1. AK4FD

    XTS5000 VHF QC-II question

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I have a VHF XTS5000 Model 2, and I have confirmed it received Motorola QC-II decode cuz I've gotten it to alert on my local stations tones. But my question is: is there any way to decode multiple QC-II tones on 1...
  2. Bruce42

    French Exhibition Team

    They flew here in Sacramento yesterday and left for Canada last night. They have 10 Alpha jets and 1 humungous A400M. Of the 10 frequencies I gleaned from the Internet I copied them on two, 340.300 and 141.825. It would have more fun if I understood French, of course. Yet the A400 was all...
  3. S

    TK-2312 VHF

    Hi all! New to getting a radio for fire service. My Mo V pager is not up to getting great signal, and I need something future proof, as we may be responding to calls directly or need to communicate with dispatch. I have the radio, programming cable, and latest software. I have only limited...
  4. M

    RTL Dongle Stock Antenna Replacement for VHF

    Hi all. I need some advice on building a better antenna to replace the stock whip antenna that ships with the rtl dongle. I've just recently started using rtlsdr and so far I've been messing with Police CB and FM Radio. I'm no expert, but I think that these would fall within the VHF frequencty...
  5. beaker7

    Stubby VHF antenna for XTS5000?

    So to begin with I apologize for my ignorance, I'm not good with antennas and such. So I heard that using no antenna/the wrong antenna could seriously damage the Tx board in my XTS5000, but I wanted to get a more compact antenna like the one here Awesome Antenna VHF Motorola Stubby Radio XTS3000...
  6. Mtnrider

    Greene County NY VHF Update

    Greene County is looking to cut over to VHF paging as of November 15th 2016 (155.985) All services will be paged via 895. No more 46.14 for paging. Also looking to cover 34,000 dollars to buy 900 plus pagers. The (hopeful) cut over for total VHF High will be April 2017. New Freq and pl's once i...
  7. BlueDevil

    2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel Radio Install

    Here are some pictures of the radio install I completed yesterday on a 2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel. I installed an Icom F5021 VHF Mobile Radio, 2-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket, Larsen 1/4 Wave VHF NMO Antenna, Larsen NMO Mount with 25' Coax and PL259 Connector, and Chargeguard CG12D...
  8. BlueDevil

    Sinclair Mobile Duplexer Tuning

    I have a Sinclair Mobile Duplexer in a portable repeater. ( Sinclair Technologies Online Product Catalog - MR254B-2 ) I believe that this is a Band-Pass only duplexer so my question is if I wanted to reverse the TX and RX frequencies do I need to retune the duplexer? Or can I simply swap the...
  9. BlueDevil

    Best Mobile Duplexer

    I am looking for a mobile duplexer to be used in a low powered (5w-25w) portable repeater with about 8MHz frequency separation. Does anyone have any suggestions on mobile duplexers to stay away from or have any recommendations on what mobile duplexers seem to be superior or preferred as to others?
  10. T

    VHF Repeter Fines

    Hey Everyone, Wondering what the Fines are in ontario for being on VHF without a licence? Like what would/could happen to one who keys up a VHF radio on their local repeater? How likely is enforcement action to be taken on that person assuming they used the repeater like someone that had a licence.
  11. SlipNutz15

    XTS2500 audio clips out

    I've search the forums multiple ways before typing this. I have an XTS2500 VHF and it seems that at the end of certain transmissions or noise thresholds the audio clips off and it takes approximately three seconds before the audio comes back through. Am I missing some audio setting that stops...
  12. G

    Civilian Aviation Band Repeater Question

    I'm having a bit of trouble explaining our communication system differences to a coworker. We primarily utilize a UHF radio system with a repeater. So naturally we have 2 frequencies licensed to our program. We have a backup VHF system that is also repeated. We monitor UNICOM (123.050MHz) for...
  13. BlueDevil

    158.9400 Interference

    Trying to find the station/transmitter causing interference on 158.9400MHz possibly operating out of North Central Idaho or the Idaho Panhandle. The station is transmitting with a CTCSS Tone of 179.9Hz. No voice is ever heard and no CW ID or other station identification is heard. All I can hear...
  14. T

    Common VHF Frequencies

    Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I have a friend who is interested in scanning the 2 meter band on VHF. As i am an public safety scanner I don't monitor VHF very often. Are there any common frequencies that have a good amount of traffic I can point him to. Maybe national calling channels and...
  15. BlueDevil

    Motorola XPR8300 background noise/interference

    I have a Motorola XPR8300 VHF Analog Repeater without an external power amplifier that all of a sudden has a lot of background interference or noise. The repeater is on a mountain top however a long ways from any other transmitters. It is the only radio repeater at its location. It is used for...
  16. T

    Okaloosa County Changes II VHF, UHF Only

    Any updates?
  17. T

    VHF Motorola Astro Saber Shoulder Mic

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get a Shoulder Mic for a VHF Astro Saber. I have heard the Public Safety Mic is not recommended on a VHF unit. Why is this? Also, should I buy a "OEM" model or do the third parties work just as well.
  18. marksroberson

    Quick Call and NOAA WX radio

    I have a Motorola HT1000 VHF I use for Ham repeaters, and I also have the 7 weather channels programmed in. but i would like to use it as a weather alert radio but when i set up Quick-Call it seems that it uses 2 tones, and there must be a delay between tone 1 and tone 2. using the 1060 Hz tone...
  19. S

    Rankin County Fire VHF Information

    Okay, after doing some testing and research within rankin county's dispatch system I have figured something out. The VHF channel that is listed as a "fire paging" channel in the database is sorta true sorta not. One of 5 dispatch consoles rankin county sheriffs office has actually is set up...
  20. T

    Looking for a VHF Radio for BellFleatnet

    I am looking to acquire a VHF Radio for Bell Fleatnet & to monitor Ham radio. If you selling please let me know. I am looking to obtain a XTS Model radio. Thanks :)