New Monitoring Shack Clock


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Sep 20, 2006
I like it Rich! It's is pretty bright however. You could probably tone it down a bit with automotive window tint film.


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Feb 17, 2003
Nashua, NH
I got tired of resetting my old wall clock as it would gain about 3 minutes every month or two. So I finally bought an atomic clock! Whished I bought it sooner, it's great!

MARATHON CL030062BK Slim-Jumbo Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Temperature, Date and Humidity (Black)

  • SLIM JUMBO DISPLAY - Only 1-inch thick, featuring 4.5-inch digits for easy viewing
  • SELF-SETTING/ADJUSTING - Using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST's Colorado Atomic Clock. Automatic Atomic Signal - It cannot be turned on/off manually. (Atomic feature only functions in North America)
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES - 12 or 24 Hour Display Formats With Temperature Display In Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • EASY TO SET AND USE: Comes equipped with front set buttons for Alarm, Snooze and Mode Options
  • MULTIPLE TIME ZONES: You can easily switch between 4 time zones (Eastern, Pacific, Mountain & Central) with option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time

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I got one of these clocks a few months ago after reading this thread. My wife and I both love it. On most nights it syncs up at 2 AM or 3 AM. I've had a few nights where it doesn't sync up after trying at 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM, and 5 AM.

I have had a couple of instances where the time gets properly synched up during the night but the date is wrong and is ahead by about a week. The clock still shows the geared M symbol when the date was wrong. It corrects itself the next time it syncs up on the air.