Multi Radio Control Project Thoughts

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Dec 19, 2002
Centennial Colorado
Hello to all,

For several years I have had a project idea in the back of my mind and have gave it some thought from time to time.

I am wanting to design a software/hardware system that will interface with all the radios in my vehicle and allow me control them all from a computer screen.

The vehicle that I would like to use as the prototyping vehicle is a Ford f350 which I know has plenty of room to mount the radios as they are currently mounted in the vehicle at this time. The project is more to see if it can be done, which I know it can... somehow..

The interface I wish to design will control all the functions for any radio that is connected to the radio. Whether it be a ham radio grade dual band radio, commercial grade 2 way radios such as a motorola spectra or if it is a uniden scanner.

Currently the radios install in the project truck is as follows:

Yaseu FT-8800
Uniden BCD996T
Motorola XPR-4550

Now I realize that the software for the 996t has a virtual scanner mode that does what I am looking for but I want it to do it for all the radios.

I have been searching the net for a similar project. Does anyone have a project like this in the works or a completed prototype? Have you ever thought of a project like this?

Let me know your thoughts etc.



Sep 28, 2008
Years ago I built a controller to remotely operate a Kenwood radio (the TM-2530 series), to include changing frequencies scanning, channel control squelch and volume and so forth. I could see where you could do the same thing for multiple radios, but each one would require unique interfacing to a controller.

In my case, once the interfacing was done, all else was done in reason why multiple rigs couldn't be managed with one controller. There may be easier ways, but it would take some devotion to do so either way.
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