1. Yaesu OEM-Style Hand MIC/Speaker (Pryme SPM-602)

    Yaesu OEM-Style Hand MIC/Speaker (Pryme SPM-602)

    I'm selling an OEM-style Hand Mic/Speaker that works with Yaesu/Vertex HT's that have a 1-pin mic jack. It's made by Pryme - Synergy Series - Model #SPM-602. I bought it from HRO for my FT-60R and used it once at Hamcation while walking around. It has a covered 3.5mm jack on the bottom right...
  2. T

    VXD-R70 programming software

    Hi everyone i look for vxd-r70 programming software how can i download or buy it pls ¡¿
  3. J

    Motorola/Vertex Battery date code question

    Hey Guys, looking at a Motorola Battery that is made for the Motorola/Vertex line of radios. Unlike the Motorola batteries and Vertex batteries, I'm not sure how to decipher the manufactured date of this battery.. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks..
  4. S

    VX-4204 2-tone Paging

    I have a Vertex VX-4204 that is currently being used in a dispatch capacity with our Emergency Management Agency. We are wanting to program a button on the front panel to transmit a 2-tone sequence used as an attention tone for our officers. I was given ce59 v5.03 and a usb programming cable...
  5. KN6FCR

    Vertex VXD-7200 Programming

    Hello, Just letting everyone know that I'm new to this forum but have been a long time lurker. Anyways, I'm looking into purchasing a VXD-7200 mobile radio. Before I decide to purchase, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows where/how to obtain the programming software or the cable. I can...
  6. B

    Vertex VX-7200 Deviation

    I have a VX-7200 that is operating properly except the CTCSS deviation is too low to open several repeaters. It produces only 500 hz Deviation. Anyone know how to adjust this parameter. I cannon locate a service manual online. Thanks
  7. N

    Vxr-9000 Trident Raider ii extreme

    First time posting on the forum hello all im having a little trouble i hope someone can point me in the right direction im trying to connect my vertex vxr-9000u repeater to a trident raider ii extreme controller with a db25 cable with breakout board connectors on each end. This is my first time...
  8. I

    Vx800 error

    Good morning everyone I have a vertex vx800 and when I recently turn the radio on the channels blink and when I hit PTT the screen says error. I have had this radio for about 7 years and never had an issue. Could anyone help me with why this is happening and what I could do to fix it?
  9. V

    Vertex vx-5500 scan function

    i am having trouble getting my vertex vx-5500u radio to scan. I've selected in the programming that i want it to scan, but when i upload the file and press the scan button nothing happens. Can anyone help me with the scan program.
  10. James_Bond_007

    Kenwood TK-8180 as a link radio connected to a TKR850

    Hi, is there a way to connect a TK8180 accy port to a TKR850 accy port to enable the 8180 to be used as an aux link radio without the use of an external repeater controller? IE: is their a way to enable half duplex on link radio full duplex on repeater? we want to link two GMRS repeaters...
  11. Danny37

    HiTECH aftermarket battery - Yeasu, Motorola, Vertex

    Does anyone have any remarks or experiences with these batteries from the HiTECH brand? I see that this brand uses Japanese cells and has a higher mah compared to its OEM counterparts. I'm just hoping they're not a Chinese knockoff battery that has all these claims but are usually false...
  12. Danny37

    Vertex vx-824 backlight bug?

    So I have my radio with the backlight to be enable with every "key on" it works fine but when I install the vdme-200 in the back of the radio. The backlight stops working after like 20 minutes, the lamp key still works but the "key on" feature doesn't work. Turning the radio off and back on...
  13. 4-crime

    New Radios being used by NYPD

    I saw this photo and I actually saw some officers in person carrying these as well. Couldn’t get a great look but they look like APX4000’s or something like that. Can anyone confirm or know what model these are?
  14. D

    2014 ford f150

    HI all, I have a 2014 ford F150 and need to know where i can get Ignition Sence from in side the vehicle. I currently have 2 Vertex EVX5400's Installed that support it and am looking at installing another radio that will also support it but i have no clue where i can get it form. Thanks
  15. daugherh

    Direct Mode

    Hi all. Does anyone know if, for example, the EVX-530 or any other VS radio supports DCDM (dual capacity direct mode) that can be found in the MotoTRBO Gen 2 radios like the XPR 3500 or 7550? I saw here where it talks about direct mode. Is this similar, the same, or completely different than the...
  16. Danny37

    Anyone here who owns a Vx-900 radio?

    I'm interested in picking up one of these radios but I used to own the vx-800 and the RF filter was terrible and radio would pick up RF noise from computers, electronics etc making it a pain in the behind to use in NYC. Does the vx-900 have the same issue? Cause I own the 929 and it's a...
  17. K

    VXD-720 and CE 4.0

    I just picked a NIB un-programmed VXD-720 at a hamfest and I cannot get it to connect to CE 4.0. I get error #1687 "Unable to detect applicable device(s)". I have another VXD-720 (firmware 1.12.13 & CP 13.02.01) that connects up to CE 4.0 just fine. This one has firmware 1.07.04 & CP 8.01.01...
  18. K

    VX-264 2-Tone Programming

    I am trying to set up 2 tone decode and encode on some newly bought VX-264 for the fire dept I am on. We were using VX-354 radios and I the programming from one of those radios that I pulled from the unit. The software for the VX-264 seems to have a different method for setting up the 2 tone...
  19. A


    So i have a pretty old VXR9000 repeater. i am wondering if there are any purposes for this? it is UHF with duplexer. I was wondering if i can use this for some kind of GMRS use, or something that everyone can use? i havent got any software cables yet because i am not sure if it is worth doing...

    Vxr-7000 out of band durability and HAM BAND ?'s

    Hello everyone this is my first post here ive been lurking bat labs and radio reference for a while now. i have a vxr 7000 ua and i have taken it out of band using the dealer mode. (-d") now what i have programmed on my repeated is 430 rx 435 tx . i have adjusted the tx power amount to 127...