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"Simulcast" issues with Uniden BCD996P2 radio

Dec 19, 2002
have radio shack pro 197 - receives simulcast great - buffalo ,ny area - buffalo pd / ecso - crystal clear -had to adjust the expert settings , rf sq fade, dg int prime and couple others , p25 / nac all active reads . also attic antenna hooked in , must have it a sweet spot.
Buffalo and Erie NY are a mix of conventional analog and P25 digital, not simulcast trunk. The only simulcast system in the area in Niagara County Public Safety system.
Feb 20, 2006
My past with the scanners haven't been all that well either. I started with the BCD396XT and returned every model up to the 436. I haven't bothered with SDS yet since I've become more accustomed to SDR in the past few years.


Premium Subscriber
Apr 20, 2019
Webster TX
I had the BCD996P2 And it worked fairly well here in the Houston area with lots of simulcast. As people stated above some transmissions would chop out or be scrambled. But for the most part it worked decent for me. I decided to upgrade to the SDS200 before the return policy ended on the BCD996P2. Obviously it was double the cost but it works extremely well on the simulcasting here in Houston. I have not had any issue with chop out or garbled transmissions so far. I have only had it a couple of days now. If you have the funds I believe it’s well worth the upgrade if you’re in a simulcast area. If it is just too far out of range on the price. For me the BCD996P2 worked decent here in the Houston area.


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