Submitting Updated System Data, clarification request

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Apr 9, 2003
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So I decided to do some "social distancing" by taking some vacation days to visit family and go on a "fox hunt" for a large Connect Plus System that stretches parts of 3 states. What was previously submitted in the RRDB is missing quite a bit of data, and through research in the FCC licenses, and now 5 days and 1,500 miles driven, I have a lot of data to update (according to the company that built out the system's website for commercial use, it is 50+ sites, and RRDB has less than 30 of those).

I was able to visit a number of areas and sort out the existing "unknowns", but it ended up with a few things that I wanted clarification on before I submit these changes to the DB Admins.

1. This is going to be a huge update, as even the existing sites have bad location information (many are set to county center, instead of the site, and I have site location details). Is it better to submit it in smaller chunks of a few sites at a time?

2. I have several sites that I have confirmed a frequency (because there was a control channel or other carrier that I could obtain a color code on), but was not able to get the LCN for that frequency. Should those frequencies be submitted with LCN 0 or should they be relegated to the Wiki page I will be building (the system doesn't have a Wiki page today).

3. Similarly, how should a frequency where I have a confirmed LCN, but have not confirmed the color code be submitted?

4. Finally, I had one site that I was able to get a Site ID, but due to distance was not able to confirm any frequencies (I was on the fringe of its range in a very hilly area) before the signal was lost, again, should that site be relegated to the Wiki only, or would the 4 frequencies from the FCC license be submitted?

Below is an example of what I am creating for submitting of one of the sites that has the issues outlined in questions 2 and 3, I would appreciate the feedback on if this is workable or if I should do something better.

Site Number 006:
Site Description:        Leavenworth
Site County Location:    Leavenworth, KS
Site Location:        16601 Shawnee Rd, Leavenworth
Latitude:            N 39.31694
Longitude:            W -94.96219
Range:            25 Miles
Site FCC Licenses: WPDV739, WPPU691
LCN    Frequency    Color Code
01    462.1375    1
02    461.0750    1
03    461.2250    1
04    461.7750    1
05    461.4750    1
06    463.2125   
00    451.5000    1
00    462.1625    2
00    464.0750    1
Thanks if advance for any feedback you can provide.


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Nov 5, 2002
Submit only your complete data for the database. Other valuable information that is incomplete should go to the Wiki page for that system.

Your formatting is perfect. I wish all followed your example.
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