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  1. R

    what is a simulcast site?

    im planning to get a scanner and have absolutely no experience. what i want to listen to is something called a simulcast site, what is this, what kind of scanner do i need to listen to it and how would i listen to it? (punching it in and such) any help is appreciated.
  2. w1av

    "Simulcast" issues with Uniden BCD996P2 radio

    I was planning on finally getting a digital scanner till I read elsewhere on here about possible issues with simulcasts and this particular radio. I also don't know anyone else with a scanner. Would there be anyone here who would know how this radio handles simulcasts? I am not familiar with...
  3. L

    Nexedge Coverage (Simulcast)

    Are current radio system is a Kenwood Nexedge system with a NXR-710 as a main repeater and 5 NXR-710 voter sites deployed throughout our service area. Overall the radio system works great and has excellent portable coverage. I am currently experiencing in a new area of town were portable...
  4. P

    TRX-1: Questions about deleting certain simulcast in large system

    Thinking of getting the trx - 1. I'm looking at the EZ scan software and I can't seem to find how you can eliminate certain simulcast when wanting to scan only a certain group within a scan list. For example the RWC is Valley Wide radio system that has many simulcasts in them each simulcast has...
  5. C

    Pro-106: Pro-106 and NEW Simulcast in my area

    I live in El Paso County, Colorado, more specifically, Colorado Springs. I recently found it that the El Paso County area has now switched to a simulcast radio system. I was told they have, I think, 4 towers that transmit radio frequencies of the various agencies. However with my handheld RS...
  6. L

    Peoria County P25 reception

    I purchased my 996P2 back in March. I programmed the Peoria County system in and, when I was in the area, I got reception. I realized it would be be somewhat spotty because of my mobile application. It wasn't terrible, and I lived with it. Now, I can not pick it up at all. I looked in the...
  7. K

    new member, but not to scanning

    Hi all, Just purchased a new BCD536 and have loaded my favorite frequencies etc., via Sentinel. All the conventional channels are working fine, but I'm not receiving anything on 2 of the P25 systems I have entered. My suspicion is that I'm overlooking something glaringly obvious. Are there...
  8. E

    BCD536HP: Resolved LSM Simulcast issues - BCD536HP

    I've resolved (at least improved a lot) simulcast issues with my BCD536HP on a local P25 phase II system. Items modified: Threshold changed from AUTO 8 to MANUAL 7 ATT (Attenuation) set to ON Antenna Yagi (directional) pointing to a direction where signal didn't fluctuate as often You can hear...
  9. L

    Peoria County

    I have attempted to enter the talk groups for Peoria City, Peoria County, Bartonville, Chillicothe,and Peoria Heights into a 996P2 several ways, according to what I have read in the database, and I am still unable to hear them. When I switch the radio to "ID search", I can hear units as far...
  10. Homeboys-Scanna

    Uniden To Release New P25 Simulcast-Capable Scanner

    FORT WORTH - Uniden America Corporation, Inc. (NYSE: UNID) has released a press statement that a new, P25 simulcast-capable scanner is scheduled for public release in 4Q 2017. The company's media relations staff posted the following product announcement: "At Uniden America, we strive to...
  11. K

    Corcoran, Hanford, Leemore Police Frequencies

    Hello all, I am curious if any others monitor within the Corcoran, Hanford and Leemore area. It is my understanding their use of P25 for Police operations is a matter of interoperability. Though simply listening is easy enough, I am trying to gain a better understanding of the overall system -...
  12. Joseph11

    TRX-2: FM or NFM for P25 Trunked?

    I've noticed when importing systems from the RR DB in EZ Scan, it appears as though anything P25 or DMR imports as NFM whereas most P25 conventional imports as FM. Has anyone compared FM vs NFM for P25 trunked systems? Which yielded a better result, specifically for systems that are simulcasted...
  13. R

    Problems with Simulcast

    Hello everyone, I have a whistler WS1080 scanner and it's scanning on P25 Phase I trunked in the 800mhz band. I works just fine next to the windows in the kitchen and if I'm out in the car, but it will NOT work in my bedroom on the dresser or by the window in there. I'm trying to figure out...
  14. BCasto

    Wake Simulcast Analog vs Digital

    By chance yesterday I had the Wake County Simulcast system up on 2 different scanners sitting side by side. I noticed one was receiving activity on PS Tac 14 and the other wasn't. As it turned out, one scanner was set to receive both analog and digital, the other only digital. The...
  15. W

    Home Patrol 2 Squelch

    Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems like since I "closed" the squelch a little more on my HP2, reception on a simulcast P25 phase 2 system has improved. Audio decode seems cleaner, fuller, more natural sounding, less distorted. Does than mean that the squelch control affects digital...
  16. SlipNutz15

    C4FM or CQPSK

    I have a question in reference to the programming of the radios in my county. I've been reading that if the channel is a single repeater site the channel should be programmed with the C4FM for field units. The radio company that programmed all our radios across the county made all of the...
  17. T

    Decoding P25 on a Windows Tablet

    I picked up a $100 Windows tablet this afternoon in the hopes I could migrate my SDR "scanner" away from a mini-tower thereby saving some electricity. I'm using Unitrunker, SDR# and DSD+. I've tried both the two dongle approach and a single dongle approach as well as a two dongle with one...
  18. W

    Time Delay Affects P25 Simulcast Reception

    For those wanting to know what affects P25 reception see the article in the April 2014 issue of Mission Critical Communication magazine. The article titled "How Time Delay Interference Affects P25 Coverage" describes how simulcast signals sent from different sites can be distorted because of...
  19. kearthfan101

    Riverside SO Simulcast Conventional channels

    Now that Riverside County sheriffs dept is making the transition from their EDACS system to PSEC (I'm not following the progress, I just am aware of the occurrence), can anyone in that area confirm for me if the Jurupa and Cabazon 800 mhz conventional simulcast channels are in use, and if they...
  20. GTR8000

    Rockland County Fire Paging UHF Simulcast

    470.800 (77.0 PL) Simulcast from 10 sites* throughout the county: Rockland County UHF Paging and Trunked System Site Map Enjoy! :D * It's currently 9 sites, the Monsey (Grove St) site is not yet built out