I'm "confused"....HELP!

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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)
Hi! :confused:

I'm having a brain fart this morning and I can't remember what I was told about DeSoto, Webster, Bienville, and Claiborne Parish Police & Sheriff's Office frequencies. It was my understanding by some of our local ham operators that those parishes have moved to 700 mHz. Then, I heard they havent?

Currently, I don't have an outside or inside antenna for my R$ 2051 to hear them so I am just taking a stab in the dark. I'd like to know IF they have moved to 700 mHz as Bossier Parish, Bossier City and City Marshal's did 0R if they've remained where they are and have gone high-band P-25?

Currently, I've expanded the frequency database to include 4 states: Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The information, I'm hoping to be accurate, but knowing the F.C.C. ULS database there are bound to be misteaks, LOL! Should anyone know if a agency has abandoned a frequency anywhere with in these 4 states, please let me know. The purpose of this is to help Skywarn groups within this area monitor the fire and police agencies during approaching severe wx (hurricanes, tornado's, large fires, chemical spills, & plant explosions) that pose a chance of harm to others.

If you would be interested in having the Parishes or Counties that I'm working on, please e-mail me at my url=http://www.qrz.com]QRZ.COM[/url] e-mail address. The cost is "FREE" and it's hard to beat a deal like that, LOL! :lol:

Thanks in advance,

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