unication g5

  1. F

    Monitoring CLMRN - Mobile In Vehicle Setup Feedback

    Hi guys just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback to give. I’ve been monitoring CLMRN for many years with numerous scanners. Uniden BCD996P2, Uniden SDS200, and a Unication G5 Pager. With the exception of the G5, I’ve tested these units out in vehicle with a PCTEL 7/800 NMO antenna on my...
  2. A

    No audio after two-tone alert

    Hello, I have a G5 mostly working as I want it to. Knob positions set up, etc. However, when my department's tones go off, my G5 alerts and then audibly plays the tones, but it does not open the frequency to hear the dispatch. Also, when I press the play button, I hear a recording of the...
  3. R

    Unication G5 staying on TG after dispatch

    Hello! I have been tasked with getting the pagers for my small dept working the way my Chief intended. They work fine right now, but he wants it where when we receive a call from dispatch, the dispatch channel stays open until the user hits the reset button, like on the minotaurs. We operate on...
  4. Unication G5 P1/P2- Extra Battery / Charging Bay/ DMR + VHF / Autographed *SOLD*

    Unication G5 P1/P2- Extra Battery / Charging Bay/ DMR + VHF / Autographed *SOLD*

    Our local agency just went to Encryption (so sad to sell). Unication G5 Scanner - P1/P2 - latest firmware Extra Battery Never Used ($29 value) Charging Bay ($59 value) Data Cable DMR 700/800 + VHF NEW BLUE antenna (also including purple original - not as good) AUTOGRAPHED under the belt clip...
  5. E

    Solutions for G5 audio hiss

    So far, I'm loving my new G5, but after just a few days of quiet listening indoors, the audio hiss when the speaker amplifier activates is driving me insane. Does anyone have a G4/G5 without the hiss? From what I've read it seems like this is just a design flaw that they all have and not a...
  6. E

    [G4/G5] Priority vs. Non-Priority Talk Group List

    Can anyone explain how dividing talk groups between the Priority Talk Group List and the Non-Priority Talk Group List works? If there is a voice call ongoing from a talk group in the non-priority list, and a new voice call from a TG in the priority list starts, will the radio actually...
  7. E

    Firmware V2.01 on new Unication G5

    The new Unication G5 I received earlier this week has firmware version 2.01 on it. I can't find any information about this firmware version on Unication's website. Does anyone know what might be new/changed in this firmware?
  8. Unication G5 - VHF - Amplified Charger

    Unication G5 - VHF - Amplified Charger

    Good afternoon, I have a Unication G5 with the VHF band (136-174 MHz)(700-800 MHz) along with the amplified base for sale. The pager is in very good condition, but there is a scratch on the screen in the upper right hand corner. It is visible in the photos. The pager currently has a screen...
  9. may2700

    Suffolk County NY p25 unit ID's?

    i did a search but didnt see anything, Has anyone created a Suffolk County NY P25 unit id list? Specifically each units radio id converted to the actual unit using that radio I have started creating my own list and keep adding to it every day with the help of my G5 and the voice record function...
  10. mikewazowski

    G5 v1.33 firmware download?

    Is there somewhere where one can download the v1.33 firmware without using AutoUP? I've tried using various OS's and browsers but I cannot get AutoUP to work. The Connect button is always missing and pressing Next does nothing. I've already got v1.31 installed and V0.3.16.29E PPS installed...
  11. For Sale - Unication G5 Professional Pager - VG Condition

    For Sale - Unication G5 Professional Pager - VG Condition

    I am offering for sale a Unication G5 (VHF/700-800 MHz) pager (model #G5B66BF-SXVXEN1401UNI.) Firmware version 1.31 is installed. Full specs, datasheet and programming software are available here: Unication G5 . This unit has never been used in the field or mobile, only in my home. It is in very...
  12. T

    Unication G5 UHF-D

    I have about a month old barely used G5 for sale, with a brand new screen protector and brand new case. nothing wrong with it I just don’t like it. I’m looking for $675 as it still has 23 months left on the warranty. please contact me perfect condition
  13. T

    Unication VHF Two Tone Problems

    Hello all! My rescue squad recently purchased ten unication g5 pagers and I am attempting to program them with only partial success. The P25 talkgroups work perfectly, however the selective call function will not activate the pager for our VHF two tone pages every time. Some of the pagers...
  14. A

    Unication G5 Error Message

    Help, I was programming my pager when a message popped up on the programming software stating "programming error" or something similar. I unplugged my pager from the computer and turned it on. When I turned the pager on, I was met with a message saying, "Device Error. Please contact your local...
  15. djbisme

    How to determine P25 tone out tones?

    Our local Fire Departments get toned out digitally over the Michigan MPSCS P25 system. I don't hear any tones from either my G5 or SDS100 when they receive a call. Is there a way to determine what these tones are and program them into the G5? Or do I have to get them from someone on the FD or...
  16. t9590th

    Unication G5 broken charger port

    Okay, so I broke my charging / programming port on my G5 pager. Does anyone know how to get this pager a part so I can make the repair? I believe I can solder the port back onto the board, but heck I cannot figure out how to get inside the pager. Any help is greatly appreciated, I do not have...
  17. Unication G5 UHF-C like new

    Unication G5 UHF-C like new

    For sale is a Unication G5 purchased less than a month ago from a reputable dealer. Have a G3 on the way that will suit my needs better so parting with this one. Comes with original box, and all documentation. Shipping is 10$ anywhere US
  18. D

    Unication G5 Pager TGID Removed

    I have a couple of pagers that at random times will flash a green banner at the bottom of the display the say TGID Removed. When this happens, the pager has no audio. These guys have missed calls because they didn't know it went into this mode. The only way I have found to reset it is by taking...
  19. KI5UFO

    G5 priority option

    I won’t be considering getting one or a few of these till probably a good year in the future, but I do have one question. The priority function, does it act just like a run of the mill scanner as when you have a priority channel, and have that momentary skip in audio when it checks for any...
  20. F

    G5 sub-band (UHF) loses reception/increased interference in amplified charger

    Curious if anyone is having reception issues with the amplified charger, specifically with the G5 secondary band (in my instance, UHF 450-512). I purchased the amplified charger when I learned the external antenna connection also works on the secondary (UHF) band, as well as Unication...