1. bbrasmussen

    Bountiful Scanning Guide on Utah Radio Wiki

    If anyone's interested, I posted a guide for scanning the Bountiful area talkgroups on UCAN. It's on the Utah Radio Wiki: Bountiful PS Scanning Guide - UtahRadio Having spent the past few years listening and tweaking, I've found this grouping of the talkgroups seems to work best when scanning...
  2. B

    UCAN Central Utah

    Good Evening, I will be in the Fillmore/Millard County area this weekend. Can I be of use in searching for any UCAN activity in the area? I remember reading a few months back that they were possibly expanding the system into this area. I will scan the 800mhz band and see what I find.
  3. B

    Uniden BCD396XT Memory Setup

    Hello All - I'm a long time lurker and seldom post but greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that exists here. I am located in "western" West Jordan. I recently acquired the 396XT. I am amazed how things have changed since the days of my BC245! I am not sold on the idea of combining...
  4. T

    PRO-163 UCAN Programming

    I am new to scanning as well as the Radio Reference website. I purchased a RS PRO-163 yesterday. I live in Salt Lake County and I hope I purchased the correct scanner. I am mostly interested in listening to the UCAN system but I am having trouble programming my scanner. I would like to buy the...
  5. M

    Should I use multiple ucan site control freqs ?

    Hi, I am new to scanning and have a new GRE PSR-300. I have updated the 800mhz table and it is working great. I live in Davis County. I entered the control frequencies based on the Davis County entries in the database. I see that there are other control channels for other counties. Because...
  6. bhall7

    Digital transmissions on UCAN?

    I'm considering purchasing a digital-capable scanner such as the Uniden BC396t, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it at this point. Is there any digital traffic on UCAN? Also, if the so-called digital support is for APCO-25 systems, would that even apply to UCAN since it's a Motorola...
  7. KT7L

    UCAN Talk Group Rules/ Rural Rpt Maps

    In case anyone missed it, here's a link to the UCAN site for a new memo on TG Usage, dated Jan 30th 2009. http://www.ucan800.org/assets/pdf/talk_group_use.pdf Also note, you can print out reference maps of the rural UCAN repeater sites by going to: The Utah Communication Agency Networks
  8. qlajlu

    TG 64000 - Digital - Multiple Sites

    TG 64000 is listed in the Db as "UCAN Encrypted 5." I have been getting a fair amount of digital traffic on this TG the past couple of days from the UCAN Engineers and it has all been in the clear. Although there is no question that since it is a UCAN Engineer assigned TG it could also have...
  9. qlajlu

    TG 4128, UCAN Site 03 (SL Co.), CC 868.1125

    Some time ago we had quite a discussion in this forum about TG 4128. Right now I am hearing the UCAN Radio Engineers talking on this TG discussing a problem with one of the sites. Very strange. So, if the UCAN Engineers are using this TG, does that mean that this TG is a free-floating TG that...
  10. bneilson

    UCAN Rebanding has started

    Hello all, As we saw in our other thread (which is getting quite long so I started this one) UCAN has began its rebanding process. To my knowledge Site 12 and Site 42 are the only two that have been rebanded thus far with site 22 coming up soon. I figure we can use this thread to talk about...