tone out feature? These are the audible tones on 154.235
  6. R

    What does "tone" mean?

    Hi, I have this configuration below. What do they all mean and how would I put this into CHIRP? Especially, the "167.9 PL". 160.28000 KFM561 BM 167.9 PL Hatzolah EMS Hatzolah EMS Dispatch FMN EMS Dispatch
  7. Z

    What radio does this talk permit tone come from?

    This tone is from a Motorola radio (at least to my knowledge), but I'm unsure which one, or if it even is one. I've uploaded the tone here: Curious if anyone does know which radio this comes from. Let me know anyone does!
  8. M

    CPI Panels

    Hi all, I'm helping out a friend in getting an intercom system working at a new (old) farm they've got. There are a bunch of CPI DR10 remotes scattered around the house and the various buildings and those all work fine. Where the challenge comes in, is there used to be a Motorola Base station...
  9. Skyman2002

    Keolis dispatcher DTMF tone.

    Hello there! Back in November of 2020, when listening to the Keolis Worcester Main Line, I heard a DTMF number tone generated at the end of every transmission from the dispatcher. Can someone please explain the reason behind this tone? When onboard the trains, i hear the dispatcher on the...
  10. C

    BCD352P2 - Tone Out question... Analog but not Digital?

    So, I just received and programmed my BCD352P2 scanner using Freescan. I noticed that I am getting tones on the analog signals, but I have not yet heard a tone out for those fire/ems departments that are on the digital channels. Forgive my ignorance, this is my first digital scanner. Do...
  11. amoking

    auto tone decode?

    Hi All, I am returning to the hobby and am more of a 2M/70cm listener than a talker. I often drive long stretches throughout the western states. Is there any new tech out there in the mobile units (Kenwood, ICOM) that allow for auto tone decode when a band scan hits a repeater? I have the...
  12. AK4FD

    Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

    Hello all, Does anyone know if it's possible to load customized alert tones into the Informer tone receiver? I can't see anything in the directory on the computer that allows it, unless there's a way to hack it by opening the unit. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is for the speaker to...
  13. AK4FD

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS5000 Talk Permit Tone question

    Hello all, I'll preface this post by saying I am not here for your criticisms or questions as to why I would want to have Talk Permit Tones on Conventional channels; It's my radio & It's what I prefer, and I have my reasons (1 of which being it signals me to wait an extra second while my radio...
  14. R

    IDPS Paging Tone/Sound/Noise

    Hey Friends...I hope you can help. I'm just curious more than anything, and learning a lot about my new scanner. It's a Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2, and every now and then I get several paging tones....usually displaying IDPS Paging. I've been locking them out when then happen, but should I be...
  15. A

    Yaesu: Yaesu 400, confused about using tones

    Yaesu FTM-400XDR. I know some repeaters need a tone in order to listen to you. Also, you can set a tone so you only hear signals with that tone. But while reading the Yaesu manual, I'm confused about how to set these. Here are the menu items I assume one should use: for DISP/SETUP hold...
  16. S

    PL Tones (newbie to radios)

    Hi there, What’s the difference between PL and DPL? Cheers, Dean
  17. Marauder

    What happened to dutchess 911's end tone???

    It changed this morning! I heard some talk about "trouble with the new system" I listen every day ... this is the first I am hearing .. the end tone sounds like Ulster 911's tone. I remember hearing this tone since I was was a kid, what happened? am I out of the loop?
  18. fdnyfish

    Fire Tone Out

    Do any of the digital scanners do Fire-Tone-Out?
  19. SlipNutz15

    XTL5000 transmit tone

    I have programmed an XTL5000 that has a tone after the normal MDC1200 keyup (wait to talk) tone. This tone is just a short beep but it's not the short side tone beep because it does it both on MCD and ASTRO channels. It's approx 500ms into the key up. The system we are using is Analog...
  20. D

    XTS 5000 Deaf ??

    So at what point is a radio deaf. Generating 1 khz + 3khz dev the radio unmutes at -85dbm The audio is white noise at this point with a hint of tone. Clear tone comes in at around -70 dbm which states to me deaf as a mute. Also in toe with this comment how do I access the RX front end on the...