1. sirdonbWRYY778

    Tuning Antenna?

    After searching this forum and Google, I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to bring the question here to the hive mind. Can you tune a stealth antenna like the MXTA25? I bought this antenna and mount package from Amazon. I'm using the Surecom SW-102s power/SWR Meter to check...
  2. wenzeslaus

    custom dial for Grundig FR-200

    Grundig FR-200 made a new dial, it would look like this closeup need to print it out, laminate, and install still got some room at the bottom. don't know what else to put in there.
  3. rjvalenta

    20m dipole ATU tuning vs EFHW 4010

    new to HF here, always on FT8... i have been using a 4010 EFHW for a few months with an MFJ939i tuner to my IC7100. I was always able to tune the EFHW from 40-10 as expected but could also tune it to 60m and 80m and even 6m. but i had to position it in a way that was causing RFI into my...
  4. T

    Spectra+ Deviation Balance Tuning

    When I try to perform the Deviation Balance (Compensation) test, by the book or as described in this forum, I run into an issue. The Low transmission doesn't yield usable Deviation values to compare the High transmission to. Where it says "wait approximately five seconds for the signal to...
  5. matty909

    Kenwood TK-380 programming

    Hello i have a tk-380 k1 (450-490mhz) i need some help getting the radio to accept a few LTR trunked channels that are in 507-511mhz. I can write the information to the radio however when attempting to transmit the radio starts beeping as if BCL is on or the channel is only programed to rx with...
  6. zacsharpe

    XTS5000/2500 tuning/alignment

    I have an XTS5000 and an XTS2500. I noticed that the XTS5000 gets a garbled voice and sometimes the transmissions get clipped. The XTS2500 seems to work fine. This leads me to believe that the 5000 needs a tuning. I'm new to the tuning/alignment world. I have a buddy, that has helped me a great...
  7. N

    Reference signal to tune my SDR Dongle

    I have the NooElec NESDR Mini 2. I'm just getting started with it and I am using SDR# on a Windows 7 laptop. I know that there is some drift from unit to unit that needs to be compensated for to get exactly on frequency. I am looking for a nice sharp reference signal that I can as a standard...
  8. Andy3

    DV-1 tuning knob?

    This may sound like the question of an obsessive, but here goes anyway. I've owned both the 5000 and the 5001, and the tuning knob on both was poor. There seemed to be quite a lot of 'play' in the spindle bearing, especially on the 5001. That and the bargain basement plastic tuning knob on the...
  9. SnowWalker

    I need some antenna clarification here

    I am still trying to set up my CB antenna so it is at least 90 - 95% efficient for my 20' vertical 5/8 wave antenna and mobile/base radio. The antenna is mounted on the roof of our house; I think I fully understand the proper way of grounding the antenna; however, there are about two dozen...
  10. G

    XPR-7550e Help

    Hey i got a XPR-7550e and was want to check the power output and was wanting to know if it can just be hooked to a wave meter or is the another type of meter it needs to be hooked to. Thanks
  11. BlueDevil

    Sinclair Mobile Duplexer Tuning

    I have a Sinclair Mobile Duplexer in a portable repeater. ( Sinclair Technologies Online Product Catalog - MR254B-2 ) I believe that this is a Band-Pass only duplexer so my question is if I wanted to reverse the TX and RX frequencies do I need to retune the duplexer? Or can I simply swap the...
  12. M

    Tuning a duplexer (RLB / Coupler vs. Loss)

    Hi guys, I don't know any tech guy in my area who can clear some things for me and I thought I might ask you about something that's confusing me while doing some duplexer tuning. I'm a "young player" and I can fall into a lot of traps while trying to learn. Please forgive my mistakes if I say...
  13. helvis

    Caltrans tuning specs

    I have a question about Caltrans tuning for San Diego County. The RR trunking list for Caltrans is very large. Do I have to enter multiple tower control freq's and group Caltrans in separate lists or can I enter all the necessary towers in one TSYS? Does anyone know what the right towers are? I...
  14. P

    TK-250 squelch adjustment - tuning mode

    I have a couple of TK-250 handhelds that seem to show the 'busy' icon consistently - I'd like to adjust the baseline squelch just a little to make them less sensitive. In the KPG-23D software, there is a "test mode" which gives you an F10 "tuning mode" option. You can then adjust a slider that...
  15. B

    gmrs Repeater help please!

    I am seeking some help on a uniden ARU 250K repeater, mods if this is the wrong place or there is a better place please move, thanks. I have the manual for the repeater but am having trouble tuning it. I am lloking for advice on how to tune and set it up. I am not going to be using the repeater...