whistler 1040

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    Missing parts of transmissions Whistler 1040

    I'm noticing the begging and sometimes middle of transmissions cutting off while listening to the local fire/ems channels. For example, I'll hear an officer or dispatcher say something, there will be a pause (I assume 'copy' or '10-4' or the like was said) and then the dispatcher/officer will...
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    New to Digital Scanning-help with programming

    I am new to this digital scanning. I have been scanning since I was 15 years old (I am 48 now.) But this new type is getting me confused. I tried to search the forum but I am really not sure what I should be typing in the search box. For anyone with an idea, let me know. Anyway, I have a...
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    Walton County GA Question

    Hello All. This is my first post on here. It's nice to see so many current posts in this group on the forum. It's good to know there are others out there who share the same hobby as me. I used to be a member of Scan America and I used to carry my analog scanner wherever I went and listened to...
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    New to the forum and need some info. Why no EZscan for the 1040. I have one coming in tomorrow and didn’t see it listed for the 1040. Eddie
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    WS1040: Whistler 1040 Audio Skipping

    I just got my scanner and programmed with ARC 500,how ever the audio is skipping on on the local police frequencies it is a trunked EDACS system any solutions. I am located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
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    WS1040: Scanner Locked Up

    I’ve had my WS1040 scanner since December and it operated flawlessly until yesterday evening when I noticed the scanner had been quiet for a while. After taking a closer look, it appeared that the scanner was scanning through the programmed frequencies very slowly, almost like it was...
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    WS1040: Programming a talkgroup help!

    Hello I am new to the scanner world! I just recently got a Whistler WS1040! My local police agency just updated to an digital trunked system. I have set up talk groups and I hear nothing. I am able to hear my local fire department and other agencies using frequencies perfectly. I have entered...
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    Whistler WS-1040 Scanner help?

    Hello.. I monitor our local bus company on my scanner, but don't pick them up that well. Sometimes, I will hear the bus to bus talk, but mostly I just hear base without my squelch on. In order to get the drivers, I need to have my squelch turned down so I hear the annoying noise it makes. I...
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    Help Programming Scanner Raleigh/Wake

    I have a Whistler Digital Trunking Scanner WS1040 and need assistance programming it. I am happy to pay. Perhaps if someone else has this system we can clone? I'm learning but ANY help is appreciated.
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    Win500: Stopped making entries in the log display

    no major software changes. My win500 running with a Whistler 1040 was working just fine and has suddenly stopped recording hits in the displayed log. I have tried re-booting my Win 7 and problem is still there. I can make changes to the file, adding new conventional entres and updating the...