Before doing update check hibernation!

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Jul 23, 2005
Ok, I got a call from a friend who couldn't get the update done, it wound up giving him the green flashing screen and I went over to check things out and found that while he was doing the download the USB ports were shutting down and wouldn't wake up when the software requested the port. By disabling the power saving options and hibernation the update worked. The USB ports went to sleep in 10 minutes. Once out of hibernation though the port worked fine.

Additional Info: Pertains to Toshiba Laptop and below Most Desktops that run XP

Toshiba Laptop with XP: you can get to Power Options two ways
1: Off the START Menu go to Control Panel then to Performance and Maintenance and then Toshiba Power Saver and set system for FULL POWER. That will keep the system from going into hibernation. After updating you can then reset the system to your liking.
2: you can get to power options through the Toshiba Program group by going to TOSHIBA then UTILITIES and then POWER SAVER and from there set up the sysytem to FULL POWER while doing the update

NOTE: When using a laptop I suggest you use your 120v adapter and not the computers battery to do the update as you don't want to lose powre during the update!

On most desktops with XP go to PERFORMANCE and MAINTENANCE and click on Power Options, usually on lowre right corner above System.
Under POWER SCHEMES set to ALWAYS ON and set other options to NEVER. Under HIBERNATION make sure it is unchecked, click on APPLY and exit out.
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