Scanning TACN


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Mar 2, 2005
Jackson, TN
In reference to Wilson County (TN) VHF P25 Conventional upgrades, there are several commercially available scanners that will receive P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2. A few of the more popular ones are Uniden's mobile and portables like BCD996P2 (mobile) and BCD325P2 (portable) and the SDS series is their top-of-the-line offering, which are capable of receiving simulcast transmissions as well. Whistler and others also make scanners capable of receiving Phase 2.

I don't know of any scanner that can receive Phase 2 that cannot receive Phase 1, however, the reverse is not always true. RR has some pretty good articles about scanning, like Scanning 101 - The RadioReference Wiki.

Programming your Phase 2 scanner can be a relatively daunting task if you aren't familiar with programming digital radios. Digital radio (P25, DMR, NXDN, etc.) is all about talkgroups. There are a plethora of helpful articles and how-tos available in the different forums here and on the internet.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) can be both confusing and rewarding. You can build an excellent P25 receiver for a comparatively small amount of up-front cost, however if you factor in your time, it could close the gap between a ready-to-go $600 scanner and a $45 SDR. Most software is free or low cost, but it does take time to figure it out and it will tie up some your PC's resources.

SDRTrunk GitHub - DSheirer/sdrtrunk: A cross-platform java application for decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile and related radio protocols using Software Defined Radios (SDR). Website: is probably one of the most popular and easier P25 Phase 2 capable software packages. And there are plenty others, like DSD-FME GitHub - lwvmobile/dsd-fme: Digital Speech Decoder - Florida Man Edition OP25 GitHub - boatbod/op25: Fork of osmocom OP25 by boatbod and DSD+ DSDPlus – Digital Decoder. DSD-FME is very powerful and can decode a host of protocols very well, but it and OP25 are native linux programs. DSD-FME has a precompiled version that runs under Window's Subsystem for Linux What is Windows Subsystem for Linux if you are really adventurous.

This should be enough to get started listening to TACN, but if you've managed to stay awake this far, you may want to know there is a one-click way to listen to the Nashville district THP: Wilson County Tennessee Live Audio Feeds even though that's only a portion of what's available for your listening pleasure.