1. M

    SL3500e questions

    This radio looks interesting and has a couple of features I've not run into before. I've owned and used lots of 2-way radios (analog and digital) but I'm curious how some of this new stuff works. 1. Bluetooth. I can see how it would be easy to make a bluetooth headset work with a radio, but...
  2. J

    Raspberry Pi 3B WIFI problems

    Hi All, Does anyone else have problems with feeding streams to Broadcastify with the RPi 3B? Recently I'm having a problem with loosing internet connection to the RPi feeder. When it happens the RPi feeder still has access to the local network and I can access it headlessly with VNC and SSH...
  3. J

    APX 8000 WiFi

    Does anyone happen to know if the APX-8000 supports ICMP? Just trying to ping a radio while troubleshooting. Thanks!
  4. Nerumph

    Directional WiFi Antenna Question

    Hello all! First of all, my apologies if this is in an improper forum section. Please feel free to relocate it to somewhere more appropriate... Quick question here. I am helping to design a system for a client that has need of a wide-area wifi coverage system as well as some far-reaching IP...
  5. I

    BCD536HP: Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps

    A serious but lighthearted tutorial just in time for the holidays Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps - Album on Imgur ENJOY ! 73 ~ilken
  6. N

    BCD536HP WiFi listening from anywhere?

    Hi, I just read on marksscanners.com that "The BCD536HP will have a Wi-Fi dongle and a companion Siren App that allows connectivity to your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your house, your car, or the world". I have mine up and running, but my range is limited to that of my router's...
  7. brizzotheizzo

    DarkIce/CPU problem?

    So I have the following setup. Imgur Raspberry pi #1 is streaming the scanner feed via DarkIce. And Raspberry pi#2 is feeding ADS-B data to flight aware. Both units are apprx 15-20 feet from my router, and are giving excellent signals. However, when trying to feed the Pi connected to the...
  8. S

    WiFi with SDR at 470 MHz

    Hello, I need to implement WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocol with SDR at 470MHz. - Is it possible to implement WiFi at this frequency? - Is any existing implementations about it?
  9. qc

    BCD536HP: uniden bcd536hp wifi dongle

    Hi, just wanted to confirm the Uniden bcd536hp wifi dongle is only to controls the scanner via app and you can’t do any Database or Firmware updates? Thanks
  10. J

    BCD536HP Streaming Help

    I am a newbie and I really could use some help. Is it possible to stream my BCD536HP scanner over the net so when I leave home I can just open the app and listen to my scanner and control it over LTE ? Also can this be done without using my mac? I have the wifi dongle working on my home network...
  11. krutzy

    BCD536HP: Android Siren App

    Does anyone know if there is any developments of an Android App for the BCD536HP? Or is it a waste? Heck I would take a Windows 7 interface based interface at this point.
  12. N

    BCD536HP WiFi App

    I got tired of waiting for Uniden to release their app, so I created my own. Right now it works on windows and provides some remote control and display of the scanner over WiFi. I set it up to be used on a Winbook, which is a small 8" tablet suitable for mounting in your car. I got the 32GB...
  13. S

    BCD536hp wifi and App

    The sales rep and the store owner where I purchased My 536hp discussed with me with some uncertainty two issues why we haven't seen the Wifi streaming and control of the 536hp as was promised and a vertices by uniden. This would require a major firmware and or hardware revision " specifically...
  14. O

    Wifi Question (bcd536)

    My scanner is connected to my wifi but I am not seeing it on my network. So 3 questions: 1. Should I be able to see the scanner as a device on my network 2. If so should I be able to access recordings on the sdcard? 3. Either of the 2 above are yes, any idea as to what I have done wrong?
  15. M

    BCD536HP WiFi Streaming?

    I understand the Uniden Siren app is not released yet. I'm wondering if there is any way to listen to the scanner via wifi simply by connecting to it and pointing a browser to a particular ip address/port? I feel like this should be obvious but it is alluding me at this point.
  16. T

    Wi-Fi Interference

    Ok, here's the scoop. 1 channel and 1 channel only on my scanners (155.58) comes in super noisy (Filled with Interference). The problem goes only goes away in 2 situations: A) I turn off my Wi-Fi router/modem a few feet away OR B) I pick up the scanner(s) and lift them a few inches off...
  17. J

    W2IMU Dual-Mode Feedhorn and Parabolic Reflector Project

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am reposting a few questions that I've asked on other forums, as I've gotten no response. To summarize, I was initially interested in building a dual or quad-biquad feed for a parabolic dish on 2.48 Ghz, to help with my wireless N and G reception...