1. A

    XTS3000 ASTRO battery issue

    Hi evryone, I have done a search and I can't really find the answer I am looking for. I recently bought a XTS3000 ASTRO, and I have an (annoying) issue with the battery. It came with a moto battery which works fine, but when I use my friends battery (not moto / impres brand) the low volt...
  2. S

    Trouble with a motorola

    Idk where this post fits in so here it goes Have a Motorola xts2500 and I want to use it for work so I used a scanner to get the freq and prog it In It has the fpp option I can hear the other radio on mine and when I go to talk on my radio the other radio won't pick it up. But when I hit the...
  3. D

    Motorola Radio as Scanner

    Anyone have or know what ASTRO SABER III i would need to monitor LAPD and LA Sheriff radio traffic? Thanks!!
  4. D

    Astro Saber III

    Looking to buy an Astro Saber III to monitor LAPD (as many areas as possible) and LA Co Sheriff (including Disp 13 - Norwalk / Pico Rivera). Don't care about fire. Especially looking for one with the LAPD housing had one and lost it.... PM me if you have one you would like to sell... I believe...
  5. K

    motorola xts 5000 uhf model 2

    hi all, i am trying to program a xts 5000 uhf model 2 and running into a road block, when i try to write the radio the display on the radio show up empty list any help would be thankful? Mark
  6. D

    XTS5000 and XTS1500 intereference and squelch issues

    Ok guys. I am stumped. I have been through my codeplugs a few dozen times and I can't see anything wrong with them. Here is the problem, We use XTS5000s for Americans and XTS1500s for our TCNs. Both radio sets have issues regarding the unmuting of transmission. Randomly, but often the radios...
  7. C

    Xts3000 codeplug

    Hi there.... looking for a reasonable code plug for my xts XTS3000 MODEL III FLASHCODE: 500008-000000-1 MODEL: H09RDH9PW7BN my email is chris.nault@me.com thanks in advance, Chris
  8. V

    xts smartnet-II programming question

    I seaerched the forum, but did not find an answer for this. I'm a user on the North Carolina statewide 800 smartnet-II system. We have xts and xtl radios. My question is this. Once the radios are programmed and on the system, if our local department purchases CPS and the cables, can we change...
  9. F

    Astro 25 and Windows 7

    I was issued a new computer with Windows7 -64bit. I have XTL 2500's and XTS 2500's, The CPS software installs however the device will not load drivers. .... is it possible, has anyone found a 'way' for the device to load.?
  10. C

    adding 700 mz channels- what radios

    can handle the transition when 700mz channels are added to an 800 site ? xts 1500? 2500? 5000 ? which radios have to be replaced ?
  11. 214drew

    HT 1250 vs. XTS Question

    I have been using a motorola XTS for the past several years and really enjoyed it. It was the XTS 3000 model 2. When I pushed the PTT button to transmit, a loud chirp would occur. It sounds like 3 very rapid beeps. I really liked this feature and was wondering if the HT 1250 can be programmed to...
  12. G

    XTS Speaker Mic

    Just a quick question, will the XTS Speaker mic NMN6247A or NMN6247 fit on the jedi series. Noticed tha it has the same style connector but it doesnt have the same style of locking mechanism for the radio- on the connector side of the XTS radios pretty much matches the side on the Jedi radios...
  13. M

    Looking for advice on the purchase of a new HT

    Hey guys, I am a complete novice when it comes to HT's. I'm shopping around for a new Motorola Radio. I am looking at the XTS series. Yes, I know I want an XTS. But I am puzzled by something. How come, when browsing on eBay, they say VHF or UHF.. are there two different models? Is it the...
  14. N

    XTS 2500/5000 Questions

    I am a little confused about the things I have found out about these radios! Can the radio Tx/Rx on the 800MHz digital PLUS the radio analog bands, i.e. 462.700MHz? I see that they have different models but can one radio do it all? Also if you have the Model lll (the one with the keypad) can you...
  15. bezking

    Loose FPP with Latest CPS??

    Hi Moto Gurus, I often see eBay listings for XTS units with FPP in which the seller says that if you program the radio with CPS later than version X.XX, FPP will be lost. How and why would this happen? Thanks!!