1. Unication G4 Pager with Charging Base

    Unication G4 Pager with Charging Base

    Up for sale is my used Unication G4 Pager. Everything included in this sale is featured in the pictures, what you see is what you get. Everything works perfectly. Not using it as much as I thought I would. Asking price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. PayPal only. My callsign is K4HPD.
  2. M

    Norman fire and OKWIN

    Just doing some updating on my scanners and realized I haven heard Norman fire on OKWIN in a long while. Have they ditched the system fully for their simulcast system or am I missing something? I hear them on their simulcast but it sounds horrible on my 536 scanner.
  3. P

    Question about simulcast

    There are many ways to phrase this question but... How come p25 scanners of the mid 2000s had no issues with picking up simulcast back then, but have those issues now? What has changed with simulcast? More towers maybe? Give me the history!
  4. J

    BCD436HP: Uniden BCD463HP Austin

    Hello, I am new to police scanning and I bought a Uniden BCD463HP. I think the issues I am running into involve simulcast but I’m not sure. I can see so many channels.. but the scan never lands on them. Whenever it does land on a channel it’s never for long and has a broken transmission. Most...
  5. P

    Question about frequency storing for one simulcast tower

    Hello, I am soon getting my BCD996P2 scanner and I plan to build a Yagi antenna for 800 mhz to listen to local police, fire, etc. and point it towards one tower. On the RR database, it has all the frequencies for the towers for my county, do I need to program them all in or just the ones...
  6. Uniden SDS100 DMR, NXDN, Provoice, EBC100, Extra Battery, R/S 800 Mhz Antenna*SOLD*

    Uniden SDS100 DMR, NXDN, Provoice, EBC100, Extra Battery, R/S 800 Mhz Antenna*SOLD*

    Selling my Uniden SDS100 with extras. The SDS100 comes with its OEM antenna, hand strap, battery, SD card. Additionally, the extra battery with external charger. Both batteries are the longer capacity type, accordingly, no short door. All batteries hold their maximum charge consistently, time...
  7. I

    Advice on scanners for monitoring Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have some questions about a new scanner. I would be grateful for recommendations on what would work best for us. Most of our time is spent in the following counties - Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties. My primary interests are, Sheriff, Police...
  8. N

    SDS200: SDS200 HELP PLEASE!!!

    Soooo I've live in NY, more specifically Westchester NY and i have an SDS200 uniden scanner, I'm trying to listen to the Metro-25/ MTA MRRS system, it's a trunked p25 digital simulcast system from my understanding i downloaded straight from the RadioRefrence website via Proscan. The talk group...
  9. K

    BCD996P2: Bcd996p2 randomly looses control channel

    I picked up a bcd996p2 brand new a while back and I’ve been trying to figure out an issue any help would be appreciated. While scanning Howard county indiana it will randomly stop trunking and display NFM. It’s very hard to recreate because it does it randomly but won’t scan properly until I...
  10. tateconcepts

    Simulcast audio/data reception issues with SmArt SDR tuners and SDRTrunk

    Hello all. I've recently had time to get back into SDR after a few years and I'm having some issues with my new tuners and software. The SDR setup consists of a Windows 8.1 workstation with two tuners, the first a Nooelec NESDR v4 RTL-SDR (820T) and another NESDR XTR (E1000). The first time I...
  11. rvacs

    OKWIN P25 Phase 1 - Tulsa (Simulcast?)

    @peterjmag @KI5IRE @b1tr41d Guys just curious...Is Tulsa's OKWIN P25 Phase 1 (Tulsa Site truly Simulcast)? I am hearing it may be but I didn't think it was. I know in past with Simulcast my WS-1065 did horrible in the Austin area(simulcast)...but it does great in Tulsa along with my TRX-1. Of...
  12. J

    Simulcast (Site)

    Hello, I had a question, so basically is there any way to find out what site my department uses or is that automatic? I’ve realized that my scanner scans through all these sites that it cuts of the traffic on the main site my department uses. So my question really is, does my department use one...
  13. Salvatorejrc

    BCD996P2 VS SDS200 on NJ Systems

    I was thinking about buying either buying the 200, or two bcd996p2's. Has anyone in Morris County experienced monitoring Morris County's P25 system, NJICS, & Parsippany with the 996p2 vs the 200? Can the 996p2 handle the simulcast like the 200 can? I heard it is hit or miss with the 996p2...
  14. T

    Trying to listen to Minneapolis ARMERS

    Would anyone in this thread know the ARMERS system well enough to help me get a Uniden BCD436hp configured to listen to the Hennepin CO Simulcasts? I bought the DMR upgrade hoping that would help... no luck.
  15. R

    Uniden HP2 and connecting to CLMRN

    I’m looking for help on how, if possible, to be able To connect my father’s homepatrol 2 to any of the local state police frequencies. (We are in Litchfield co) My father used scanners for years, but as we all know much has changed over the past years since he’s used a scanner. As for me, I know...
  16. Unication G4 For Sale

    Unication G4 For Sale

    Excellent condition Unication G4 (700/800 MHz, P25 Phase I and II) for sale. Model #G4B67BF-SXXXEN1401UNI-0001-151105. Has latest firmware v1.31 installed. My G5 better suits my needs so I am selling my G4. Not a scratch on it - never leaves the house. 2 1/2 years old. This radio is superb for...
  17. Salvatorejrc


    How can I tell if there is simulcast in an area?
  18. Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550 Unication pagers perform exceptionally well as P25 simulcast scanners. Performance is second only to subscriber radios costing many thousands of dollars. Very good condition. Model number: G5B67BF-SXUCEN1400 This unit has firmware...
  19. Unication G4

    Unication G4

    Eagle eyed readers will remember my previous postings, regarding how many times I've owned a G4. If memory serves, this would be my 5th one. Anyways, I've come to the realization that, I am not using my G4 as much as I thought I would. I take my G4 to work everyday, where I "listen" to it. Thing...
  20. scanmanmi

    So what is the technical issue with decoding simulcast?

    Since simulcast has been an issue for so long why aren't many, or all, scanners proficient in decoding it? I can't believe scanner manufaturers are allowed to sell them knowing they will not work correctly in many areas of the country. It isn't an elusive secret of the universe since Unication...