Updating with Linux

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Nov 6, 2006
Contra Costa County, CA
I have no Windoze machines - haven't for years. But I have plenty of Linux machines. In case you are in the same boat, here's what I did.

This was my first time using Wine. I did the update on my BCD396T using a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop running Kubuntu 8.04. (Yes, bleading-edge - the final release of 8.04 is scheduled for later this month.) You may need to adjust the instructions for your specific distribution.

Here goes:

Install Wine:
On Kubuntu, this only involved going to "System Settings", clicking the "Advanced" tab and selecting "Windows Applications" and Kubuntu installed Wine automatically.

Link to the serial port:
Now that Wine is installed, you should have a ~/.wine/dosdevices directory. Change to that directory (cd ~/.wine/dosdevices). You need to make your serial port available as a DOS device. I was using the first serial port so I linked /dev/ttyS0 to com1 (ln -s /dev/ttyS0 com1).

Install the ESN updater:
Download the ESN updater per normal instructions, unzip the file, and move the .exe file to Wine's c: drive (mv ESNupdaterprogramversion.exe ~/.wine/drive_c). I don't have the laptop in front of me - the filename is whatever version of the ESN update tool you downloaded.

After copying the program, run it via Wine. On Kubuntu, installing Wine creates a new menu item for Windows Applications. Go there, look in the c: drive for the ESN updater installer and run it.

Run the ESN updater:
Navigate from Windows Applications down through Uniden to the ESN updater tool and run it per Uniden's instructions. The only "gotcha" I encountered was that the updater wouldn't exit. It did the update and the scanner popped back to scanning but I had to open a terminal window and locate the process (ps -ef | grep exe) and kill it (killall ESNprocessname.exe) - again, I don't recall the exact full name of the process.

Jump through the remaining hoops to download the firmware updater and firmware binary files. Unzip and move the resulting .exe and .scn them to ~/.wine/drive_c directory.

Install the firmware updater - just like the ESN updater.

Do the update:
Run the firmware updater by navigating through the menus as you did for the ESN updater. I had to try to start the process a couple times before I discovered that the various prompt windows kept appearing _under_ the splash window. If it appears that the updater isn't responding, drag the silly splash window around and you will probably find the prompt you want hiding under it.

Being new to Wine and encountering the aforementioned glitches (but no serious problems like port conflicts or permission problems), the whole process probably took me an extra 10-15 minutes but I'm now fully updated.
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