DPS Coverage Area Database Addition

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Nov 26, 2004
Sherman, TX
In an effort to provide more information about the individual DPS radio sites on the database, the following submissions are solicited which will then be added under that sites subheader;

Counties dispatched, repeater(s) used, and any additional information that applies. Here is a suggested example;


Coverage Area:

Cooke Co
Denton Co (Via Denton RPT 12B)
Fannin Co
Grayson Co

Collin Co DPS units, particularly on the North end, and if Dallas is busy, go through Sherman.

Fannin Co DPS units on the East side use Sulphur Springs. The SGT is stationed in Paris so a lot of administrative traffic is generated for this purpose with Sulphur Springs via the Paris RPT (20).


This information would be helpful in figuring out what station/repeater to monitor for specific counties, which at the present can be quite confusing. For example, Wise Co (Decatur) is dispatched from Wichita Falls via the Decatur RPT however if you look at a map Mineral Wells is much closer and you would assume they would cover that county. There are a lot of similar scenarios.

According to a DPS Comm Suprv I talked to there is no statewide coverage map depicting this info so the best source would be member knowledge.
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