1. R

    SDS100: Uniden SDS100 - Not Receiving almost anything, RSSI for everything is above -100dbm

    Hello Everyone, i am having troubles with my Uniden SDS100. I have looked at many posts on this forum as well as read manuals and tried to diagnose the problem myself by cant seem to find a solution or reason. I am fairly new with using Uniden SDS100 Scanners. I have cleared user settings...
  2. P

    Help with XTS5000 as a Scanner

    I've been trying to get my XTS 5000 to Monitor the Palmetto 800 which is a Phase ii but uses phase i digital for comms, i got the control channels and hex ids set up but it keeps flashing out of range on the screen, and when it dosen't i dont hear anything, but i hear talking on my other scanner...
  3. $375 FOR BOTH Whistler TRX-1 & Whistler WS1040

    $375 FOR BOTH Whistler TRX-1 & Whistler WS1040

    Selling (2) whistler handhelds. Both work and are part of my collection. Replacing them with base units, so I am selling these. $375 FOR BOTH shipped in the US. I accept PayPal or Venmo. What you see in the pics is what you get. I do not have boxes or belt clips or any other accessories
  4. kf6olc

    Scanning San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties podcast video

    Interesting video about scanning the San Francisco, San Mateo & Alameda counties. The video is one hour & twenty six minutes long.
  5. K

    Radio Shack Pro-2042 Parts

    hello everybody i lost the knob for the tuning knob on my Pro-2042 a long time ago what can i get to make it easier to tune my 2042 again..
  6. SOLD! Uniden SDS100 with all three upgrades!

    SOLD! Uniden SDS100 with all three upgrades!

    Uniden SDS100 for sale. It has ProVoice, DMR and NXDN upgrades. Includes Remtronix antenna, battery charger, high capacity battery cover and original box. No batteries included. Light scratches on the screen as expected with a mobile scanner. $400 plus actual cost of shipping. Has been a great...
  7. C

    Rdio with outside network

    I am trying to make it possible to listen to my rdio server outside of my home WiFi. I used tailscale and it worked fine, but I'd like to be able to share it with others without having to have them install tailscale. So I tried the port forwarding. I entered the internal port as 3000...
  8. rjvalenta

    my TV preamp scanner surprise...

    not sure if this is the right forum for this, but i thought i'd pass this along because i hadn't seen anyone mention this before. i'm trying to feed 4 scanners from my roof Tram discone. the feed comes in to my attic and splits off via multiple SMA pigtails to an SDRDuo, down a 20ft 50ohm...
  9. S

    What’s the best antenna?

    So I currently have a bcd436hp. I want to listen to the Hillsborough County, FL P25 Phase II public safety channels. With the antenna the scanner came with, it was very choppy. I found this antenna (...
  10. S

    Cruising With An APX

    Hi all, I am going on the Carnival Celebration in September of this year, and need some advice. I am planning on taking my APX900 radio with me, and so are a few friends of mine who are coming with on the cruise. From what I have seen on this forum in recent posts, they do not bother you much...
  11. C

    DMR and frequencies

    I have a question about programming a system into a radio or scanner. In the table below, it shows 2 frequencies that are the same, under slot 1. Then you see 2 frequencies that are the same under slot 2. I'm not sure I understand this. It's a dmr system. My understanding is that DMR trunked...
  12. S

    BCD436HP: GPS not registering to scanner

    Hi, I have the Uniden BCD436HP Scanner and just got the Uniden GPSK BC-SGPS to scan with GPS while I travel. It’s not evening registering the gps as “gps” isn’t popping up in the bottom of the screen once connected. Everything is connected properly as I have the scanner connected to a cigarette...
  13. FS: Mint BCD325P2 With NXDN & DMR Upgrades and Free Programming

    FS: Mint BCD325P2 With NXDN & DMR Upgrades and Free Programming

    MINT Uniden BCD325P2 P25 Phase 1 & 2 Digital Trunking Police Scanner with DMR and NXDN Upgrades. Currently programmed with Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Teller County, Pueblo County, State Patrol, and some others. I can program in whatever you're looking for so long as it isn't fully...
  14. rjvalenta

    odd Pro197 behavior...

    on my roof are 4 antenna... a 4010 EFHW and a 10m/6m/2m/70cm vertical, attached to my IC7100 a dual band 2m/70cm, attached to my FTM400. and a tram 1411 discone for my Pro197 they are all at least 8ft apart. the base of the discone mast is a few feet lower on the roof than the rest which...
  15. Drexal

    Hillsborough County FL, best general scanner?

    I have a quick question, I don't want to listen to Police and Fire but I want to hear everything else. Should I get a BCD436HP or a BC125AT? I already have a pro-135 and a RTL-SDR.
  16. Unication G1 Vhf pager radios!

    Unication G1 Vhf pager radios!

    I have several used Unication G1 vhf receivers with batteries and chargers. Condition is used good with the usual signs of use. Note one or two buttons have been replaced with 3D printed versions (see pictures) but all are fully functional and they work properly. $150.00. Each.
  17. H

    Greek laws on airband scanners

    Hi all. I am on holiday in Greece and I arrive back on the 19th of April. I have an airband scanner and I used it to listen to ATC on my way out of England (it made it through Airport security with SOME hesitation from the security officers). I’d like to know on the current laws on frequency...
  18. P

    What brand (decodes) DMR, NXDN, and other digital modes (besides P25) the best?

    I was wondering because I'm planning to get the BCD996P2 and I want to know which scanner brand receives all digital modes (except P25) the clearest. Edit: I meant decode.
  19. P

    Whistler vs GRECOM vs Radio Shack

    I want to know which brand I should go with for my second scanner like in the title in terms of quality and reception. You can tell me which scanner is best. Looking for one with analog trunking.
  20. Devin_88

    North Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue / Lifeguards Feed Request Horry County, SC

    Can someone in this area see about setting up a scanner feed for North Myrtle Beach Lifeguards? I don't live nearby to receive them and would enjoy listening to them with a scanner feed. Along with some other channels on that system like Myrtle Beach TGs and Airport Ground Operations would be nice.