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May 23, 2004
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Okay, so lets say in theory you have an RU board to drop in. Do you lose the feature string that's with the radio, or do you have to get a new feature string that matches what was originally with the radio?



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Jul 12, 2003
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Search Elroy's post in this forum. He has covered how and where on the PCB the feature encryption and ROM S/N: are stored. I think the ROM is on the Dallas chip. You can take the two chips off a baord and place them on anouther. I. E., if you have a dead radio with an awsome feature string, and a good radio with a poor feature string, you can take the chips off the bad board, and place them on the good board.


Sep 8, 2002
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But you'd better have some respectable skills with surface mounted components before you try it!

If both radios (the donor with the great feature string, and the target with a lesser one) are
readable, you only need to swap ONE chip, not two. The EEPROM swap is only needed
if the donor radio is dead and unreadable.

The process is simple: Using RadioMaintenance, read the feature string and save it, and copy the ESN number.

You must do this for the donor radio at least. Do it for the target radio, too, as ANY valid
feature string/ESN combo is worth keeping.

CAREFULLY remove the DS2401 chip from the donor radio.

Carefully remove the DS2401 chip from the target radio. Put the donor DS2401 chip in
the target radio.

Reassemble the target radio and blow the donor's feature string into the target radio.

You're done.

There are some limitations. LPEs have 32 option slots. KRD Jaguars have 32 option slots.
Their feature strings are of the same length, so their feature sets are interchangeable
by this method. The same applies to Orions. (Older ones, at least.) And for MRKs,
the same applies. All are interchangeable.

But, the RU series Jaguars and 5100s and 7100s have 40 option slots and their feature
strings are longer.

The feature strings need to be the same length for the swap to take, to the best of my
knowledge. If it didn't match, any attempts at swaps I've made have failed.

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