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Mar 16, 2014
I live in Jackson County NC, at Western Carolina University.
I picked up this scanner from a friend and it turns on and works. I googled some scanner frequencies for the area, and I programmed them in to the scan channel banks.
But the only thing I get is some weird digital noise one like one or two channels.
So I am confused.
I this was a trunking scanner?
Which is digital?
And I though my area is still on analog?

I have read about the differences between digital and analog, and I thought this scanner would pick them up just fine, NOT encrypted signals, just normal digital.

My main question is how do I get this thing to pick up stuff like I did at my home town, (it would pick up a police officer every now and then, nothing much) like a setting or something that I am missing. Or did I just waste my time and money with this POS and a antenna that I also bought.


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Jan 21, 2002
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The Pro-2050 is an analog voice only trunking scanner.
We have info on it in the Wiki:
Pro-2050 - The RadioReference Wiki
So sadly it can not monitor digital voice transmissions nor can it handle
monitoring rebanded trunking systems.
Also, looking in the database it appears as though
Western Carolina University is using DMR for comms on campus these can find more info on DMR in the Wiki:
DMR - The RadioReference Wiki
At this time there are no commercially available scanners that can decode DMR.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Marshall KE4ZNR
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