1. HWG

    Analog scanning

    I have what I need to monitor the digital and DMR stuff. I also have a vintage piece just to have. Now, what I am looking to find is the last best analog scanner that was offered before the digital days. Some criteria: 300+ channels, AM, FM-wide, and FM-narrow, 25 MHz - 1300 MHz, CTCSS/DCS...
  2. amoking

    auto tone decode?

    Hi All, I am returning to the hobby and am more of a 2M/70cm listener than a talker. I often drive long stretches throughout the western states. Is there any new tech out there in the mobile units (Kenwood, ICOM) that allow for auto tone decode when a band scan hits a repeater? I have the...
  3. LtChuck

    SDS 100 questions... power and decoding

    Contemplating acquiring a SDS 100 and have a few questions. Will the unit power up upon power being supplied from the external power input. I currently have a RS Pro 106 that powers up and starts operating when dc power is applied from a switch on the vehicles power control center (for...
  4. R

    Need help with digital and CTCSS/DPL tones

    Hello! I am new to the radio community and am looking for some help. I just purchased a Baofeng UV-5R radio and had some questions about how to listen to some channels. I live in the Bentonville, Arkansas area, so any frequencies I refer to can be found on the website here. After playing with...
  5. D

    DPL to CTCSS??

    I'm an older callsign (KJ6FQD) that hasn't been active for a few years. I have some questions regarding digital to analog TX/RX.... PLEASE.... Any info, wisdom, or commentary is welcome and much appreciated. THANK YOU in advance. QUESTION 1: Can an 2M analog HH radio receive and transmit on a...
  6. T

    TYT TH7800 - CTCSS & DCS doesn't work if the TX power in above MID1

    Hi all, I'd like to share my experience with this tranceiver. Fisrt I wanted to have a cross band repeater for good price and it does the job nicely. I mainly using this tranceiver on UHF without any issues even if I think that the mic gain should be improved (you really have to talk close to...
  7. Z

    (Newbie) Uniden BCD325P2 Frequency Help (PL/CTCSS)

    Hey there community! I recently bought myself the scanner that's in the title, and after reading the manual and searching the internet, I am still clueless as to how to specifically program in a CTCSS (PL) type frequency. My local police department uses a frequency (143.08500 MHz) with a...
  8. A

    Frequency ctcss help please

    My company has a license and repeater for a frequency for our entire workplace. My question is we would like to have an additional channel for my department but someone told me if we add an additional channel with a ctcss code for tx and rx we would be able to communicate without interference...
  9. S

    Reverse Burst Squelch Tail Eliminator, Kenwood TK 7180 H

    Hello, I am needing some insight into the positive and negative phase of reverse burst. I am given privileges on a family members coordinated frequencies and this person uses reverse burst of 120 degrees. My Kenwood TK 7180 H has options of 180 degress + plus reverse burst, 120 degrees + plus...
  10. UnHumanReactions

    BC125AT CTCSS Squelch Tail Elimination

    I have a BC125AT and I have noticed when I program repeaters with the Rx CTCSS, it will mute the squelch tail, but not all the time. Sometimes it go multiple transmissions and it won't catch the reverse burst and will leave the squelch tail audible. And it does this with all repeaters using...
  11. A

    Ferritronics TU-100 Coded Squelch Test Unit

    Looking for a users manual. Ferritronics the company is long defunct so no help there. Is there anyone who will share a .pdf with me?
  12. T

    Need help with good frequencies for a security team!

    Hi, I am located in cass county, MO. I do church security and I am in need of some good frequencies to use. The main radio the team uses is the Baofeng BF-888s and I personally use the UV5R. We need something that will work well through brick walls and auditoriums and be legal, plus we need as...
  13. viper1833

    Modern CB Upgrades

    Just a curious question to all who are interested in discussing. How many think its time for the FCC to change some of the rules on CB radio, and allow companies to start adding some modern features to 11 meters. Currently I use CB radio still, my wife, and brother use them for personal use...
  14. BlueDevil

    Transmit CTCSS Encode Search

    What is the easiest/quickest way to search for the proper PL / DPL Tone needed to open the repeaters receiver? In other words how can I quickly search for the proper Tone that I need to transmit in order to operate or use the repeater? Obviously if the repeater is using the same TX/RX Tone it...
  15. T

    Wal-Mart Frequencies and CTCSS, DCS, CSQ or PL Tone?

    Hi There, I'm new to Radio Comms so i need your help with this. I am a Cashier at my local Wal-Mart and i will be a CSM (confirmed) once i turn 18 in Febraury of 2017 and i would like to use my own radio. I also do returns all around the store all the time or a CSM has me watching the Front End...
  16. T

    Motorola BPR40 Factory Default Settings

    Hello! I recently acquired a Motorola bpr40, but it cannot be programmed. However, I do have other radios that can be programmed very easily, so I reset the bpr40 to its factory default frequency. Do any of you know the default DCS/CTCSS codes for the bpr40?
  17. E

    Help with TK-8150 and CTCSS

    Hey guys I'm just getting into GMRS and recently purchased a Kenwood TK-8150. Originally I was going to just use simplex but I was actually able to find a repeater. I'm having a couple issues connecting to the repeater. I have two radios setup, one being the Kenwood TK-8150 and the other...
  18. R

    ICOM 621-2-TR: Squelch Level and CTCSS

    I have an ICOM 621-2-TR running conventional UHF in the business band. It transmits fine, but on receive it seems very insensitive. Even with the monitor button on, it only picks up very strong signals. I have tested the antenna (1/4gp) with and adapter to a HT and the antenna is fine. My...
  19. gmclam

    PSR-500 and CTCSS on low band VHF

    My go to scanner for monitoring CHP has been the PSR-310. Especially when mobile, I monitor CHP above most else. Because they are on low band VHF, and the re-use of frequencies throughout the state of CA, I always program CTCSS codes. ALL of my scanners handle them well except for the...
  20. T

    Newbie - Help - Spectra A5 for Ambulance

    Hey guys, I need some help and I'll try to keep it short. My friend is trying to acquire 2 radios for his ambulance here in New Jersey. He's looking at Motorola Spectra A5 VHF 146-174 50W 128Ch The problem is he wants to make sure this radio conforms to NJ's DOH minimum requirements. Below 2...