Philadelphia police come out details/events


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Feb 22, 2007
Again I really have to say, I was impressed with the use of PD events 1 and PD events 2. Calm and coordinated communication.

I think adding the state police helicopter to Philly tac one helped a lot also. Also using sanitation department garbage trucks as barricades lining them up to help to funnel the crowds away from certain areas was very effective.

They did their best to protect Market Street even though nothing's left there anymore anyway.

They had plenty of paddy wagons ready to go, one of them got rammed by a car with prisoners aboard, that got a little dicey.

It's funny between the police radio and listening to the news choppers on the air to air news chopper frequency you could really get a good picture of what happened. My TV went off with the undeserved field goal. It's still off.