1. Servergod

    Device Compatibility Back Into Scanning After a Long Absence

    I decided randomly to try and find a solution for my local area, to listen to fire/rescue and LEO after years in Vol Rescue/Fire and having LEO pro friends locally. TO this day, I have several handheld scanners we used to use for races to listen in-car, couple of Uniden mobile scanners, I ever...
  2. C


    Hi to everyone hope everyone is doing good. I have a RadioShack pro 2067. Can i program and listen to the North Carolina viper system? Or do I need to have a digital scanner to listen to NCSHP viper? Thanks for any information
  3. C

    Need some help figuring out how to manually program a Viper system.

    I own a couple of Uniden BCD436HP radios and have manually programmed them to everything around me. Given almost all of the systems are Motorola Smartzone II. Just recently a neighboring county went from all conventional to the Viper system and I have a couple of questions that I hope someone...
  4. N

    north carolina viper

    confused is the viper system using a Motorola type system or something else.Just trying to make sure scanner is set accordingly . I have viper setup as a moto type II/P25 using Motorola end code and digital motorola end code So I am hoping I have the scanner setup correctly? Wish someone would...
  5. C

    Viper system in favorites Sentinel software

    I am very new to this and just bought a used Home Patrol1. Love it and thought I knew sort of what I was doing... The Viper channels here in NC scan fine BUT... Went to Sentinel and set up a favorites list. I have Viper channels P25 standard? (I think)and my regular channels. (Hickory NC police...
  6. D

    Charlotte scanner

    I recently found an old scanner i previously ( several years ago) used to monitor the Charlotte trunked radio system. The scanner is a Radio Shack pro-164 scanner. All of the control channels appear to be the same yet I am not hearing any police/fire/ems traffic. I have noticed that it has...
  7. skiphall


    Hi folks. Is anyone hearing anything regularly on ORION and/or VIPER? I realize that in the absence of a disaster scenario, there is little traffic on ORION, thus making it pretty hard to test... unless you stay up to listen for the 0400 hrs.Thursday morning roll call, of course. But...
  8. AK4FD

    Catawba County question

    Does anybody know anything about the Catawba County frequencies? I know they primarily use the VIPER State-Wide talkgroups now but due to some hard-to-reach areas they sometimes go to a channel called Direct-1... Now there is a Direct-1 and Direct-2 frequencies listed in the database but I'm...
  9. trippb

    Craven County VIPER and Pro-652

    A customer brought a RS Pro-652 info my computer shop for programming. He likes me as a computer guy so he assumed I would be a good radio guy too. Well, I think I'm failing him. I've successfully put in New Bern's P25 system and several conventional frequencies. I'm failing on NC's VIPER...
  10. BCasto

    Durham Viper reception problem

    Durham City reception problem Using a BCD996XT receiving Durham City. I live on the Cary Morrisville boarder near Chapel Hill Road and Weston Parkway. Even when I have 4 to 5 bars of signal strength, voice traffic comes and goes and the scanner doesn't stay fixed on the control channel...
  11. K

    LZ Central and Viper questions

    I'm thinking about buying a scanner to listen to the Viper system as I understand that Davidson County will eventually be going to Viper. Any one have any suggestions on a good scanner that will work for me? Also I've noticed that when Baptist Aircare lands they've been using "LZCentral"...
  12. T

    BCD396XT: NC VIPER 800mHz and 700mHz and FreeScan

    So I am looking a getting a Uniden BCD396XT scanner. The frequency range that this scanner covers fits what I need (Northeastern NC and Southeaster VA (Hampton Roads area)). I am using the FreeScan Software to start setting up systems and groups for it, so once I purchase the scanner, I can...
  13. G

    NC Viper - identification of talkgroup 32672 ?

    Hi, new BCD396XT user in Wake county, North Carolina. After taking an embarrassing amount of time to finally understand the Uniden concepts of sites, groups, channels, and how to actually use quick keys, number tags, etc., I have been having lots of fun and learning a lot. Feels like my brain...
  14. KE4ZNR

    2012-2014 VIPER Discussion (Archive)

    This thread is for discussion of VIPER related info only. Any off topic posts will be deleted. Please Help by keeping posts on topic. Thanks and Happy Monitoring!
  15. nc28478

    Moore county viper _interesting

    Read comments Board Goes With VIPER | The Pilot: Southern Pines, NC
  16. nc28478

    needed arc500 files for new hanover,pender and duplin ugggh

    class a newbie in need of arc500 files for pro 106 new hanover and wilmington are mind blowing ????????????????????????????????????????????? i live in pender and know duplin any help is appreciated from the masters of the scanner elite...................:confused:
  17. nc28478

    will this work with the nc viper system?

    Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8530/ Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105) I will use with a trunk lip mount.
  18. K

    396XT Shuffled TGIDs

    I have a 396XT that is acting up so much I'm starting to think it's defective and is becoming quite frustrating . Any advice would be appreciated before I send it off to Uniden for service. Here's the problem: I live in Wake County, NC monitoring the VIPER system (Voice Interoperability Plan...
  19. H

    Moto 2-way or High grade scanner?

    I'd be using it mostly for fire buffing. I am friends with 2 other fire buffs, one of which has a 2-way. I'm not entirely sure if it was issued or not. Anyways, I was wondering if the 2-ways, since they allegedly have a greater distance for receiving transmissions, would be better vs a uniden...
  20. Robbyboy

    Im Back!

    Hello everyone - You may have noticed ive been a bit low key lately. I was at an intense logistics school for the Marine Corps (2 hrs of homework a nite on average) from the 18th of March thru 9 April. I spent a week "Recovering" on leave (vacation) and am working my way back into the saddle...