BC125AT - 1.05.01 latest firmware - any updated info?


Apr 30, 2014
I have to state that I'm a UK bod with a UBC125XLT scanner, a country regional derivative of the base BC125AT model and for the UBC125XLT there is zero support, firmware updates, etc. Not sure how the Australian/New Zealand with their BC126 models or how the Albrecht licensed clones fair in general and firmware support.

From what I have seen and experienced then the Uniden brand and support is a lottery depending on where on the planet you are located.
Needless to say other companies (no names mentioned) are 100% on the ball in all world wide regions.

To be clear I'll just add I think my Uniden UBC125XLT scanner is a great bit of kit that works well. But if it has issues then I think it will be a "bin" job and next time round look at more world wide professional companies.