1. rjvalenta

    ADP working on some (but not all) channels

    any XTS/XTL CPS experts that may have any ideas on why a codeplug that has one talkgroup which uses the same ADP key as everything else in the radio - and when using NAS the radio will stop on that talkgroup and display the ID of the transmitting radio, but not decrypt the one talkgroup. all...
  2. rjvalenta

    connecting to the RMN5104A - has anyone?

    i have a RMN5104A connected to an XTS5000 or an XTS2500... i downloaded the manual, the instructions seem pretty simple... but neither my Apple Airpods nor the JLab GO Air Tones (which I use with my AnyTone handheld) can seem to make the connection. i opened the Bluetooth settings on my Mac...
  3. K

    Turn XTS into a scanner

    Hello. Hopefully this is the right place for this. So, basically, I am a radio nerd in Michigan and want to listen to MPSCS. I understand that MPSCS is fully P25 phase II capable, but all talkgroups are phase I in every county except Oakland. Making this thread I'm assuming they'll stay phase I...
  4. northstarfire0693

    Have a couple of radios up for sale.

    I am looking at selling two radios I dont use very much. APX 7000 7/800-VHF M3 with tags. Includes radio,Impres battery and charger RSM. FW 17. Asking 2500 OBO XTS 5000 M2 7/800. Tags. Includes radio, charger (not in best of shape, but works. Battery, RSM. Asking 130 I can include pictures if...
  5. E

    KDFtool/KFDshield timeout

    Hi all, I have been burning for one of the KFDtools but since parts availability is zero, I haven't been able to get my hands on one until I found out about KFDshield. I purchased one, with the addition of the 3.5mm to hirose cable and an NTN8613C keyload adapter. I have tried it on an XTS5k...
  6. K

    EFJ 5100ES KFDShield FFP Keys not found

    I assembled the KFDShield, have the TRS to Hirose adapter, XTS adapter with the 2 pin jumper, and can load and read keys to the radios. When I disconnect the radio from the adapter after loading the keys I have tried changing the Channel Parameters > Key Select and there are no keys to choose...
  7. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  8. PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    Picked these up at a local reseller and didn’t realize they were 700/800 and they won’t do returns. I bought the pair for $424. I’d like that back and will eat the shipping :( H46UCH9PW2BN Comes how you see it. 2 radios, 2 batteries, 2 impress chargers, 2 holsters, 1 belt As-is. Both power...
  9. H

    APX6000 and two position toggle - Why the change from XTS?

    What happened to the two-position toggle on the APX6000? It is quite hard to switch back and forth as compared to the XTS5000. The knob is rather recessed while the XTS was prominent and was easy to switch.
  10. H

    Guide to understanding radio features

    Is there a guide or website that might explain what all the different features of a Motorola radio are? I know what some of them are … Q52: Federal Government FPP (front ad programming) Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation (digital mode) QA00570: Primary Band: VHF (band-split is VHF) but many...
  11. Salvatorejrc


    Was not completely sure which forum to put this in, but I have a question about the reliability of cutratebatteries. I am looking for a cheap charger for an XTS 1500 for public safety use to replace my broken WPLN4111 charger. I found this one below...
  12. Y

    [US Navy] Help me find my Tx/Rx issues please

    Good morning. I dont have a lot of information on this system. There is a school that the Navy sends people to but no one on my ship has been able to attend. We have Motorola XTS2500I radios and I have the ASTRO 25 programming software. Other than that info I dont have a lot. I know there are...
  13. ll35689k

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    I have a XTS2500 with multiple Scan Lists set in the CPS. How do I choose which scan list is active on the radio? I thought if I turned to a zone/channel that was in one of the secondary scan lists it would scan that list but that doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  14. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  15. G

    EFJ5100 UHF1 380-470mhz FPP, AES, DES, Accessories and Programming! FOR SALE

    $200 Hello everyone, I have 2 sets of EFJ5100s for sale with accessories, price includes everything shown. Both have all options enabled and 512 channels. I have 2 sets of everything and will do a package deal if buying both. I'll also include 16 channels of programming for free and with FPP...
  16. X

    Motorola XTS UHF Help

    I currently operate a VHF XTS 5000 Model 2 in New Hampshire where I spend a lot of time however, I spend most of my time in Metro-Boston Mass. And I'm stuck with a real crappy baofeng radio. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a 450-512 split 2500 or 5000 for cheap. In addition...
  17. Z

    XTS5000 programming issue

    Hello all. I have an XTS5000 that I just aquired. This is my second one and I'm having a bizarre issue with it. Everything works great except for one thing... When I am receiving transmissions, about 2 seconds into the transmission the radio makes a very loud beep. This happens during every...
  18. AK4FD

    XTS Charger Adapter for APX??

    Hey guys! Has anybody had the chance to use a NNTN7687 or NNTN7687A yet? It's an adapter/converter that allows you to charge an APX7000 in a charger for an XTS5000... I know Motorola makes it I'm just wondering how it works and how well it charges, is there a difference between using the...
  19. T

    Motorola Battery Charger

    Hey team, Does anyone know if the ntn7212b charger would charge a XTS battery? Right now its being used for my MTS2000.
  20. T

    Looking for a VHF Radio for BellFleatnet

    I am looking to acquire a VHF Radio for Bell Fleatnet & to monitor Ham radio. If you selling please let me know. I am looking to obtain a XTS Model radio. Thanks :)