1. *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    Uniden SDS-100 in Box All Accessories included UNLOCKED DMR/NXDN - big savings having that already done. Upgraded Sandisk Ultra 32gb SD Card for more recording time Upgraded Remtronix Antenna better for 700/800Mhz. (include original) Full Size - Color Printed Manual No scratches on unit...
  2. Cashanova48

    Fayette county Sheriff's Office on ISICS?

    I know there have been plans for Fayette county to switch to ISICS, but I've noticed fire and everything is still on analog as usual, but the Sheriff's Office's license for analog expired two years ago and from my location I haven't heard anything out of them on analog. Does anyone know if the...
  3. BCD325P2 - Digital / P1 & P2 - Remtronix Ant. / Extra Batteries in Box - $195 *SOLD*

    BCD325P2 - Digital / P1 & P2 - Remtronix Ant. / Extra Batteries in Box - $195 *SOLD*

    Having to sell (Our Agency went Encrypted) BCD325P2 In the box with all original items / data cable / strap / antenna / manuals Upgraded Remtronix Antenna (nice) Additional set of rechargeable batteries Only used 6-7 times Adult owned - non smoker household $195 Paypal shipped
  4. Whistler WS1065 Digital Scanner - $165 *SOLD*

    Whistler WS1065 Digital Scanner - $165 *SOLD*

    Time to sell (Department has gone Encrypted).... Whistler WS1065 Upgraded Remtronix Antenna (include original) Extra Programming Cable (you get Qty. 2) In the Box with manual Works like new ADULT Owned / Non Smoker PayPal $165
  5. SDS200 - Remtronix / 32gb SSD / NXDN Unlock / DMR Unlock *SOLD*

    SDS200 - Remtronix / 32gb SSD / NXDN Unlock / DMR Unlock *SOLD*

    Time to Sell (Department gone Encrypted) get it now before I list on Ebay... Uniden SDS200 Base Upgraded NXDN Unlocked Upgraded DMR Unlocked Upgraded Remtronix Antenna (include Orig Ant) Upgraded 32gb Sandisk SSD (more recording time) Full Color Printed Manual. Power Adapter / Programming...
  6. K

    Why P25 phase II instead of DMR tier 3?

    I know that this thread will probably cause fights and be shut down, but that's not my intention... How come, in the US, public safety has for the most part ignored DMR tier II/III and instead gone to P25 phase 2? The spectral efficiency is the same, the audio quality is the same (as far as I...
  7. SOLD! Uniden SDS100 with all three upgrades!

    SOLD! Uniden SDS100 with all three upgrades!

    Uniden SDS100 for sale. It has ProVoice, DMR and NXDN upgrades. Includes Remtronix antenna, battery charger, high capacity battery cover and original box. No batteries included. Light scratches on the screen as expected with a mobile scanner. $400 plus actual cost of shipping. Has been a great...
  8. Uniden 536 (Make Offer)!

    Uniden 536 (Make Offer)!

    Used 536 for sale. Asking 500 obo. Has all 3 upgrades. DMR/Provoice/NXDN. Has orginal box
  9. UNIDEN 436 with Provoice upgrade.(Make Offer)

    UNIDEN 436 with Provoice upgrade.(Make Offer)

    BCD436 with ProVoice upgrade. Used. Normal signs of use. No batter cover, however it's comes with a leather case as pictured. Asking 375 OBO.
  10. S

    Lee County - Possible DMR TRS/Repeater For Emergency Services?

    I heard from a buddy that all fire apparatus on Fort Myers Beach are equipped with MOTOTRBO XPR5550 radios in them. They all sit on a channel called "FM BEACH". Apparently the radios are used to contact officials around the FMB area.. unknown exactly WHO it is who utilizes these radios... Does...
  11. R

    Uniden g5 simulcast motorola type 2 smartzone

    Hello, I am Part of the 911 system in new castle county. We use a 800 mhz simulcast/ motorola type 2 smartzone. I’m trying to use ny uniden G5 to conect to this system, but am having trouble. The system has convention frequencies, but you can only access the fire channels, and you cannot...
  12. BCD536HP Works Great - Upgraded Memory Card / Upgraded Antenna

    BCD536HP Works Great - Upgraded Memory Card / Upgraded Antenna

    Uniden BCD536HP - works great - has upgraded (remtronix) and original antenna. Also has upgraded 32gb SSD card for recording space. Works great - no upgrades / no box or manuals. Just power cord and unit with antennas. Non Smoker / No scratches
  13. rjvalenta

    DMR logging...

    i got my no-code tech license in 1993... i felt like i was cheating a little, would i ever be able to learn morse like the real hams that could build their own amps and pass the advanced test... everything they did happened in amazing ways over the air... then a few weeks ago i was listening...
  14. radioguy224

    need help identifying these channels

    so this morning i have hear chatter on these channels but i cant find anything on the data base on who they belong to but the channels i am getting full 5 bars of signal strength 153.46250 153.6350 153.16250 with tg 1000 color code 9 sounds like they where talking about work tickets getting...
  15. C

    Analog Vrs Digital need help

    So this may be dumb and I’m sorry but I am new to this and need help. I looked up the radio frequency needed for my areas. I know some are still analog but some department went to digital. So I need to know what kinda digital police scanner I need also does it need to be phase I or phase II? I...
  16. H

    Baofeng Needing help diagnosing no sound with DTCS/DPL Codes in CHIRP.

    First off, I'm completely new to radios. I have a Baofeng uv-9g GMRS radio. I have tested it via NOAA to confirm its work. I want to use it to monitor my local municipality radio frequencies near me. I'm trying to program my radio through CHIRP. the freq. in question uses DPL 026 for tone...
  17. dave3825

    Inside a TV and Radio station

    Interesting set up.
  18. TornadoAlley

    Cheapest DMR radio on the market?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for a low cost DMR radio (preferably handheld). Looking for an easy way to monitor DMR channels without breaking the bank. Thank you in advanced.
  19. Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    I have for sale a 436 hand held scanner. Bought it off here with no box or manual. Software is online as is the manual. I have a usb cord for you to use for power. This also can use AAA batteries of your choice. I can also give you a magnet mount antenna, that can be used in your car or in the...
  20. kitsapkilldeer

    EFJ5100 Keyloading/Programming

    Hi guys! This is my first message on this forum. tl;dr I don't know how to program these radios and I don't know how to know how to program these radios, but would like to! Also, it seems I don't know what I don't know and request further guidance. I have a lot of EFJ5100 radios with different...