AR5700D First impressions


Jan 4, 2020
Cwmbran, South Wales. UK
@ Sub101uk

How does your radio perform on HF when it is desensitised when tuning in and around VHF/UHF?
I know you always refer to DMR/DALL being affected strongly, but is the radio always working well on HF?
I assume you would have checked it out on HF after all this time and trouble?
Yes, I know it uses a different antenna jack for HF, but what about the results on HF?
I simply can’t recall you making reference to HF deafness, but I might be mistaken.


Jan 26, 2018
East of England
HF works fine right this is todays update Had a phone call from RW this morning regarding me inviting people to join me in my trip up to there shop due to coronavirus since there only letting one person in at a time . But after speaking with RW its very clear that since it out of warranty they dont want to know and want me to take up my problem with the importer . As you know the radio was sent to BF who tested it and compared the
sensitivity plus he installed his SD card settings into my my 5700D and we are both both running the same firmware so we should get the same wrong as you can see from the pictures mine is way down on signal .

But speaking with the main importer he did now accept that there was someone wrong but not sure what both me and BF have gone over all the settings both radios are both set up with the same settings , So it was then a case of thinking what can be the cause because like I said I went to bed with a working radio and woke up with a deaf radio because the the local DMR repeater was so weak it could no longer decode DMR .

So with a bit of luck I may have the opportunity to take the radio down to the importer and show them as at the moment every time they receive my radio all they do is adjust user controls but its very clear that now out of warranty RW does not want to know . So this is what BF found on his setup and his SD card settings. Since with his settings in my unit and dont forget we both have the same firmware sensitivity should be same .