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Canadian Legal GMRS with Beofeng UV5

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Aug 30, 2013
Halifax or Englishtown, Nova Scotia, Canada
It doesn't matter what technique you use, the equipment you are configuring/modifying isn't certified for use in the FRS / GMRS unlicensed spectrum in Canada.

It has always been possible to use commercial / not made for purpose gear in the amateur bands. Holders of an Advanced license can even design, build, and operate their own transmitting equipment.

But the reverse is *not* necessarily true. Commercially produced transmitting gear specifically made for the amateur radio service, that doesn't already carry certification for other Canadian radio services, can't be made "certified" by an individual such as yourself no matter what you do to it.

This is so self-evident that I'm not sure why we are bothering to discuss it.
Thank you for invaluable input yet again, we have come to rely on your relevant interpretations of [strikeout]scripture[/strikeout] regulations, so much so we would be lost without you. Considering there are so many other regulations dealing with other spectrums I'm sure we can count on you to educate us in those fields as well. Thank you for alerting me to the vanity of my certification application I was planning on sending Industry Canada, you saved me $1250 and the great embarrassment of certain rejection.
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Jan 15, 2014
I've been working on programming the UV5R to be legal GMRS ready for Canada.
It needs to be 2 W radiated power.
I have a CHIRP image here
Index of /radio

weather channel in RX mode
Emergency use of Marine CH16 (do not misuse this channel)
scanning of MURS (not yet legal in Canada. 2014-06)
frequency mode is blocked by forcing unit into 999Mhz range
power locked in at 1 W.

Note: I've tested the UV5 as only outputting 2.9Watts, and along with the lossy antenna it might legal to use it on high power.

Get better antennas: to start with cheap
Nagoya UT106
and NA666
tuned near 462Mhz and offer a slight gain.

RSS-210 – Licence-exempt Radio Apparatus (All Frequency Bands): Category I Equipment - Spectrum Management and Telecommunications

In which, it states:
"All frequency determining circuitry, including crystals and programming controls, must be internal to the transmitter and made inaccessible to the user from the exterior of the unit."

Thus, the Beofeng (isn't it Baofeng?) UV5 is not legal for GMRS, because it is frequency agile from the factory and is sold (and certified) as amateur equipment only (a much less stringent certification).

In which you later added "your method of blocking VFO mode", (why didn't you mention it in first post?), in order to reclaim the legitimacy. The problem is that if you modify a factory equipment, which wasn't certified for GMRS in the first place (thus not legal), it is still not legal.

In which you later added that you plan to spend $1250 to send your radio to IC for certification (which is interesting b/c most manufacturers and / or importers hire an consulting company to do the testing and submit for approval from gov, and they charge usually $5,000 if not more), (but then why didn't you mention it in the first post?). But at this point, since you haven't sent it in for certification (I assume as no updates), at the time of your last post, it was still not legal.

You posted here with a amateur radio callsign, you mentioned "working on programming ... to be legal". Fellow forum members have no choice but to assume you as an end user, an amateur radio operator, and not a manufacturer or importer, because you didn't say so, and there are few manufacturers or importers here asking basic questions like this here. You can't fault us for wrongly assuming the wrong thing. And when you "leak" your supposed background and intent only later and later, what do you mean to achieve? Either you are making up stuff as you go along, to cover your cover story, or you are baiting us, as in trolling, so you have something to protest (such as our so wrong assumptions about you).

In order for an equipment to be legal for GMRS, it must be certified by IC. It is simple as that. You only mentioned "working to programming". You didn't mention the most crucial part: certification. Programming doesn't cover everything that a certification test sought! Any reasonable fellow members would think that you are trying to justify your modification (changing power level) and (unfortunately not) think that it is then legal. And you came back and accused us for not understanding YOU?

We are not IC, and radioreference is not a forum by the Canadian Gov. If you are asking for opinions as to if your "working on programming...to be legal" here, we can't even start to answer a "YES" because most of us do not work for IC, and most importantly, we don't know enough about what you do on your modification on the UV5, so that it will become legal. Most likely than not, it is not legal and it is not likely going to be.

About the removable antenna part, I did take a look at RSS-210. It doesn't mention the antenna part, unlike in the FRS section (just one above). But here is a tricky part. Not mentioning the antenna must be non detachable does not mean it can. IC holds all the cards still and yet they still have the power in the certification approval. If you are arguing that it equates to "allow" then I don't see you being right either.
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