1. bucks83

    General Conventional Frequency Scanner Recommendation - 151mhz to 460mhz mostly, $150 +/-

    The more I listen the more I hear and the more scanners I need. I have a PRO-28 that is good but it only holds 30 frequencies and it is busy. My SDS100 is great but I use it mostly for my county Fire /EMS. P25 system I always wondered why some people had four or five scanners on their desk, now...
  2. mitch802

    Low Profile NMO Mount Wide-Band Mobile Scanner Receive Antenna Whip for Uniden Bearcat - Receive frequency: 50MHz - 1200 MHz

    I want to mount three of these little guys on my car using a triplexer. Anyone have any idea which would be the best one to use to split the signal between the three? I could do two but would rather use three for better coverage. Looking for best recommendations to accomplish my goal. Not...
  3. Whistler WS1095 Digital Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler WS1095 Digital Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler 1095 Digital Scanner in excellent condition for $300. Works 100% and operated in non-smoking environment. Was purchased directly from Whistler on 4/23/2020. Scanner can be programmed using the free software provided by Whistler called EZ Scan. Includes the following: WS1095 Scanner...
  4. For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    The BC125AT has sold separately. For sale is a Uniden BCD325P2. Specs / info: It is in excellent condition, and works 100%, but no returns. It comes with the original antennas, belt clip, new NiMH batteries, new charging cable, a...
  5. ** SOLD ****   Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    ** SOLD **** Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    *** SOLD **** For sale is a pristine, like new BCD325P2 scanner. I'm moving to a new area that is going to require the more sophisticated SDS100. Bought about 7 months ago. No scratches, bumps, scuffs, dings, etc. on case or front screen. Comes with box, paperwork & all accessories. No...
  6. P

    P25 Phase 1 recommendations?

    Currently using a Pro-82 to listen to Fire Rescue (453 - 460 MHz). Considering getting a programmed HT1250 UHF to get better reception. I want something to listen to Miami-Dade Police. Specifically Site 102 on the system. Was thinking of getting a BCD996P2 to listen at home, and a BCD436HP to...
  7. KI4LIV

    Best audio bluetooth speaker/mic for streaming audio from phone for zello/scanner?

    I really hope this is in the right area - please feel free to relocate the post if I put it in the wrong spot. I stream audio from my phone a lot - mostly scanner feeds either via Zello or via Scanner Radio Pro. I'd like to use a bluetooth speaker/mic for this purpose so I don't have to have...
  8. Allantalon

    I’m having trouble with my scanner.

    Hi. I have a uniden bearcat BC350A, I am relatively new to using scanners. My Dad was a MP for the ARMY. It was given to me as a gift. My scanner works it picks up weather Chanel’s but I hear some chat only so often as if it sounds to be other people talking. I’ve been trying to pick up signals...
  9. *SOLD*Uniden BCD536HP Like New

    *SOLD*Uniden BCD536HP Like New

    For sale is a Uniden BCD536HP, no upgrades and comes with all original accessories to include, bracket, Wi-Fi dongle, programming cable, antenna, and mobile harness and BOX Was always sitting in the box or on the desk never mobile. Asking $400 plus around 10-15 for shipping dependent on...
  10. G

    How far can I listen?

    I’m getting started with using SDRtrunk and am fairly unfamiliar with how trunking scanning works. I work in three different services in Kansas and want to listen when there are events while off duty, and I know I can do that with a full fledged radio but is SDR capable of covering the whole...
  11. Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    <<SOLD>> Uniden BCD536HP Base scanner with DMR upgrade installed. Wifi dongle, mounting bracket, stock telescoping antenna, AC power brick plug all included in original box. Also cigarette plug power adapter and hardwired harness (never used). Asking 425 and estimate 16 shipping. If the...
  12. Uniden BCD536HP

    Uniden BCD536HP

    I’m selling a Uniden BCD536HP desktop base unit. It’s still currently selling for over $500+ and has the DMR & NXDN upgrade kits installed, which adds another $150 value to it. Has the capability to enter a zip code and finds local channels/trunking from that. It does Phase-2 digital P25 so...
  13. AK4FD

    [WANTED] Uniden SDS100 Handheld

    I am wanting to buy an SDS100 Uniden handheld scanner. Please let me know your price, what accessories it comes with, and photos are a must! Due to past scamming incidents please have your RR username written somewhere in the photo like on a piece of paper or something next to the device...
  14. HWG

    Analog scanning

    I have what I need to monitor the digital and DMR stuff. I also have a vintage piece just to have. Now, what I am looking to find is the last best analog scanner that was offered before the digital days. Some criteria: 300+ channels, AM, FM-wide, and FM-narrow, 25 MHz - 1300 MHz, CTCSS/DCS...
  15. HWG

    PRO-650 programming

    Is ARC404 the only software that will work with the PRO-650 desktop scanner? Is the 20-546 the correct cable I will need? I have a feeling this might be a challenge to find.
  16. K

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT3DR question

    I’ve recently purchased a Yaesu FT3DR, wondering if anyone knows whether you can disable the ptt for specific channels or memories? I have several repeaters and simplex saved, but I know some radios are capable of disabling the ptt button if you wish to use certain channels for scanning only-...
  17. Uniden BC 780XLT Scanner

    Uniden BC 780XLT Scanner

    This is a rarely seen very good condition 780XLT. Display is bright and crisp. A well regarded superb radio for listening to civil and military air, railroad, marine and ham. Very clean - never used mobile. Comes with original box and accessories (AC adapter, telescoping antenna, cigarette...
  18. Unication G5 UHF-B / 7-800 DMR

    Unication G5 UHF-B / 7-800 DMR

    Excellent condition Unication G5 (380-430, 700/800 MHz, P25 Phase I, II, DMR) for sale. Has latest firmware v1.31 installed. Not a scratch on it because it has never left the house and has been in the box since June. The Unication radio is awesome for simulcast reception. This also has the...
  19. Uniden BCD 436hp

    Uniden BCD 436hp

    /////SOLD/////$360 OBO. Purchased new, gently used. Includes never used belt clip and wrist strap. Also includes scan disc, manual, stock antenna, USB cord. No box. Ship only in U.S.
  20. E

    Bcd325p2 programming

    What’s up everyone, I recently purchased a preprogrammed Uniden bearcat BCD325p2... is there anyway I can put individual frequencies into different banks and scan them at a time?? for example, if I wanted to listen to the one cities police and fire frequencies.. then go to another cities...