1. C

    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    I have exceeded my knowledge level. My FD runs a VHF MTR3000 in Trbo mode and we are having problems. We changed to Trbo then soon after replaced heliax and antenna due to water tower sandblast an repaint and a 25+ year old antenna. We cover a city of 4 Sq miles and have been having...
  2. C

    Radio with constant scan feature?

    Hello I am looking for an inexpensive VHF radio that will always reactivate the scan feature after transmitting. I have looked at Baofeng and Anytone but cannot tell if this feature is available. To explain I want to have say 20 channels programmed into the radio, I want to be set to transmit on...
  3. J

    Cos sanders used for mono and repeater???

    So I’m sitting around at work. It’s a slow day. I’m just bouncing around on YouTube, radio reference forums, google, etc... and a wild hair sparked a theory. Therefore I have to ask the experts! Would it be possible or feasible to use two cross band rigs in conjunction with each other to achieve...
  4. J

    FS: Motorola MTR2000 100 Watt VHF 150-174 MHz Repeaters with Pre Selectors

    Wanting to sell Qty 6 Motorola MTR2000 100 Watt VHF 150-174 MHz Repeaters with Pre Selectors, all thoroughly tested by a Motorola shop and in excellent cosmetic and operational condition. Asking $799 Ea. USD plus $79 shipping charge...or will consider a reasonable offer. Obviously these...
  5. Motorola XTS3000 VHF 136-174mhz Radio H09KDC9PW5AN

    Motorola XTS3000 VHF 136-174mhz Radio H09KDC9PW5AN

    Motorola XTS3000 VHF Model 1 two way radios. Working. Radios have scratches, scuffs and marks from use. Radios are either H09KDC9PW5BN or H09KDC9PW5AN models. Shipping is $18.95, included in price. I have 14 for sale. If you buy multiple radios, and prefer, I will send a Motorola WPLN4121BR 6...
  6. Motoballa

    BridgeCom is doing 2m Repeater Package Giveaway

    From their website: Complete 2m Repeater Package Giveaway (Over $5000) By BridgeCom System Complete 2m BCR Repeater Package Giveaway (Over $5000) By BridgeCom Systems Everything you need to build a 2m repeater system. BCR-50V Repeater $1195 BCR programming kit $75 BCD-144250 Duplexer $1395...
  7. Z

    Frustrating mid VHF interference

    I have been experiencing interference that looks like wide-band data bursts from 120MHz - 150MHz+ which is destroying my NOAA APT captures. Here is a YouTube video of it happening: What its not: - My phone or router (tested LTE/2.4ghz/5ghz/Bluetooth) - My PC directly (only happens on outdoor...
  8. N

    SC200: VHF analog on the SDS200

    Anyone else have issues with VHF analog on the SDS200? My 996p2 picks up vhf analog way better then my sds200. Reception is clear transmissions arent missed or cut off even misses the beginning of the transmission. SDS200 is amazing on the digital side but conventional is poor. Im running the...
  9. CopperWhopper67

    Radio Traffic on USFS Freqs

    What kind of radio traffic is usually heard on USFS frequencies? I have not heard much around my area so was just curious on what others heard. Thanks!
  10. G

    Kenwood TK-6110

    A buddy of mine used to own a construction company, which operated serveral Kenwood TK-6110 radios. I also run a small company with only a fleet of 4 vehicles including myself. Our jobs sites could be across town or a county away. Is there a “private” or Car-To-Car frequency we could use? Not...
  11. F

    NX-5200 Programming

    Our department has received 6 NX-5200 radios on a grant, traditionally we have utilized Motorola's so I'm not too familiar with these radios. They continuously break squelch and all throughout the night our firefighters are woken up by the station identifier beeping away in Morse code. None of...
  12. J

    TC-780 2 Tone Paging

    I am trying to program several HYT TC-780 radios. I was told by the dealer that I purchased the radios from that the radios are capable of having a 2 tone pager that is closed (will not broadcast audio until a call is received) however I have not been able to find out how to program this. Any...
  13. A

    Parke County REMC

    https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?fccCallsign=WQIJ957 In reference to the above link, what are the extra frequencies used for? The county listing only lists output frequencies, are the other frequencies input frequencies? This seems like it's a trunked system but it's listed as not...
  14. T

    Updated List Of BC Highway logging channels

    I recently had my Icom IC-5023H stolen from my truck which came programmed with all the channels needed in BC. Highway, logging, resource roads etc. I have a Kenwood TK--7180k with the programming software but the radio shops refuse to give me the list they use to program the radios they sell...
  15. F

    Dedicated VHF Antenna?

    I'm sure it's already out there, but I haven't been able to locate the thread that answers my specific question. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it'd be greatly appreciated! Looking for a VHF specific antenna for an HT1250, particularly for transceiving narrowband between...
  16. pbesselm

    G5 Monitor two bands on a single (channel) position?

    Is it possible to monitor a VHF system (single frequency) and a 700MHz trunked system on the same "channel" position ?
  17. A

    146.52 B17 Bomber

    For those on the East Coast of the US, listen for my friend George, who will be N2FVV/AM from a B-17 Bomber as they head south to Manassas, Virginia, taking off from Caldwell Airport in NJ around 11 am this morning. He plans on mailing out a special QSL card. Listen to 146.520 to work him!
  18. D

    Picking the right dummy load

    Hello there, My question is not amateur radio specific but I couldn't find an exact sub forum for my question. I hope it fits in here anyway. (Suggestions?) English is not my primary language, sorry about any English "drifting" of my part. I'm very new to the RF world so (one of) my first task...
  19. M

    All This for $25!

    I'm new here, and new to SDR, and I'm having the time of my life. Way back in the late 1960s, the USAF had me sitting at a console, staring at VHF and UHF frequencies on a spectrum display, for reasons I can't really discuss still. My guess is that console cost half a million dollars or so...
  20. N1DDC

    Catawba County question

    Does anybody know anything about the Catawba County frequencies? I know they primarily use the VIPER State-Wide talkgroups now but due to some hard-to-reach areas they sometimes go to a channel called Direct-1... Now there is a Direct-1 and Direct-2 frequencies listed in the database but I'm...