1. XArkans

    Pager test dane county

    Hi, Does anyone know when Pager Test is in Dane County? Thanks in advance, Jason
  2. ToDaMax

    A "Mostly" Complete Favorites List for Public Safety in Wisconsin

    Hello! This was done using Uniden Sentinel software for SDS100/SDS200/BCD436HP/BCD536HP. I do not know how compatible this will be with other scanners, and I do not have the means to test it out. Apologies in advance. I am here to share a pet project I've been working on for some time. As a...
  3. InspireMKE

    Milwaukee County is Hiring!

    Good evening, Milwaukee County is hiring an additional Radio Systems Specialist position! If you are interested in joining our team, check out the link below for more information. Milwaukee County Radio System Specialist - Link
  4. Z

    Alliant Energy Radio System

    Noticed that the licenses for Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power & Light Co.) have DMR emissions. Are they moving off of their Iden network & going capacity or connect plus?
  5. S

    Madison Police

    Does anyone know what happened to the Madison Police Department feed? I see UW and Madison combined but that does not cover the West Side. Thanks
  6. J

    Noobi -Milwaukee - 852 vs 154?

    I havent had a scanner since I had to buy crystals at RadioShack. There was a great deal on a BCD996XT that I couldnt pass up. Wow. I'm dazed and confused. I'm making my way thru the manuals, documentation, etc. And I have successfully figured out how to scan for public safety! I'm seeing a...
  7. sheriff205

    Command channels forWaukesha County police includeing the village on New berlin wi

    hey all, I know that Milwaukee county went all TRS and other trunked radio system's.. but did Waukesha County go TRS as well? now on to the main questions, do you know the new command channels to get the new berlin police without having to get the command channels? because I heard that you...
  8. S

    "RED" frequency?

    I'm brand new at listening to scanners and I could use a little help. I have a uniden bc75xlt, it's not much but it works. I'm a freelance photographer for several newspapers and I like to get all the info i can whether it be a fire, car accident or whatever. i'd like a few tips if someone...
  9. M

    Wisconsin Wing - WIWG - Civil Air Patrol

    Wisconsin Wing - Civil Air Patrol - Repeaters Repeater Locations: R01 – Northwest WI – near Duluth, MN (MN Wing) R14 - Northwest WI – near Cable R23 - Northwest WI – near Rice Lake R56 - Northeast WI – near Eagle River R17 – Northeast WI – near...
  10. kl7ibv

    New Scandinavia Tower

    Does anyone have an update on the new Scandinavia Tower in Waupaca County? Just wondering if it's up, and if there's any radio equipment on it yet. I think it's the State of Wisconsin that's putting it up, but I know Waupaca County is going to populate it also.
  11. D

    New excited user

    I am a recent owner of a Uniden BCT15X. I owned a scanner about a decade ago, also Uniden (not sure which one). I liked the hobby then, but never got very seriously into it..just used the noise to fall asleep to really. I decided that for christmas I wanted a scanner and to get back into the...
  12. Z

    Fond du Lac County Live Audio Feed

    Any interest in a Fond du Lac SO/PD feed? I have a few "extra" scanners and should be able to reach. If not, any requests for surrounding Winnebago counties or nearby agencies?
  13. M

    A Preprogrammed Channel Question

    I am new to the scanning hobby, but i have found much by myself. I already have the Milwaukee County TRS programmed with my TGIDs, and i know i cant moniter the Opensky Standard that the City of Milwaukee has. However, when i let it pre-program itself with the 100+ channels, I am hearing streets...
  14. Paintball4life

    Federal Monitoring??

    I was just wondering if anyone in Wisconsin has had any luck picking up any Federal Frequencies. I live in Madison and have programed all the Frequencies RR list for Wisconsin but I don't really seem to pick anything up other than Madison Veterans Hospital and Postal Inspectors on the UHF band...
  15. skywarnn

    WISCONSIN Skywarn Freqs

    A Wisconsin statewide database of mostly ham radio channels hosting Skywarn/weather nets has been managed and maintained by the Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association for a number of years. In preparing for the 2010 severe weather season we need your help to update and verify its accuracy. View...