1. W

    Creating a portable repeater with a mobile transceiver

    Hello all! I have returned to seek expertise on a project I am creating. Task: Create a simplex repeater for search and rescue operations using a mobile radio. I am trying to find a way to boost coverage of team communications in a remote area. I currently have a 25w AnyTone AT-778UV which I...
  2. Floridarailfanning

    What Antenna Configuration Would You Recommend?

    I'm working on planning/pricing a Capacity Plus system but I'm not sure what antenna configuration would make the most sense. The system will be VHF and the sites will have 2 channels/4 slots each with 50W output. Since there will only be 2 repeaters per site it seems like the best option...
  3. Harris XG-100M Multi Band Radio w/ Phase II

    Harris XG-100M Multi Band Radio w/ Phase II

    Excellent condition Harris XG100M, Multi band radio, with Phase II enabled. Low band, VHF, UHF, 700/800 Radio Package includes: XG-100M main deck, w/ mounting bracket, and power connector CH-721 control head w/ mounting bracket, and power connector 30 foot CAN control cable External Speaker New...
  4. T

    Base Antenna for Zello RoIP link

    So our agency is going to trial Zello for public safety. Below is our configuration (simplified) if you're interested. To get to the point. I'm looking for a base antenna for a VHF Motorola PM400, the frequency is 159.6. Below are the options I'm considering, any thoughts or opinions? Laird...
  5. vagrant

    ARRL September Contest Weekend

    Just a reminder about the VHF contest this weekend. It started a while ago and there's still plenty of time today and tomorrow. Even if only using FM gear, there's plenty of fun to be had. Also, for those that RX only, you may want to dial up the following frequencies and have a listen. For this...


    Have For Sell a Relm RPV599A Plus Narrowband VHF 99 Channel Portable Radio. Radio covers 148-174 MHz. Radio is chipped On both sides but does not effect the operation. Radio comes with brand new battery that was installed on April 15th, charger, kenwood speaker mic, and antenna. Battery fully...
  7. Salvatorejrc

    Antenna Strength

    This is probably an obvious to most that are experienced with scanning, but will a mobile/portable antenna that is designed for a specific band ALWAYS perform better in that band than one that is designed for multiple/all bands?
  8. Salvatorejrc

    Rooftop Suggestions

    What rooftop antenna models work nicely for VHF and UHF low? Any suggestions for ways to elevate the antenna signifigantly higher than my roof? Thanks
  9. C

    Standard HX381

    Hi, I recently came across a Standard HX381 hand held VHF radio. Apparently this is used primarily for use in the Marine world, so I thought I would ask my question here. The exact model is a Standard HX381V (AA). I have done some Googling and searching here in the forums and have been...
  10. G

    New (to me) APX Radio - cannot transmit on -p25 conventional

    I bought an APX7000. It transmits fine on analog UHF/VHF. I tried transmitting on UHF conventional p25 and nothing comes across any other radio. I tried using three. The radio receives p25 conventional no problem. Thoughts? Time for a refund?
  11. Z

    Programming Motorola P1821AX Repeater.

    Hope everyone is doing well. since the covid, I have been trying to get a repeater I have to program. I have been thru a long list of things, I have a Motorola P1821AX. I have a older dell which I have already installed FREEDOS on it, and when I try to read the radio RSS Version R06.00.05...
  12. C

    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    I have exceeded my knowledge level. My FD runs a VHF MTR3000 in Trbo mode and we are having problems. We changed to Trbo then soon after replaced heliax and antenna due to water tower sandblast an repaint and a 25+ year old antenna. We cover a city of 4 Sq miles and have been having...
  13. C

    Radio with constant scan feature?

    Hello I am looking for an inexpensive VHF radio that will always reactivate the scan feature after transmitting. I have looked at Baofeng and Anytone but cannot tell if this feature is available. To explain I want to have say 20 channels programmed into the radio, I want to be set to transmit on...
  14. J

    Cos sanders used for mono and repeater???

    So I’m sitting around at work. It’s a slow day. I’m just bouncing around on YouTube, radio reference forums, google, etc... and a wild hair sparked a theory. Therefore I have to ask the experts! Would it be possible or feasible to use two cross band rigs in conjunction with each other to achieve...
  15. Motorola XTS3000 VHF 136-174mhz Radio H09KDC9PW5AN

    Motorola XTS3000 VHF 136-174mhz Radio H09KDC9PW5AN

    Motorola XTS3000 VHF Model 1 two way radios. Working. Radios have scratches, scuffs and marks from use. Radios are either H09KDC9PW5BN or H09KDC9PW5AN models. Shipping is $18.95, included in price. I have 14 for sale. If you buy multiple radios, and prefer, I will send a Motorola WPLN4121BR 6...
  16. Motoballa

    BridgeCom is doing 2m Repeater Package Giveaway

    From their website: Complete 2m Repeater Package Giveaway (Over $5000) By BridgeCom System Complete 2m BCR Repeater Package Giveaway (Over $5000) By BridgeCom Systems Everything you need to build a 2m repeater system. BCR-50V Repeater $1195 BCR programming kit $75 BCD-144250 Duplexer $1395...
  17. Z

    Frustrating mid VHF interference

    I have been experiencing interference that looks like wide-band data bursts from 120MHz - 150MHz+ which is destroying my NOAA APT captures. Here is a YouTube video of it happening: What its not: - My phone or router (tested LTE/2.4ghz/5ghz/Bluetooth) - My PC directly (only happens on outdoor...
  18. N

    SC200: VHF analog on the SDS200

    Anyone else have issues with VHF analog on the SDS200? My 996p2 picks up vhf analog way better then my sds200. Reception is clear transmissions arent missed or cut off even misses the beginning of the transmission. SDS200 is amazing on the digital side but conventional is poor. Im running the...
  19. CopperWhopper67

    Radio Traffic on USFS Freqs

    What kind of radio traffic is usually heard on USFS frequencies? I have not heard much around my area so was just curious on what others heard. Thanks!
  20. G

    Kenwood TK-6110

    A buddy of mine used to own a construction company, which operated serveral Kenwood TK-6110 radios. I also run a small company with only a fleet of 4 vehicles including myself. Our jobs sites could be across town or a county away. Is there a “private” or Car-To-Car frequency we could use? Not...