1. Salvatorejrc


    Was not completely sure which forum to put this in, but I have a question about the reliability of cutratebatteries. I am looking for a cheap charger for an XTS 1500 for public safety use to replace my broken WPLN4111 charger. I found this one below...
  2. Y

    [US Navy] Help me find my Tx/Rx issues please

    Good morning. I dont have a lot of information on this system. There is a school that the Navy sends people to but no one on my ship has been able to attend. We have Motorola XTS2500I radios and I have the ASTRO 25 programming software. Other than that info I dont have a lot. I know there are...
  3. ll35689k

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    I have a XTS2500 with multiple Scan Lists set in the CPS. How do I choose which scan list is active on the radio? I thought if I turned to a zone/channel that was in one of the secondary scan lists it would scan that list but that doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  4. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  5. G

    EFJ5100 UHF1 380-470mhz FPP, AES, DES, Accessories and Programming! FOR SALE

    $200 Hello everyone, I have 2 sets of EFJ5100s for sale with accessories, price includes everything shown. Both have all options enabled and 512 channels. I have 2 sets of everything and will do a package deal if buying both. I'll also include 16 channels of programming for free and with FPP...
  6. X

    Motorola XTS UHF Help

    I currently operate a VHF XTS 5000 Model 2 in New Hampshire where I spend a lot of time however, I spend most of my time in Metro-Boston Mass. And I'm stuck with a real crappy baofeng radio. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a 450-512 split 2500 or 5000 for cheap. In addition...
  7. Z

    XTS5000 programming issue

    Hello all. I have an XTS5000 that I just aquired. This is my second one and I'm having a bizarre issue with it. Everything works great except for one thing... When I am receiving transmissions, about 2 seconds into the transmission the radio makes a very loud beep. This happens during every...
  8. AK4FD

    XTS Charger Adapter for APX??

    Hey guys! Has anybody had the chance to use a NNTN7687 or NNTN7687A yet? It's an adapter/converter that allows you to charge an APX7000 in a charger for an XTS5000... I know Motorola makes it I'm just wondering how it works and how well it charges, is there a difference between using the...
  9. T

    Motorola Battery Charger

    Hey team, Does anyone know if the ntn7212b charger would charge a XTS battery? Right now its being used for my MTS2000.
  10. T

    Looking for a VHF Radio for BellFleatnet

    I am looking to acquire a VHF Radio for Bell Fleatnet & to monitor Ham radio. If you selling please let me know. I am looking to obtain a XTS Model radio. Thanks :)
  11. M

    Motorola Radios and DCS Code 325

    I have come across a problem where the NIFOG lists the code of 325 in the valid DCS codes list, but Motorola radios don't seem to allow it to be programmed into it. I am working on XTS and XTL series radios, but can confirm that the issue exists with APX series radios too. I am trying to...
  12. H

    Motorola XTL 2500 *HELP*

    I work for a small government agency and we use a XTL 2500 converted to a base station to dispatch units in the field. We are wanting to add a foot pedal configuration somehow, to allow hands-free operation at our dispatch console. I am not finding anything very easily online.... Has anyone on...
  13. K

    Motorola XTS1500 And XTS2500 Caneled Inplace of the APX Series

    Motorola just put on their website that they are caneling the XTS1500 and XTS2500. Here is the link to both. XTS 2500 Digital Portable Radio - Motorola Solutions USA. XTS® 1500 Digital Portable Radio - Motorola Solutions USA. Last order date is November 30,2014. I guess the whole XTS line...
  14. W

    Programming Assistance for XPS3000

    Hey guys, I am a ham radio op. and I own two (old and used) XTS 3000 (III) f. 70cm. I like those radios but don't even know how many channels / storage they have... I would really love to have them programed for ham radio frequencies. Since I do not have the rib-box, cables and software for...
  15. bReed11091

    XTS 3000 Programming

    I'm looking into getting an XTS 3000. I already have an XTS 5000 along with an aftermarket programming cable and the Motorola CPS for it. My question: can I use the same cable and/or software I use for my XTS 5000 to program an XTS 3000? If not, what is the part number for the CPS? Thanks!
  16. M

    Are XTS 2500's out dated

    Hello I'm interested in possibly purchasing an XTS 2500 for public safety use. I like the ability to program conventional personalities on the go and the enhanced audio versus the HT1250 I have now. My question is although the APX series is a bit too pricey for me at this point is it the...
  17. W

    Bricked XTS3000 Radio Help

    I was programming a Moto XTS3000 using CPS, While writing to it computer Blue Screened, As a result radio turns on, but does not go past "Self Test" screen. If anyone has any tips or solutions that would be excellent, other then to send it to Motorola and shell out a lot of $$$$$. If someone...
  18. T

    Motorola XTS2500 and programming a P25 system

    So, I had a pretty cool idea last week, that was to buy a brand new XTS2500 and use it as a scanner. I later found out that I did not have all of the information I needed prior to programming, I needed know the talkgroup ID's for the system I want to monitor. I heard something from a colleague...
  19. C

    Needed: XTS 3000 II Codeplug

    If anyone has a code plug for an XTS 3000 VHF Model H09KDF9PW7BN, please e mail me a copy to cardwell.chad@gmail.com I was attempting to program my radio and apparently something went wrong. I had read from the radio, updated the code plug and attempted to write it back to the radio when i got...
  20. N

    Looking for someone to program my XTS 5000Rs

    Anyone in the California Central Valley interested in programming a few XTS 5000s? I have RSS but no programming cables. I'd pay you for your time. Thanks