1. S

    Analog Radio with CPS2

    Hi Everyone, Kindly is it possible to use an Analog radio (GP series) with the CPS2 software? I've tried with many different cables, but no success. With Digital radios (DP series), it is normal and has no issues, but with Analog radios, it does not accept it and always shows an error that the...
  2. T

    p25 Baofeng DM-1701

    I'm trying to scan p25 with the baofeng digital DM-1701 radio and I cant seem to figure out how to do it. it calls for a 210NAC but my radio does not have a spot for the NAC ??? and recommendations ??
  3. SP5WWP

    TR-9 handheld transceiver

    Hello! TR-9 is an open-source handheld transceiver. It works on 420..450MHz band. You can use it for both analog FM and M17. DMR should also be possible, but the voice coder is proprietary. Have fun building it. Reddit entry on TR-9...
  4. Updated BCT-15 (Non-x version) scanner

    Updated BCT-15 (Non-x version) scanner

    I have a hardly used BCT-15 (Non X version) mobile scanner for sale. Item description is below. Asking $200 or best offer. No longer needed as I purchased a Home Patrol 2 for the truck. Paypal is the prefered method of payment. Any and all questions will be answered. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15 is...
  5. Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    This is a hardly used Pro-886. Comes with pre-loaded 4gb micro sd card. Works great but just bought a Home Patrol 2 and no longer needing it. Also have a fully upgraded BCT-15 (not the x version) for sale as well. Will answer any questions and ship anywhere. Shipping will be quoted to you...
  6. Working Pro 197, Missing antenna and power cord

    Working Pro 197, Missing antenna and power cord

    Works fine, just replaced with WS-1098 and downsizing. Great starter unit for someone. Does NOT include antenna or power cord. $65 includes shipping.
  7. Selling- Uniden TrunkTracker V BCD996P2 w/DMR upgrade

    Selling- Uniden TrunkTracker V BCD996P2 w/DMR upgrade

    I will sell you my BCD996P2 w/DMR, ac power cable, does not come with an antenna... because I was using my base antenna in my house. Minor wear and tear... Works flawlessly! Added bonus: I will keep all of the Massachusetts Frequencies programed (if you are in my area) Mass State PD & all...


    Like new condition tyt dmr digital tier 2 UHF radio. Radio covers 400-480 MHz and holds 1000 channels. Radio is compatible with Motorola dmr tier 2 radio systems. Full specs can be found in the photos.
  9. F

    BC785D w/digital card $125 free shipping

    BC785D with digital card installed. Included radio, digital card, AC & DC power cords and manual.
  10. Uniden BCD436HP

    Uniden BCD436HP

    Hello! I am selling my handheld Uniden BCD436HP scanner. Please take a good look at the photos because there is some damage to the device. It comes with the 800MHz stub antenna and the original antenna (not pictured), as well as a USB cable for charging and programming. Everything is functional...
  11. aptarmbps

    Midland Syn-Tech III P25 Radio Model: STP-404A

    Have been doing some research on the radio and coming up blank as far as user comments or feedback is concerned. Anybody use them and if so what are your thoughts, and how does it compare to some of the other P25 portables on the market. I really like the channels, user functions and other...
  12. S


  13. T

    Towns County, GA going Digital

    There are several upgrades coming to Towns County 911 system. One includes changing to digital from the current analog system. I am trying to find out what type of digital system they will be using? The plans call for everything to be up and operational by April of 2020.
  14. rustyhodge

    Digital signals of SF CERS?

    I've been noticing blasts of digital signals on the SF CERS system. I thought it might be a changed control channel, but the scanner moves off it after 15-30 seconds. Unfortunately, the scanner, BCD996XT, is located remotely so I can't easily see what freq/tg this is coming up on. Anyone else...


    This Scanner is in EXCELLENT like NEW Condition. NEVER used in Mobile. Non Smoking Environment. This scanner is compatible with the following Trunking System Types and System Voices used in the RadioReference Database, of course you must verify that the scanner will cover the appropriate...
  16. SOLD Uniden BCD436HP Scanner with Radio Shack 800MHz Antenna

    SOLD Uniden BCD436HP Scanner with Radio Shack 800MHz Antenna

    Price reduced to $300 including shipping. Works perfectly! Includes the legendary Radio Shack 800MHz antenna w/BNC-to-SMA adapter. Firmware is up to date and unit is factory reset. Does not include the original wideband antenna, but generic antennas are easy to find for <$20. Includes: Scanner...
  17. Remington12G

    University Of Kentucky P25 System

    I recently submitted some TGID's to RR for the UK P25 System. Some of those TGID's were channels where I heard specific radio traffic for certain buildings on campus but it also appears that University operations do work in zones/posts. I have scanned the Secondary Dispatch channel and it...
  18. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Request: Custom Search - Specify Audio Type

    Would be really nice in a future firmware update if the "Audio Type" field could be added to Custom Search. Would make searching for digital frequencies so much more easier.
  19. DoctorZ

    Whistler TRX-2 vs. Uniden SDS-100: Which Receives Better in P25 Multi-Cast Environment?

    No sense just "talking" about it. Here's a video of the scanners side by side in operation. The results may surprise you--they sure did me! Whistler TRX-2 vs. Uniden SDS-100
  20. marksroberson

    Help with XPR7550 DMR RX

    I have a Motorola XPR7550 programmed up with local Public Safety and businesses, (RX Only of course) and I have been picking up DMR TGs on DSD+ and putting them in my contacts list so I can listen to them. I have had great success listening to them, but something isn't working... I have the...