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Motorola CPS Help


Apr 5, 2022

To start off I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to Motorola radios, I have been a Kenwood guy for some time now but recently got my hands on a XPR7550 that I bought second hand (used). I bought a CD years ago off my radio shop for older (I assume) CPS for XPR series radios I believe it’s CPS 16. Now I had owned a XPR years ago and programmed it just fine with CPS 16. The radio refused to read on that old software and it boiled down to needing CPS 2.0 based on the firmware versions and such.

I contacted my Motorola dealer and they told me they couldn’t not sell it to me, and I would have to contact Motorola Directly. So I did just that and talked with a representative on the phone that told me that the software is free and all I had to do is wait the 3-5 days and I would have access to it as I have never had a Motorola Account before and just created one. Now I questioned him about it and he said that as of 2 or so months ago all software was free at no charge. But he didn’t really give any other instructions. So I waited a few days and then got onto a live chat with a agent who told me that I needed a business account to gain access to that software and he would put in a ticket to get my account changed over. I waited and nothing happened.

So to make a long story short would someone please help me or direct me in the right direction to just being able to program my radio or get my hands on CPS 2.0, this is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with. This makes me want to go back to Kenwood as they are a lot easier to deal with even the newer software versions. I would take it to a radio shop but I need too many channels and zones added I would be paying what the radio is worth and I’m indesisive so would be paying a lot of money for reprogramming.



Mar 1, 2003
This is why so many people end up getting their CPS “under the table”. Even when people would want to pay for the CPS, to get it legitimately, Motorola would make you jump through more hoops than a circus monkey. People would throw their arms up, & find it online, from a friend, or buy a disc off E-Bay. I have never seen a company where they make it so difficult to purchase a product. As for CPS2.0, before I make any XPR radio purchase for my personal use, I make sure the radio can still be programmed with CPS 16.


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Jun 16, 2013
[ I have never seen a company where they make it so difficult to purchase a product.

Traditionally, EF Johnson was actually far worse. Specific hardware revisions could only be used with specific software revisions. Unlike just about everyone else at the time where the latest software would work with all of the hardware revisions prior for the radio line. Armada has since rectified that issue.

Part of it is Motorola is also going through some major internal changes (which they've been doing for the better part of a decade now).