BCD436HP: Trunking Discovery issue

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Jan 20, 2011
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I have noticed that when doing a Trunking Discovery scan of a P25 system the unit will not supply you with the UID or RID of the person talking on an encrypted channel. It will only show a TGID and nothing else.

I did however find that when doing a scan from a FL and have the ID Search to ON when a new unknown TGID shows up on the scanner and you press the "enter" button during that transmission you can save the UID to the scanner. Even when it is NOT displayed on screen. I did this twice yesterday and stored 2 UID's.

Would this be a issue for Uniden to update or is this meant to be this way? I would think the unit would show all the information as to UID/ TGID when there is a transmission even if the audio is encrypted.

I also noticed that when doing a Trunking and or Conventional scan if you press any button on the 436 that button press sound is captured in the recorded audio. Can we get that on the list for the next firmware update to stop this annoying thing please?

This is the system I was scanning yesterday:
Stafford County Trunking System, Stafford, Virginia - Scanner Frequencies
It showed a new TGID of 4504 and I manually found these two UID's (3345580,10005) by doing what I stated above

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