NXDN and CAP+ systems in Fayetteville

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Jul 15, 2014
Raleigh, NC
Was in Fayetteville today doing a little listening and came across two NXDN48 freqs that appear to be on the same system. 154.40625 had a weak signal, but strong enough for my DSD+ to pick up the System/Site/RAN as L203-1 with a RAN of 1, also got logs of two other frequencies with the same information, 153.95 and 154.92. But more interesting was the discovery of site L203-2 with a RAN of 2 this frequency was 453.8125. I haven't seen too many systems that were both UHF and VHF. A check of licenses in the FCC database didn't show anything in that area. No voice traffic was heard while monitoring.

In addition came across a CAP+ system on 452.675, didn't hear any traffic but got a good log of neighbors and the LCNs. Also it identified 453.3625 as channel 1 &2. A check of FCC records do not show those two frequencies licensed to the same agency/business. 453.3625 is licensed to Cumberland county. Site info at end of attached text file.


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