1. K

    TK-8180 Firmware Update Help Needed

    Hi, I am hoping somebody can help me. I just purchased 3 TK-8180 K-2s, used on Ebay for my ham radio use. We use the 7180s at my VFD, and I love everything about them, so the UHF version made sense to me. I tried to program it with the VFD's computer and it comes up "USE SJ-180!". I understand...
  2. C

    updating database, getting new talkgroups with proscan?

    I searched for the answer and was unable to find it. Let me know if this has been answered already. I have a RadioReference membership and use Proscan to set up my favorites with my SDS 100&200. Love it. It's a great tool! As I understand, when someone finds a new TG and updates the info on...
  3. Barrygilnc

    ARC536: Butel ARC536 Upgrade Question

    I have ARC536BASIC 2.1 Build 8. On the Butel website, the latest version is 2.2 Build 10. I have "Auto Check for Updates" selected. I have also clicked on "Check for Updates" but nothing happens. Should I be able to get Version 2.2 Build 10 and, if I should, what do I do? Thank you.
  4. J

    Sentinel anything Newier??

    ************ Right now... Sentinel only have VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) ************* Is their going to be a new download for the new Sentinel that will do the NXDN 9600 and the 4800? or will this "{ Green Shield } " VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) be auto updated ? (of course with the $60.00)...
  5. T

    158.77500 (KXP531) Jefferson County

    Can a Admin update this info for: 158.77500 | KXP531 | BM | DeSo Police2 | Police | FMN | Law Tac to: 158.77500 | KXP531 | ?? | DeSo Siren | Siren DTMF Tones | Siren Data
  6. E

    TRX-1: How to update new talkgroups?

    Just got a TRX-1 and loving it! The last scanner I purchased was a Pro 92 and now all my locals had slowly went digital so I took the plunge. I'm a bit confused how new talkgroups added to the website get updated in the ez-scan library that is loaded to the scanner. I ask this because I was...
  7. K

    How Often Do You Update Your FCC Licensee Database?

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago. I have not paid for a subscription yet because I wanted to see how long it took for you to update your database of FCC licensees. You guys are still showing my actual home address, which I made the mistake of putting down when I took and passed my Technician's...
  8. D

    PSR-800: Unable to connect to update DB

    Since Saturday Ive been getting the same error. 10061 Socket connection refused. Is it just me having this problem or has everybodyelse had the same issue. Ive even tried just doing the regular update across the board and get a "no updates available" response from the software.. Just wondering...
  9. C

    Public Relations

    Lee County (41) Talk Group The County Police Dispatch needs to be updated the county Police have been consolidated to two channels instead of north and south pd channels. We have Primary and Tac the north is now Lee pd Primary and the south is Lee PD Tac
  10. R

    HP-1: Can't Update

    Not the best at the technical stuff so thanks for checking out my post. Have a HP-1 that I'm trying to update through Sentinel. If I Click "Update Firmware it says I have the current version of Home Patrol which shows 2.05 in the unit. Doesn't show 2.05.3 just 2.05 but the real problem is when I...
  11. Northerner71

    Radio Shack SUCKS!!

    Bought a 651 on EBay and there is no firmware installed. Called Radio shack a total of 15x and each time I mention the firmware is missing they hang up!!!! Really!!!! Offer me some help, tell me to send it in and they will fix it have some kind of customer support, NOPE just hang up. Any...
  12. BoboPinky

    Culver City Radio - Updates

    9.11.13 @ approx 1100 listening to CCPD (and LG, FD, etc.) Heard the watch commander come on and tell all units to respond to the radio shop as soon as possible to have their HT's and unit radios "updated". Just now @ 1120, heard dispatch request units reboot their radios. Not sure if this...
  13. GTR8000

    PSR-310/PSR-410 CPU Firmware U1.4 Released

    Firmware U1.4 was released today for the PSR-310 and PSR-410. Changes are as follows (note that 1.2 and 1.3 were never released publicly): U1.1 - Corrects bug found on Attenuator feature U1.2 - Corrects bug related to Attenuator feature U1.3 - Corrects band plan for marine channels U1.4 - Adds...
  14. A

    how up to date is this site on GMRS repeaters?

    Just wondering from you old timers if this site is up to date with its information on repeaters. can anyone advise me? Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters in New-York
  15. Northerner71

    Psr 500

    I was just wondering, what is the difference between boot version 1.0 and 1.4? I have a 1.0 and have to use the first update, am I missing things because I do not have the 1.4 version? I had zero problems updating my 500, download was sweet and easy, I just read the few lines of instruction (...
  16. S

    Did I just brick my 396T?

    I did the firmware upgrade using the ESN updater from Uniden. The first two times it claimed there was an error checking the Flash ROM. The third time I manually cut the USB serial port's speed down to 9600, and this time it went through the laborious multiple progress bars. This time it also...