1. M

    Caledon Fire Station Dispatch Talk Groups

    I am putting a Caledon scan list together for somebody and I cannot seem to find the dispatch talk groups for Caledon's Station dispatch. I was able to Program OPS 5, TAC 8 & 9 but OPS 5 does not dispatch any calls even for Brampton. I rarely hear them page because they have the dispatch setup...
  2. M

    Toronto Fire Dispatch Channel BCD996P2 losing signal

    Hi, I just bought a Uniden Bearcat BC996P2 for my car with a nice sized antenna I put on the back of my car. I am able to to hear Toronto EMS & Fire TAC channels just fine, however when it comes to dispatch, even if I am sitting in one spot it more likely then not just show me "Finding Cntrl...
  3. M

    Toronto Fire Phase 2 Reception Issues all of a sudden on XTS5000

    Hi, I have been listening to Toronto in Vaughan just a few km north of Toronto. All of a sudden within the past week my radio has been dead silent, I am only picking stuff up sometimes. Prior to a week ago, I was picking up everything. Is anyone else having issues? Does it have something to do...
  4. M

    Programming Peel EMS into CPS for XTS3000

    I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what site towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan, but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF
  5. M

    Compact high-gain wideband antenna for BCD436HP work well in urban area?

    Hi RR, About half a year back, picked up the BCD436HP and really love its functions, but I've noticed the factory antenna is kinda bad. So I got a few different antennas, two of which were from AECreative and quickly realize how terrible their quality. The high-gain telescopic antenna from...
  6. Z

    GTA - Antenna cabling help

    So, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I've used my Uniden 436hp in my vehicles for a few years now have used a slew of different antennas from mag mounts, lip mount, etc. I recently picked up a VW Golf and picked up a Breedlove...
  7. R

    DSDplus files for Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, Toronto?

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone have a DSDPlus.networks and DSDPlus.frequencies for Niagara, Hamilton, Halton and Toronto that they wish to share? My main goal is Niagara for getting started and then I plan to slowly expand from there. I'm having difficulty...
  8. T

    Beck Taxi

    Does anyone have the TX frequencies for Beck Taxi. I want to monitor in simplex as I am trying to see the range they get on their radios. I have tried to use the Industry Canada page to look up frequencies and no joy. apparently 444.4 MHz is not lienced. Hard to believe that every other freq i...
  9. T

    Toronto Fire

    I have been hearing a lot of apparatus saying that there MTD computers are down. It sounds like they are back to the good old days where they have to relay everything over the radio. I heard dispatch say they had a city wide power failure and also it's down city wide. Interesting stuff to hear...
  10. H

    GMRS Ch1 ragchew anyone? (Toronto)

    Does anyone ever call out on Ch1 just to see who's listening? I call out periodically, generally late at night because that is when I'm free. I've never gotten a reply though. I have heard one person calling out once on Ch.1 and I had a fun chat with him. Never found another person since. I do...
  11. T

    Toronto Fire P25 Timeline

    Is there a time line yet as to when we can expect to see TFS do a full move to the Toronto P25 system? I ask as it is in the 700MHz and if I were to buy an XTS 2500 for 800MHz I believe the new 700MHz P25 system would be out of band.
  12. T

    CNE Air Show

    The Air Show is happening at the CNE later this week. What frequencies do the certain jets use? Any help would be great.
  13. scanfan22

    Toronto Fire Set Up

    The Toronto Fire feed are Broadcastify is only for the south side. Do they have separate lists of frequencies for each part of Toronto? From where the feeder is, which I don't know where, is it possible to get all the Toronto Fire Frequencies? Can someone fill me in as to what I am missing...
  14. WindsorOntario

    Fort Frances/Rainy River (NW Ont) & Toronto Patrol Zones

    So I haven't posted on this forum before because the extent of my scanner now is online, and so my question has two parts. Those familiar with Northwestern Ontario (Fort Frances, Rainy River, the cities that border Minnesota across Rainy River), are there any known sites that broadcast...
  15. M

    OPP Toronto - East

    Why is it there is a feed for OPP in the downtown area but there is none in the east end.Can any one broadcast Whitby OPP, Downsview OPP , and Toronto OPP, it would bennifit a lot of other listeners also.
  16. B

    Preparing for G20 in Toronto

    Hi folks. Just wanted to get some feedback on what I should be looking for with respect to the G20. I have some freq tables for downtown, where I am, but thought some people might know anything special for such a special event. Love to get your input. Cheers
  17. J

    Toronto Snowplows

    Anybody have frequencies for City of Toronto snowplows? I've found in the RR db the MTO frequencies, but they don't plow the Gardiner or the DVP. Appreciate any help you can give, Rob
  18. G

    Digital Scanner Toronto Help?

    I live in Ajax. Which for those of you who don't know is east of Toronto in Durham regeion. I want to purchase a police scanner to listen to police in my area. I know in my are the police use an 800 trunked system. Do I need a digital scanner to listing to this or Toronto police or will...