unication g5

  1. D

    Unication G5 Priority scanning on P25

    I have been using this pager for quite a while now along side my Minitor 6. I have not been successful in getting priority scanning to work correctly on P25. I have a knob position that scans fire dispatch and 4 OPS talkgroups. If someone is talking on a OPS talkgroup and then CCOM starts a...
  2. A

    Unication G4 or G5 VHF

    Let's try this again. Before I buy new I would like to see if anybody had either a G4 or G5VHF that they were looking to unload. Transaction will be by your verified PayPal to my verified address. I recently got scammed and this is to protect us both. Please figure out the fee's and shipping...
  3. RadioDitch

    Unication G5 Model Number

    Evening Gents, Does anyone know the correct model number for a Unication G5 450-512/700-800 with the latest firmware? Finally ordered one from Ray's Pager Sales, and I'd like to get started with putting together a profile in PPS for when it arrives. Thanks!
  4. Unication G5 VHF

    Unication G5 VHF

    I have a good condition Unication G5 VHF for sale. It has one small scratch on the screen and the asking price reflects that. It cannot be seen except at an angle and not when the screen is on. It will come with a holster, purchased from Ray's Pager Sales. I will ship USPS. I accept Paypal...
  5. medic29

    Programming Unication G5 questions

    I just got a G5 and am looking to get it programmed for my chief. Our department is dispatched via VHF, then assigned to P25 trunking talkgroup for communication to dispatch. I have a couple of questions: 1) We are dispatched by 2 different county dispatch centers, both on VHF, but separate...
  6. rvacs

    Sharing PPS data among each other - easy way?

    Hello All, So there are some good places including the FB group for Unication where people share their hard work for users to download a PPS to import and use say on vacation or when travelling to an area. My question is.... Is there a way to insert a list you download for PPS into your...
  7. rvacs

    Unication Receive Types - Motorolla Type II Smartzone to P25

    As we start seeing more and more movement from older systems (EDACS / Motorolla Type II Smartzone) to P25 Phase I or Phase II. I notice more and more agencies running them in parallel till the switch. I look at Oklahoma Tulsa - Motorola Type II Smartzone - also running OKWIN Phase I P25...
  8. rvacs

    G5 Model not showing up in PPS 3-12-06

    Hello All, I got a new G5 and when I go to copy my G4 Profile to my G5 in the PPS (latest ver. 3-12-06) it asks for the model # of my G5. My Model # is: G5B67BF-SXVXEN-1401UNI Closest one I found is: G5B67BF-SXVXEN-1400UNI and chose that...seems ok - but does that seem weird it is not in...
  9. rvacs

    G4 to G5 - Learning Curve? Profile imports?

    Hello All, First of all love my Unication G4. Just tried a new SDS100 with latest firmware and it couldn't even come close to SIMULCAST Phase 1. Thinking about upgrading to Unication G5. Seems Texas DPS uses 154-160Mhz. P25 statewide. How hard of a learning curve is it to upgrade to G5. I...
  10. wa2chj

    Unication G5 Charlotte UASI Programming

    Hi, I've been programming Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Various Amateur radios through CPS, PPS, etc. for decades for personal and EMS/Fire department radio equipment as Communications Officer. I'm a newbie when it comes to the Unications G5 PPS, and need to get up to speed quickly. I'm...
  11. L

    Unification G5 programming for columbus fd

    hey group, i am wanting ideas about programming my G5 for Columbus FD . I am curious how you have the channels set in your radio. Do you use all the talk groups? thanks any ideas danny
  12. R

    Question About Using a G5 in Car for VHF

    I'm considering purchasing the G5 because of the size and 8-position knob feature. However, I will be using this radio mostly while in a vehicle and monitoring VHF. I do want to be able to use it occasionally for simulcast, but VHF will be my main need. My #1 concern is the internal antenna for...
  13. J

    Phoenix Regional Fire Dispatch All Call Programming

    Has anyone been successful programming a G5 for the Phoenix, Arizona Fire Dept Regional Dispatch Center All Call tone(s) on either 154.19 MHz or P25? All call is used for greater alarm notifications and shows as 339.6 Hz. Sometimes it seems to be one long tone. Other times it is two long tones...
  14. L

    G5 voice storage

    Hi group, I new at Unification . I am trying to figure out how to record what i am listening to on the radio. I clicked on enable in the TGID and on the page for the knob i have it on. I listened to it for awhile then when i hook up to message saver there is nothing there. I know it has to be...
  15. E

    G- series PPS problems?

    I downloaded the G series PPS on Friday and it worked great i opened it 10 times or more, no problems. i go to open it on Saturday and it gives me an error message before opening that says PPS has stopped working, this is as soon as you try to open it. the part for the password never pops up...
  16. E

    Edgecombe county help!

    I need the fire tone outs for Edgecombe county, North Carolina if at all possible. I am new to the radio/scanner world, i have tried searching here and around the web with no luck! Thanks
  17. J

    G5 Error 02144 After Reprogramming

    Wondering if anyone else is seeing error message 02144 on their G5 after using the PPS software to update programming profile. With this error message, the G5 stops receiving and launches some other inappropriate messages like "out of range." Requires a hard restart (turn the radio off, then...